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Thanks! And yeah, I’ll include a single page version (and a text-only version) when it’s done.

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Hm, it's possible the game this is based on, Knave (CC BY Ben Milton) explains it more clearly:

PCs have a number of item slots equal to their Constitution defense, and items they carry must fit into available slots. Most items take up one slot, but some take up more. Some small items can be bundled together into a single slot. Ask the referee if you are unsure.

So, as an example: 

Let's say you make a Wizard, which starts with the lowest possible carrying capacity — 11 item slots. 

(Carrying capacity is based on your Constitution score; the Wizard has a +1 CON bonus, which means a +11 CON defense — it's just the bonus plus ten — which determines how many item slots.)

The Wizard has an academy robe, which takes up 1 slot, and a silver-pommel cane, which takes up another 1 slot. Their spells live in their mind, and so take up no item slots. (This is different from how spells work in Knave.) As such, the wizard is carrying 2 slots worth of items to start. This means they have 9 slots free — they can pick up 9 more items before it starts to penalize them. 

In addition, for each unused item slot a character has, they have 1 point of stamina. Stamina is used to cast spells and pull off stunts in combat. If you're a Wizard, this is a major incentive to not carry around lots of heavy weapons and armor; traveling light means being able to cast more spells. (This is another difference from Knave; there's not much reason to leave slots unused in that game, except to avoid erasing one thing to write in another every time you find a new item you want to carry around.)

(As a side note, it occurs to me that it may be confusing you — and possibly other readers — that this game and Knave use same term, "slot," for both inventory capacity and item weight. It might help to make a distinction between slots as carrying capacity, and weight as how many slots an item takes up – as in, a dagger with 1 weight takes up 1 slot in your inventory.)

I hope this helps!

Thanks for commenting! That’s so nice to hear!

Phew, 22 MB now—thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for checking! Please email me the link at Jason at Pretendo dot games, or message me on Discord at JasonT#5564, and we’ll work something out. 

Yeah, that sounds like I messed up. This isn’t the final version, though, just a work in progress preview. 

Cool, thanks!

I see mention in the jam rules about entries being publicly judged, but I'm not clear on what this means. Is there some nominal "winner"?

Excellent! I will add the link to the SRD page.

Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you — but there’s still room in the world for yours too! I basically collect games in this genre now so I have plenty of stuff to use between them. 😄

That’s so kind, thank you! Every now and then I come back to this and update it a bit, but haven’t shared any of those updates yet. I want to get it back to the table and play it again first, and I haven’t been able to due that yet due to covid. Soon, I hope!


Thanks! I actually meant to change it to some letter that is not used in real life at all, and I forgot!

Grave is not CC BY licensed (long story why not), but feel free to message me at jason at pretendo dot games or on Discord at JasonT #5564 if you want to chat about using something. (If you’re just looking to use rules and phrase it in your own words, of course, that’s totally fine by me and entirely legal, and you don’t need any special permission!)

Those are some nice Knave sheets. I welcome you to make a Grave version!

That’s so nice to hear, thank you! If you ever feel like sharing, I’d love to hear more about how you customized it!

ooh nice addition


Yes! I plan to speak to a publisher, but if nobody picks it up, it’ll eventually be available as print on demand. 

Ah, you caught an error, thanks! I have to fix that. Each background should have a +4, a +3, and a +2 (marked in bold so you can tell at a glance what they start best at), and then three abilities at the default +1. The exception is the Outcast, which has every ability at +2. I’m pretty laid up from covid right now, but I’ll fix this ASAP!

Thanks! I had hoped to finish it this month, but I got covid, and recovery has been slow. I hope to upload another draft soon, at least, with some more GM tools, and sample adventures to follow. 

Aw, thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

I believe it’s called Berolina!

Definitely updating here! I would like to give a coupon for reduced cost POD to everyone who’s already paid, too, but I’m not sure how feasible that will be. Still need to dig into that.

To be honest, I don’t really schedule much at all for RPG releases, since this is my hobby and I’m a parent with a day job. 😅 That said, the full version is pretty far along — I just have some more writing to do on the GM-facing tools, and I’ve reached out to an artist to commission a cover!

