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I honestly just use it any time physical harm or mental duress (like in a horror scenario) comes into play. Sometimes on a roll of 3-4, depending on context, I may use it or I may go with some other minor setback in the narrative.

TL;DR – I handle 24XX with lots of handwavium and “what feels right” and I’m sorry I don’t have a more concrete answer lol

Appreciate what you’re doing with BRP here! Would definitely love to have this “81 Style” on hand for building up my own games with choice cuts from the core book.

You just reignited my love for pocketbook game design. My 40+ page zine in progress is getting butchered down AND I LOVE IT

Y'all...Tanner is really passionate on this game. Watching it evolve has been a hoot. Download it, maybe toss some support his way.

I'd volunteer but I got a lot of other distractions. Be happy to come be an active participant though.

I'd be down for 2400 pbp/chat! What platform did you have in mind? I tend to prefer Discord for mobile notifications, but I'm flexible.

10/10 My cheap dollar store commando and a Gumby toy made deals with dust bunnies, evaded the family dog and fought a monster in the basement furnace. I'm biased but legit love this game. 

Excited for these changes and looking forward to seeing this evolve!

Dig the update by the way!

A layout evocative of Nintendo Power and a theme bringing me back to weekends devoted to Street Fighter, Fatal Fury and so many other tournament fighters. Love it. 

Sir, this is an amazing review to wake up to. Thank you for the thorough and kind words!

Of course!

Man, I keep saying I want a game that's a hexcrawl but you're robots salvaging stuff to stay online. And, damn, it here it is. And it's complete! Five stars and all the love. Sorry it took me a while to see this. 

I know it's CC-Licensed but is it cool with you if I add this to Shroom Goons after the jam? Will give credit and everything.

The font was "Magician" available on dafont and a bunch of other places. Thought it matched the tone and Skullfungus' artwork nicely!

A really intriguing theme! The concept of delving into the unknown below a city has its own connotations and threats beyond a "dungeon". I like the inclusion of a costly magic system, an Advantage mechanic, and the implementation of character archetypes to follow. 

Incredible on all level: Expands the mechanics to embrace the theme. Amazing layout (love pamphlet systems). Style and aesthetic set the tone nicely. Love it.

A perfect addon to any GOONS title! A simple, straightforward magic system. 

Troika influences on its sleeve, this title delivers its own brand of weirdness and whimsy. Lots of background choices, and lots of gateways to fantastic journeys!

An amazing full game of Burroughs -inspired Mars crawling & planetary fantasy. So much love poured into this game -- maintains the Goons simplicity but gives you many things to dress your adventures on a fantastic red world!


Simple, fast playing cyberpunk. Paired with Geist's Augmented Reality you can have an entire evening of exchanging bullets and ripping the system with minimal prep.

Evocatively captures the theme of survival in both mechanics and style. I want a hardcopy on my shelf. 

What's great is we can plug this into any of the Jam games! I'd totally pair this with my Shroom Goons game if anyone wanted a more mystic myconid character.

Second off: Damn it now I need to figure out a different theme for my entry.

New Article:  Expanding on Tags!

DRIVE·10 community · Created a new topic D·10 Toolkit

Posted a new blog today, kicking off the "Toolkit" series where I aim to expand and inspire ideas on tweaking D·10 for your own games. The eventual goal is to compile these ideas together in a booklet (maybe quick sheets?) for any supporters.

Today's first article expands Attributes and Vocations!

If there's any questions or feedback, feel free to comment on the blog or here.  New articles will be linked as they're posted. 

Hey folks! Just wanted to share our first  Itch offering:


It's a simple generic RPG framework we wrote to quickly pick up and run any genre/setting we wanted to on the fly.  Has a healthy mix of traditional and modern gaming to it. The core mechanic is a simple 1d10+ Proficiency vs 10+.  The part that seems to resonate with readers is how we approached our Tags (think feats, advantages, perks etc) -- Instead of listing a bunch we just created three types: a Function (establishes a fact, like Wings let you fly), an Edge (grants you an "advantage" roll twice type thing) or a Boost (+1 to a specific action.) What's fun is mechanically speaking we treat Equipment as tags that can be exchanged, lost or stolen. 

We've used it for so many settings -- (Totally Not) Star Wars, cyberpunk, post-apocalypse, pulp heroes and, of course, dungeon crawling.

We are officially LIVE & PUBLIC today! Thank you to everyone who's given us feedback and shares!

Drive·10  was designed with our "rules necessary" gaming philosophy at The ChaosGrenade.  We pride ourselves on games that are accessible, affordable, easy to digest and allow you to get to playing right away. This has been an amazingly fun framework to play with -- we've used it for mutant wastelands, galaxies far away, pulp heroes, cyberpunks  and the obligatory band of dungeon delvers. 

We have some awesome games in the same family as D·10 that we would love to get out (the biggest right now being Fortune's Turn) and as I mentioned: all money earned from D·10 will go towards offsetting the cost of commissioned artwork  for those projects.  We're reluctant to go the route of Patreon or Kickstarter right now simply because all three of us (Matt Bryant, Austin White, and myself -- R.E. Davis) have full time lives away from our hobby.

So my goal here is to offer something awesome and immediate for those who  help us out!  Right now, paying $2 or more  to this project gets you a fancy, laid-out version of the D·10 rules (with some expanded content).  It also means access to upcoming Quick Sheets -- quick and dirty setting primers to use with D·10.  

I'm already working on the first set --

And remember the game text is released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0  so feel free to go nuts with your homebrews and hacks (and PLEASE share them on the community page here!).

And remember you can follow us here, on Twitter, MeWe, Facebook and of course our website

I know this seems like a big change so close to my set launch date, but  I nerfed Boosts to +1 (instead of +2).  
I forgot in previous games where we experimented with it, I usually saw a single boost in a roll -- the decision to allow a tag and equipment was a recent fix. Before now I limited one Boost per roll (was treating a tag as a tag, equipment or not.)  

Getting to run this one more time tonight with some new players (which means fresh eyes) so hopefully no new issues crop up. 

(1 edit)

I did find one small hiccup -- the Free version listed 8 points for starting Attributes, Layout had 10.

10 is the correct value! Free version is updated. 

If nothing else it's a great crash course in learning Itch!

Hey folks! Thanks for the taking time to give some eyeballs on Drive·10.

If you have any major comments, questions, corrections or other feedback  please drop me a line here.

Otherwise, I'm looking to set this sucker live after the weekend.