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A Tunnel Goons hack about a different and altogether stranger set of tunnels: the NYC Subway.
Submitted by Sam Roberts — 5 days, 5 hours before the deadline
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I love the random encounter tables and the idea that these people are just riding in Kafkaesque subways cars for eternity. I want to hack your hack and my hack into a game about NYC graffiti writers in the 70s. 


Do it! (Please.)

I will also accept hacking them into a Warriors RPG.


The nested ref table of weird encounters is NICE.


This layout is killer, especially the referee page, so useful and usable!  Love the use of grip as HP and the overall theme / space. I think my favorite innovation here is whittling away of complex tasks with each success! That's really, really cool and could be extrapolated so easily


Wow, awesome layout.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Love those tables and the implied  setting. Definitely going to use this in my urban weirdness games, with or without Tunnel Goons. (Don't Rest Your Head and Urban Shadows fans be on alert!) And nice use of visual design and typography!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)
  • Superb layout design: clean, eye-catching, matches the flavor. 
  • The Grip mechanic really sells the theme. It matches the surreal elements as much as the more ordinary commuter micro-aggressions.

    The rule for Getting A Grip goes a long way towards adding a humanizing element to the game, in a very natural, theme-appropriate way.
  • My favorite use of randomized encounter/event tables in this Jam, so far.

    Given the borderline "magickal urban" setting, the weird mix of possible elements works.
  • Effective sense of place, even for someone who's completely unfamiliar with the NYC subway system!
  • I've always found the abstraction of the Inventory system a little odd, but it sticks out even more with the mundane gear (where a bike, house plant, and sunglasses have the same practical/mechanical effect on capacity). But that's a relatively minor quibble for such a well-rounded hack overall.

    Developer (1 edit)

    Thanks for the kind words, Paolo!

    My thinking with the inventory system is that it’s less about weight and more about complication — like, sunglasses are small, but they can easily flip open, fall off your head at inopportune times, etc. But yeah, it’s definitely an abstraction.

    Looking forward to digging into your entry. The design and art is pitch perfect!


    Thanks for checking out my entry. 

    Just rated yours! Hope you'll do the same, as honestly as possible.