Sorry, I can see how that would be confusing! The weapons that take 3 slots require 2 hands; the ones that only use 2 slots only require 1 hand, unless they specify otherwise. (“Makeshift club” is an intentionally inferior weapon.)

Thanks so much! That's so nice to hear!

Another option, if you want armor that's more built to last, is to break it down into pieces — greaves, breastplate, helmet, gauntlets, etc. — and break and replace those individually. (I would just let the player specify which one's broken. The goal of breaking it down isn't to track hit locations, but to limit the number of times it can save your butt in an intuitive way compared to "break 3 times.")

My goal for each of these games is to offer some rules variations you could (but don’t need to) use with the other games if you want. So no, I haven’t revised any of the earlier 2400 games to use the Legends armor rules, but yes, you are absolutely welcome to replace the other games’ heavy armor with how heavy armor works in Legends. 

I am not sure what you mean by an armor saving throw, but my general philosophy is to not add extra rolls when playing 2400, if I can help it. I’d personally rather just say that some armor obviates the need for a roll at all, or makes if so the risks of a roll are less (like “get hurt” instead of “get killed”). The rule about breaking armor is designed mostly as a safety tool for players who worry about losing characters, but it’s also inspired by real-world ballistic armor (and bike helmets!), which does indeed need to be replaced after absorbing a potentially lethal blow. 

My working plan is to do a print on demand version after I finish revisions!


QZ is a different game, though there is some overlap in influences for sure! This one’s more far-future science fantasy (think Book of the New Sun, Dying Earth, Numenera), and QZ is weirdness in a contemporary world (think Annihilation, Roadside Picnic). 

That's what I thought, thanks! 

(And I read that part, but I associate the "you know it when you see it" line with a Supreme Court justice who really meant "I know it when I see it" … so I figured it was safer to ask, just in case.)  :-)

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I have seen a few folks online worrying the things they’d like to submit might not be “OSR enough” to count for this jam — but I notice the examples given include some more “new school” takes, too, like Into the Odd. 

Just wanted to double check so I can confidently reassure others: Am I correct in assuming it’s okay to submit stuff that deviates from D&D in pretty significant ways? (Like: no ability scores, or no hit points, or no classes, or whatever.)

Thanks! (And no hard feelings if you really do want to keep it more old school than I assumed.)

Edit to add: I really appreciated the long list of games and the explanation in the jam description! I think the source of confusion might be that some folks are (I think mis-) reading it as “things above this line count as OSR, and things below this line are post-fracture and thus do not count for this jam.”

That’s so great to hear, thank you!

I note in Emergency Rules and the latest version of the SRD that “how many help dice are allowed on one roll” is left intentionally open to interpretation. But a couple 2400 installments (like Battle Moon) specifically say you only ever roll one skill die at a time, and if multiple apply, pick the highest or the one that fits best. Rolling an extra skill die could be the advantage of a special ability, though, like characteristics in Habs & Gardens, or a species characteristic (like “Aquatic: roll 2 skill dice when underwater”). 

I playtested with 4–6 players each session. They were very cautious players, and you can often flee from danger to regroup (and get your friend back in the game even sooner), so I don't think we ever saw multiple characters get killed in a single fight. If multiple characters did get killed, though, then yes, you could see them both boost the same roll. I don't really see a problem with that, personally.

The option to roll a d6 instead of CHA bonus was added because some players don't feel like they don't get to participate if they're just saying "I help them" and don't get to roll a die too. I encourage you to modify the rule at your table, though!

You are welcome to make a French translation!

I appreciate the feedback.  I must confess that my first reaction to your feedback was that sounded like someone walking into a motorcycle dealership and saying they wish the cars had more wheels — but then I realized that if the motorcycle dealership doesn't explicitly say "we only sell motorcycles," that would indeed be disappointing.

I would like to make a longer and more robust soulslike game in the long run, but in the meantime, if you're curious about some of my less D&D-ish (but still intentionally very short) takes on the genre, feel free to grab free community copies of Exhumed (a one-page pamphlet with a short intro scenario) and 2400 (which has one installment, Data Loss, as a sci-fi soulslike scenario with a few example boss fights).