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awesome! All the proceeds are being donated to the ASPCA so double thank you! If you try to run mystery mutts let me know how it goes!

Good question, my original intent with this rule was to make the amount of times the dungeon could be explored limited, because of the *dank* treasure, it could easily be exploited if it was infinitely explorable. Revisiting this rule, there are probably much better ways to implement it, and i think your suggestion of making it some sort of range is better, especially with the +1 modifier, because then it becomes a probability thing. It should actually be something like... 

Roll a d20, on a 17+ the gate crumbles, also add +1 each time they revisit the dungeon.

This would make it so on first visit if they rolled a 17-20 it crumbles, and the next visit 16-20, then 15-20 etc etc. This increase the probability of crumbling each time in a way that actually makes sense.

This could also be flipped so that a LOW roll causes the gate to crumble, which is more inline with how lots of systems treat failure, but i feel like the math would be slightly more complicated, and i always try to make my games easy to grok.

I'll make sure to revise this when i update the pamphlet. 

Thank you! If you play it please let me know how it goes!

woah cool! Please let me know how it goes if you do run it!

Thanks for the awesome review!

GRAVEMASTER! SPLATTER! AFFLICTIONS! KNACKS! I love this shit so much, the list of Halloween games i want to run just keep getting longer.

Wow, there is so much here to dig in to. This was not the game i was expecting at all. Stripped down cyber punk? YES PLEASE.

This is fucking fantastic, the design is top notch, the system is brilliant, i can't wait to play this.

Some cool ideas here, i love that the game starts with a scenario/setting to get the story rolling and provide players with a goal.

I love any game with mechanics around village/town-building, and using the idea of collecting food for the village to level up the characters ties together a bunch of mechanics and goals the characters may otherwise not have. 

"...but not having access to cell phones or the internet will really maintain the urgency and stupidity of the game" THIS HAD ME ROLLING.  The sex drugs and rock and roll classes are brilliant and I can't wait to try them out "I roll + drugs" is just something I really NEED to say. The limited inventory will make for some tough choices but I love that in my games. The clock die is also a fun way to add some pressure to the action and make sure the session gets wrapped up in one night. Love this! can;t wait to play.

I love the table for nearly dead, makes hitting zero HP actually interesting, death is boring, scars are cool! Allowing players to choose between downtime options for different bonuses is very tasty and could be narratively fun, I'd ask my players to describe how their week went for sure. The Dweomersongs system is a very fun way to handle "magic" and would resonate with some of my more musically-inclined players for sure. Might just have to use that as a class next time we play tunnel goons.

Super handy, will definitely be using this for my next game!

Love love love these character backgrounds, i think the next time I play tunnel goons I'll have my players generate characters using these backgrounds instead.

The artwork is incredible and the setting is really firing all cylinders in my imagination noodles.

Absolutely love the setting, the use of tiny mundane items as the gear is so delightful. The siblings rules is a brilliant solve for integrating a generally clunky re-spawning mechanic into the game's world seamlessly.  The traits add some much needed character choice to the base system which is pretty light in that regard. I can't wait to play this.

The cover is gorgeous and now I want the fungi of the far realms book.

I love that completing missions adds a background note that can be used for advantage in the future, this is a brilliant way to inject the story INTO the mechanics which encourages continued play and makes the character's history into an important element of the game.

I love that it can flex between settings, the crisis creation section is brilliant and i really love that the players contribute to creating the setting. The hand crafted aesthetic really makes it feel like an artifact a character might have cobbled together as a sort of survival guide. So solid, saving this to use for a horror setting once Halloween rolls around.

Yeah! Glad you liked the scene generator I think it could be super versatile for story-games of any kind. Thank you for the nice comments!


I fuckin love goon!

Yeah I was really curious how straightforward these rules would be for someone who hasn't played this style of game, if you ever end up running it let me know how it goes! GOON and SLAPSHOT are great movies you should def give them a shot.

OMG I love that you used the name generator, they're so much fun! Thank you so much for the kind words, your review has me tearin' up over here. 

This is fantastic feedback, I'll work on updating the breeds/personalities, maybe have some tradeoffs like, "Very good at chasing things, but is easily distracted by birds". I think that gets closer to what you're looking for and would add a ton of personality to the game. Thank you!