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A role playing game in the mythical underworld set in the guts of a dying city
Submitted by Vandel Arden (@ArdenVandel) — 20 days, 5 hours before the deadline
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Love the flavor of the classes, items, and special abilities, and the strange interactions with spirits. It's a little unclear to me whether the spirits are necessarily always on your side when summoned; if I were to run it, I might say that you can summon an uncontrolled spirit as an action, and bind it in a separate action, just to keep things scary, but I'm guessing that may just be me being mean, given that it already costs you HP to summon them. :) 


I do it exactly as you propose. You would not want to summon spirits in a brawl. They would eat you too. But summoning it up in an unaware crowd of enemies? With enough distance? Yes, why not :P


This is thematically delicious, the setting is so wonderfully conveyed with minimal space.

The hacks here for (dis)advantage, crits, hp to cast, magic item activation, the expansion of enemy HP as DS to generalized obstacles, the character classes - this is really, really fucking good and, moreover, conveyed tightly and cleanly.

The only thing really missing that I'd love to see is a character sheet with quickref! This is great!


Good Point, I should expand it by a charactersheet. Thanks for the praise!


This is like the Advanced rules of Tunnels Goons, expanding and doubling down on the TUNNEL part of the original game. 


I think this has a lot of potential! Love to see some locations, enemies or the like to flesh it out more.


After seeing so many great other entries, I kind of liked to expand here.


A really intriguing theme! The concept of delving into the unknown below a city has its own connotations and threats beyond a "dungeon". I like the inclusion of a costly magic system, an Advantage mechanic, and the implementation of character archetypes to follow. 


Oh I saw the Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic in quiet a few others now. Looks like some ideas are floating and echoaing nicely within the Jam. I was Inspired by the The Midnight Chimes to include Classes.