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Hey folks! Just wanted to share our first  Itch offering:


It's a simple generic RPG framework we wrote to quickly pick up and run any genre/setting we wanted to on the fly.  Has a healthy mix of traditional and modern gaming to it. The core mechanic is a simple 1d10+ Proficiency vs 10+.  The part that seems to resonate with readers is how we approached our Tags (think feats, advantages, perks etc) -- Instead of listing a bunch we just created three types: a Function (establishes a fact, like Wings let you fly), an Edge (grants you an "advantage" roll twice type thing) or a Boost (+1 to a specific action.) What's fun is mechanically speaking we treat Equipment as tags that can be exchanged, lost or stolen. 

We've used it for so many settings -- (Totally Not) Star Wars, cyberpunk, post-apocalypse, pulp heroes and, of course, dungeon crawling.