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Submitted by Ross Karchner — 19 seconds before the deadline
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Game Description
a game where you summon creatures by combining cards, which then proceed to march toward and attack opposing creatures. Win the game by breaking through the opponents defenses!

How does your game tie into the theme?
You use a forge to combine cards


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Always love these card forging type games. The feedback I'd give is very similar to what others have said about general bits of polish, but only so much you can do in a week. Would love to revisit this if some of those get worked out!


I actually really like this game! Cool concept, but it seems nearly impossible to break through the opponents defenses since you need to destroy all their enemies in each row at the same time, otherwise they can just replace the 2 they lost. I think adding an extra track should solve that. I love the idea and you should work on this further after the game jam - maybe work on balancing and adding some polish. It would be cool to see this as a full game and not one you were rushed on time for.


Thanks! I think it’ll make a big difference once I fix movement so that if an attack kills the enemy, the creature moves into that space.


The game looked good and fun in screenshots, until I played it! I just didn't know what was the goal in this game; Should I survive some waves? Should I defeat enemies? Getting a high score?

 And also I didn't know what was I forging. The game had no tutorial or a logbook or something to tell me what exactly each card/creature does. And the game lacked secondary mechanics which were funny if added. Good job anyway.


Thanks for the feedback! The goal is to break through on the other side of the board– though sometimes games get stuck in a sort of stalemate, but I think I know how to fix that.

When you hover over a card, it does give you the name and base stats of the creature it would create, or what stat it modifies when used as a boost.


No I mean I can't see the cards in the deck and all of the existing combinations together in a page, so I can decide what card to play and what card to hold in my hand so I can plan.


Ah, got it.


This was a fun game! great job!

I had a bug happen where some cards went to the top of the screen. Also could of used a little more indication to identify what was being created and how the combination is affecting the creature, it took me a while to see the text description at the bottom. I still really enjoyed playing it :)


Mechanically, it seems the game is all here. I think the idea of merging two cards to create a creature is cool. However, I’m going to be honest and admit that I didn’t understand the point of the game. Obviously my creatures travel up the tracks and fight the enemy creatures at the other end, but I couldn’t figure out what the end goal of the game was.

Additionally, I wish there was a “settings” menu, or, at the very least, a way to mute the music. It got very repetitive very quickly.

Over all, I feel this might be an interesting game, but as it is right now, I don’t know what I’m really supposed to be doing other than spamming cards.

If you’re interested in see me try and figure this game out, here’s a link to me streaming my time with the game.


Thanks for playing and streaming! The game ends when either side crosses all the way into the opposing players side (past the end of grid). Unfortunately, timing and the way turns/movement work make that a little too hard, since a creature can’t attack and move on the same turn. That means, if a enemy spawns in a column, it’s impossible to win there that turn, which leads to matches dragging on for a while.

I actually used a template that provides settings and a start screen, etc– I just didn’t have time to wire that all up before the deadline!

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

Good concept and well executed. I liked the core idea of combining cards (nice forging mechanic) to create creatures, and having the strategic decision of whether to use a card to create or boost. I was mostly going for a simple strategy of creating balanced creatures: pick somewhat the highest stats card, and boost by whatever stat it lacked. It would have been nice to have a reference for the damage mechanics, so I can plan and make better creatures. But this version is pretty cool for the jam as it is. The card description disappears after a few seconds, even if I don't move the mouse. It should ideally stay until I start moving the mouse again, or move it outside the card. This was a problem initially, when I didn't know what the cards were. Later on I just needed a glance so it was ok. Music sets a good atmosphere. Good work overall!


Such an interesting and unique idea for this game jam! I liked that there are multiple tracks to manage at the same time. Also, the random factor plays well here, that way there isn't any complicated currency in the game and it's easy to understand. At first, it was weird for me that the same card can be used to create, but also to boost, I'm not sure about that design decision, but it's just a detail. Great job!


Web version seems to suffer from the curse of Safari memory leaking. Likely not your fault! From what I could play this looks like a cool concept, really love the music btw. Sort of like a card forging tower defence mashup maybe? Pretty cool, I like card games so nice to see a few in this jam :)


Yeah, I noticed that myself, but I kind of hoped it was a machine-specific problem and not a general problem with Safari.


Fun game, with interesting tactics. It's nice to see another card forging game in the jam.


I WON! :D It was very fun! it took a while for me to get the cards down but i figured it out! :D Very original concept! 


I like it how this creator’s brain came up with such elegantly simple yet effective mechanics. Thumbs up and five stars for originality!


I really liked the game, I can see how making a complex AI for a game jam is too much but I would love to see how it would playout once I kinda knew all cards and could really strategise against the oponent