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Thanks for checking it out! Luck and cluck to your future troika! games, hope you're able to try them out!


Really nice action/challenge die, reminds me of Ironsworn system. 

The icing is the bookmark character sheet. Cool stuff! 

Time waits for no one, because this guy keeps getting it from people. It wants to run away from it. 

An excellent and evocative bg! 

It's a magical girl background without screaming it's a magical girl background. Don't let the cover image fool you. 

The Minocars are stuff of logistic nightmares. Can you go to drive-thrus without riding a separate car? Do you have to pay parking when in a parking lot? 

Simple structure, but depth is achieved in coin mechanics and goal/grow dynamic. Excellent stuff! 

Superb twist to Tunnel Goons. The Afflictions are cool abilities.

Excellent RPG and adventure! Weird and evocative!

From Goons to Crawlers. Great transition! 

Extraordinary content for a free game!

Clean, crisp, classy. Superb re-imagining  of Tunnel Goons! 

top notch character sheet! 

Amazing work! I think you can run a Left for Dead scenario with it, but it doesn't stop there! Ordinary people vs Extraordinary situation captured in 16 pages. 

A sublime game of struggling between a mortal's empathy and an endless' majesty. 

I think the 7 aspects of endless-mortality could be an vice/virtue theme for a game. 

amazing card-based heist game! 

COCKS are the new SWAMPS
also great little stories, tethered under a small town about cocks and fighting with them! 

Ok this looks fantastic, like a mini-Gardens of Ynn style of generating linear adventure

The random tables alone are worth the price! Check out this great rules lite RPG! 

Cooking battles have never been this intense. An exciting read and scenario! 

Top notch backgrounds. Don't be fooled that they're shitty. 

short but evocative. a great read! 

Holy fvck this is sweet and simple. Good stuff

One of the best "scenario/premise rpg" I've seen, better than Lady Blackbird (yes I said it!)

I can see this as a quality insert scenario/side quest to any fantasy/gonzo game. It also has a potential to be a seed of a grander tale! 

A superb tongue-in-cheek Biblical game about Jesuses and friends! Since it's ItO-based it's easy to put in your Bastionland games! 

The Apostles are amazingly weird. Like EB Urchins but can walk-off screen. 

The perfect dungeon doesn't exist, but it doesn't mean we can't think about it.

Fancy indeed! Good stuff! 

5 stars for giving knives to chickens

A solid playbook for Blades. It feels like it should have been in the original book. 

A good read. I will think about that vibe perspective, I will scratch that itch to answer it one of these days

more backgrounds more fun!

(1 edit)

City-pop coming to life as an exploratory experience. Amazing stuff! 

One of the best Knave hacks/breakers out there. Evocative stuff right down in the mechanics!

A stylish and evocative game about death, memories, and the tolls that come with them. 

P.S. Run this with BLEACH as a theme you will have a good time, just focus a bit less on the big swords and more about the ACTUAL SHINIGAMI STUFF. 

Amazing stuff! Rules lite and evocative!

That switch from bright encouraging colors for Vultures/Players Guide to BnW GM/Space Mom guide was a trip. Really sets tone for the game flow/genre for me.

An excellent resource! If you want to add color and texture to the treasures and assets players discover or forge in your games, this is a solid supplement.

It's at the bottom part of the screen. 

Ok now it's picking up rating. Great game! 

Thanks! I am taking a page from PbtA games, to bold out important facts/details that will attract a reader to it. 

Aspects were also an experiment, it used to have stats/classes before, but I just double downed on the aspects and scrapped the class into that bin. 

Aspects were supposed to be just a bonus thing, then you'd still have stats. But I wanted to gonzo things further, and also have a source for complications/advantage for GMs should they want to narratively interpret the rolls instead of usual pass/fail. 

Thanks for the praise!