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Pre-Launch Feedback Shenanigans Sticky Locked

A topic by The ChaosGrenade created Mar 21, 2019 Views: 62 Replies: 5
This topic was locked by The ChaosGrenade Mar 25, 2019

Game has launched NO TURNING BACK NOW D:

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Hey folks! Thanks for the taking time to give some eyeballs on Drive·10.

If you have any major comments, questions, corrections or other feedback  please drop me a line here.

Otherwise, I'm looking to set this sucker live after the weekend. 

Hey man!  Excited to see how things go for this.

Good Luck!


If nothing else it's a great crash course in learning Itch!

Worked like a charm, thanks! I read through and nothing stood out as a problem. Looks great.

Developer (1 edit)

I did find one small hiccup -- the Free version listed 8 points for starting Attributes, Layout had 10.

10 is the correct value! Free version is updated. 


I know this seems like a big change so close to my set launch date, but  I nerfed Boosts to +1 (instead of +2).  
I forgot in previous games where we experimented with it, I usually saw a single boost in a roll -- the decision to allow a tag and equipment was a recent fix. Before now I limited one Boost per roll (was treating a tag as a tag, equipment or not.)  

Getting to run this one more time tonight with some new players (which means fresh eyes) so hopefully no new issues crop up. 

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