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I don’t typically expect saves to require an action; they’re more an instinctive reaction to whatever else is happening. I’d run it like, if you save successfully and then attack, then cool, you get to make a normal attack, but if you fail to escape and try to attack anyway, it’s probably impaired (d4).

This is all kind of relative based on context, though, which is why there’s a general “treat combat maneuvers as saves” rule but no specific grappling rules. If you’re grappling a giant porcupine, the spines are attacking you without being impaired! It’s kind of a “use your best judgment and change the approach  later if you need to” philosophy.

Thanks for the report! Personally I handle grappling like any other combat maneuver (target can attempt to save STR to escape being grappled, as implied in the Jersey Gator profile). If someone fails their save, I let them try again once every round on their turn. 

Thank you!

I have a couple other games that aim to emulate Bloodborne and/or Dark Souls using other approaches (like Grave and Nighttide), so one of those approaches might work better for you. If you think you might modify Exhumed yourself, I’d love to see what you come up with!


That's great to hear—thanks!

That’s a relief—thanks for the update!

Thank you so much!

I think so, yeah, sorry. I haven't found anybody else running the beta to double check this with, but I've checked with others running the latest version of Affinity Publisher, and they're having no problem.

Oh! I just noticed that your copy of Affinity Publisher is the old beta; this file might use features that weren't available in the beta, rendering it unopenable. I suspect that's probably the issue, but I'll still ask around just in case.

Let me ask around about this—the download works fine for me, but maybe it's something odd about my setup. Just in case it ends up being relevant, can I ask what version of Affinity Publisher are you using, and on which platform?

Thanks! My own project list is kind of long right now, but if you end up tweaking for that, I’d love to hear how it goes!

Thanks! And that sounds like a good house rule to keep death scary. I had an earlier version where each death had something like a soul-death save too, but took it out … and fittingly enough … I can't remember why.

Thank you so much!

WHAT. You are amazing. Thank you!

It does—I'm on Affinity Publisher! This would be exciting, but no pressure from me. 😅

I'm enjoying using Dicier! In case there is indeed a version 2, my only suggestion at this point would be that it would be helpful for the tarot sword characters to be a little more visually distinct from the tarot wand icons. At 10pt, they're tough to tell apart from a quick glance. In case it's helpful to know, in the project I'm working on, I'm either going to substitute the sword character with a crossed-swords unicode symbol, or substitute the wand character with a wand unicode symbol that's tilted at a different angle, as those are both much easier to distinguish in text.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been revising those tables lately, and trying to figure out ways to fit in more variety. Still trying to determine whether it’s enough to offer more general DIY options (like: roll on this table for an adjective and this one for a noun, and decide for yourself what “multiphasic snake” means), or if I should just have longer tables of pre-written encounters and anomalies…..

Yes, thanks for asking! I’m actively working on that right now, actually. I’m revising some of the QZ travel procedures to minimize flipping around the book, and then I plan to get it on DTRPG (and maybe Lulu?) as POD. I’m hoping to figure out a way to send an at-cost POD code to everybody who’s bought it digitally here already. I’ll email an update when it’s ready!

It is in addition to your own skill die—you both roll and you use the higher result. I do need to address this in a revised version of Emergency Rules, though, just because helping is the rule that gets the most questions. Hope this helps for now, though, and feel free to ask any other questions!


The SRD text is under a Creative Commons Attribution license, so you are definitely free to publish your translation and templates on your page! I'd love to add a link from my SRD page, too.

For credits, "24XX SRD CC BY by Jason Tocci" would work, or something along those lines. (I don't know enough Italian to suggest anything more specific.) 😁

Thanks! I got a little carried away after that preview chapter, and had to step away for a bit to return with fresh eyes. Looking forward to getting back to it very soon!

Excellent! Feel free to email jason at pretendo dot games, but also, feel free to upload whatever, fiddling with rules is fine. If you can cram in a tiny line like “based on [or “inspired by”] the 24XX SRD, CC BY Jason Tocci,” that would be great. 

Awesome! Would love to hear how it goes! Have fun 😄

You can indeed gain a new skill! When I’m GMing , I specify that any new skill should make sense in context (though there’s nothing in the rules about that). Like, you’ve been doing some spacewalking? Sure, go ahead and take that skill. If somebody wanted to take the telepathy skill out of nowhere, I’d ask what precipitated that. Do people in this setting just randomly develop psychic powers? Maybe they do! I just like to make sure we are all on the same page. 

Thanks! Hoping to share more soon!

I’ve never heard of it, but it’s possible this influenced the sources that influenced me! My biggest influence was Numenera, which in turn appears to have been influenced largely by the books of Jack Vance and Gene Wolfe. 

Whoa, that was fast! 😂 Thanks!!

Really enjoying this. It'd be cool to get a single-page version in addition to the spreads version, if that's possible!

If hindered, you roll a d4, no matter what your skill is. It’s like, even if you’re a pro athlete, if you’re running on a broken leg, the best you can do is not going to be as good as the best by someone without a broken leg. 

24XX Jam community · Created a new topic 24XX Collection

Do  you have a 24XX game but that wasn't submitted to this jam? Let me know in this thread so I can add it to my 24XX Collection!


I'm blown away by all these great entries. Looking forward to getting some to the table!

Thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear about Patrick. May he rest in the deeps. 

And yes, you use the new, lower STR for the critical damage save. I should clarify that in the revision, thanks!

I used this for the ship map in Obital Decay! It's neat.

Google Docs doesn't always play nice with copy/paste, especially from other programs. I'd suggest manually formatting pasted content in the Format menu (to get the exact spacing between lines and before/after paragraphs you want), and/or using "Paste without formatting" (in the Edit menu) while pasting into a paragraph that has the formatting you want.