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Hi! Apologies for this reallllly late reply, as I have not been active in making games as of late. 

* Ideal game group for AGGG can consist of 3-4 players and 1 GM. But the game itself can run on more players given the game's focus on the conversation and not on the game mechanics loop.

* Average play time is 2 to 3 hours for each session or adventure. Noted on adding game time.

* Solo mode is currently not part of this game. 

I understand the frustration, as this game is initially designed to be a hack of 2400 games (see link to 2400 game jam in description to find out more), so it is intended to have gaps in the rules. You will often see it in other games as well if they are part of a game jam, or intended to be a hack or supplement of another game.

I appreciate the interest, and I hope the answers above are sufficient. Feel free to ask more questions if needed.

I've bought this on drivethru already so I know this is hella good product. Simple but effective Old School Spirit-powered game

A great premise and set of options for an OVA for your games. Could also be an "omake/bonus chapter" for your finished games that happened before the finale, or a cross-over episode for OCs coming from different games.

I'd like to purchase this, but it seems that it only allows purchase via PayPal. Would like to get this using my CC. Any help on this? 

The existence of this adventure makes me comfortable in having giant purple godwurm in any of my games without worrying what to do when they decide to venture into it instead of running away.

As someone living in Manila, which gets rains and floods half of the year, this is setting is familiar to me. Also easy to integrate to local games. Amazing game.

And it's a goddamn funny to read and hear "You get WET by getting wet." 

I'm reading this and I am HYPED by its innovation, specifically the stat sheet. It is intuitive yet hackable, much like the tone and setting of the game.

Probably the most fun and interesting rpg mechanic I've seen in a while. 

The potential is high on this game, in that you could do:

- advancements by adding a bit or two on the square edge 
- conditions/effects that "shuts down" certain bits
- rearranging the bits into a different shape, to create new stats
- classes/jobs that have a weirder starting shape and many more!

Came here to say the same thing. Still no option to pay via card after ~3 months

I really the invention rules in here as baseline for any workshop-related or long-term projects. Excellent stuff!

This is indeed a bold vision.

And it is clear and promising.

I'll be honest I expected a new rule or option.

This is just a good rule put into good use.

It's based on the ratings from participants.

really loving your 18XX series! Not sure if it is intended, but the layout seems to spill over on the last pages in the 1.1 version.

An excellent rules-light. The deadliest combat system I know.


this is Filipino sibling-family dynamics condensed and packaged in a fun 5-page game. FUCK THIS SLAPS

A game about being spider ladies, raising your spider minions, building your home under a waterfall, ensnaring men to their deaths, and living a quiet life. Whatta concept.

Seconding this.

This is Arthur Dent's Attitude the RPG. 

A simple yet thrilling resolution mechanic of betting between kobolds (players) and their GM, a kobold creation guide, and a community-built burrow rules all in a bookmark. What a package!

I really need to get my hands on NGR. 

The first game I've read that fulfills the meaning of HP as luck by making Luck as HP. 

Thank you! It's not so much as an abandoned project, but just taking it to a different direction. Currently it is version that I like enough to show it off to people, but some aspects of it I wanted to rebuild without making the game too clunky with attaching new mechanics and player options. 

I am aiming to update this version to a more complete one to make it playable, like putting short rules for Grip (which is the game's mana and sanity, used for casting spells and abilities), adding more tone-defining concepts to the hinted world/setting, and explaining some of the terms used here like Punyal and Agimat. 

Thank you again for checking it out!

Excellent resolution mechanic to heist actions! 

Why tell people to not buy this, instead of telling the creator to fix the document? What a rude thing to say. 

It is a quintessential example of play. Top quality, fine and indispensable.

A big part of the game's style and humor is the language I use, which is street conversational Filipino-English, which may not translate well when done in English. 

I do have a good number of requests to have an English-translation, including yours, and I will consider it strongly this time. I'll figure something out.

Thank you for checking out this game! 

A grand system-agnostic location of wonder and marvel. Evocative prompts, locations, and random tables that spills you flavor and makes you ponder. 

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I have 3 rules-light tabletop rpgs; 2 are PWYW and 1 is a Filipino-Tagalog paid game, hope that is ok. 

This is superb and on-brand. Conferences and TED talks modules should be a thing.

Changing 6E perspective from simple adventurers to world and storybuilding is a good edge! And the change to Entertainment and Safety Above All is aces!

Thank you for the wonderful words! Please do let us know when you finally get to try the game!

This is the SWORDDREAM-est OSR rpg I have ever seen. It hits most especially the #6, #,7 and #8 principles.

I... wanna break it apart and attach it to other games because I know it will only make them better. Every cog in this machine is a mind and a muscle that is amazing to be read and experienced. 

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A robust example of gameable lore as random table entries! This adventure zine draws a subterranean labyrinth setting with each prompts, items, and factions mentioned! 

What a zine. Starts strong with great RPG advice, including this screenshot, and ends with a stew recipe. Would recommend this type of content.

I dig the role-based monster classification for enemies, a 4E-Troika lovechild.

larger than life advice! 

I can imagine an FTL spaceship race with the GM and players trying to outflick each other into the edge of the map. 

A strong, stylistic game about death, memories, and the struggle to not get overwhelmed by them. Have ran this and it was an experience! 

P.S. You can run a more sensible, slightly less action-packed but more shinigami soul searching and collecting BLEACH scenarios with this game. Be shinigamis that can be cool stunning people AND be burdened reapers that have personality!