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Thanks so much :) I'll look into this.

This is a really cool concept! A two-player combat game in the style of Breakout. Game feels really polished, and game feel is good, with quality graphics and music. Wish you the best to take this further :)

Nice game. I liked the special effects and toppling things over while moving around. Also trying to catch the fuse before it hits the ground :) Game feel is good. Also appropriate to the theme. Well done!

Fun game :) Overall aesthetic and music is very consistent. Good use of the theme. Well done overall!

Gameplay video looks good. Would be happy to join a game if you're playing sometime. Although I'm not very good at FPS :)

Glad you like the game :)

Could you describe what happened when the game finished? Eg: Did the game result message get displayed? Were you able to access "Menu"? Or was the "Lobby" button missing or nothing happened when you clicked it, etc.? And was this for a particular game variant?

Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Fun game! Some feedback:

More clarity on which is my character would have been good. Since the camera follows the ball, it's a bit difficult to know. Maybe a start of match screen, with player names of both sides? Would have liked more of a break in between games.

The game works well without issues. Liked the Instant Replay and jump sounds. Overall cool submission!

Cool concept and good execution! Nice music :) I'm not very good at platformers though. One thing which seemed a bit unnatural: when I jumped onto a moving platform, it seemed to slide out from under me. Rust felt a little too difficult, given that it both restricts movement and speeds up the clock. The level design was good overall. Kudos on making this game!

Nice game! The setting is brought out well with the visuals and gameplay. Very well made music! Didn't get too far on my own (obviously!) Would be nice to play two-player sometime.

The game looks cool. Right now I only have some feedback on the UI. Fullscreen option would be nice. The mouse clicks in the Settings panel seem to also get registered as commands in-game. Would be happy to play a game if any of you folks are free to host sometime.

Hey everyone!

Glade Encounter is a turn-based tactical battle game, playable in browser. Move and attack with your units to defeat the opponent. Play one-on-one matches against other players or bots. There are three variants of the game with different win conditions.

The trailer below showcases the gameplay.

This is the first version of the game made for the Multiplayer Game Jam. Am planning to continue working to improve and expand the game further. Hope you enjoy the game. Would also be great to have your feedback to inform future versions.

Game link:


Thanks! I used free assets for the units. I'll definitely check out your game, sounds interesting.

Nice game. I liked the escape mechanic, but one can drive slowly and win. A time frame to return would make this more challenging. Loved the outer space feel, with the Earth in the distance and the space music.

Well made! The landing looked easier in the GIFs. The concept is neat and simple. Really appreciate the fine tuning of gameplay elements that make this game appropriately challenging. The lander feels very real and vulnerable. Good game overall.

Glad that you found it working :) Hope to improve it in future.

Thank you :)
We realized it was over-scoped, but went through with it anyway, cutting corners where possible. Hope to improve the game post-jam. Will also add in better info and instructions. Appreciate the feedback.

The tutorial is a great addition to the game. I did understand the game this time, and got a score of 4200 on my second attempt. All the game information and feedback is in the form of audio, and I found I was actually doing better when I simply closed my eyes and focused on the sounds. I had some trouble understanding how the dodging worked. I mostly felt enemies to the left and right were easier to deal with. Is dodging actually required for these? What I felt was they miss anyway, since they either fire to the left or right of my ship, and then I line up and fire at them. Those straight on caused more trouble. Also got into trouble when there were multiple or overlapping bullets. Good job creating a pure audio game which is widely accessible!

Card removal is something I plan on adding soon. Will continue to work on and improve the game further. Your feedback is encouraging :)

Great to hear that! Will be continue to expand and improve the game. Hope you enjoy it in future too.

Thanks for playing, and the detailed feedback!

I get your suggestion for having generic “Move”, “Turn”, etc., and leaving out Swivel initially which will reduce the number of different cards. The direction specific cards were a deliberate choice. The situation now is that the starting deck has one card for each basic movement + 3 random cards (for a total of 15 already), leaving no room for duplicates etc. I liked the suggestion of Swivel coming in later, however this would require that move and turn suffice initially. Right now I was thinking of Swivel also as a basic action. I felt having a few random cards in the deck will push the player to explore some cards they may not otherwise, but will reconsider this.

It is encouraging that you liked the game in general. And I definitely get the pain points you’ve brought out here. There’s a certain kind of gameplay that I had in mind with these cards. I’ll work on this feedback and see how to improve. I’m not sure how exactly, but will try out further changes in the coming versions. This feedback is super helpful. Much appreciated!

Found this to be a fresh take on a platformer, where instead of the health reducing as usual, the character gets more bouncy and hence harder to control. This was a nice mix of fun and solid gameplay. The background music felt suited to the game. Also jumping really high was a nice feeling in itself. This felt like a superpower as compared to movement in platformers in general, atleast until bouncing off the screen and ending the game. Good work!

Thanks again.

Controlling the variance in the drops is a possibility. Card removal is something I couldn't fit in just yet, but will do in future. Glad you liked the icons. Different tank characters is definitely in the plan. Also yeah, slide and jump is a bit of a stretch, but I liked them :) Let me see what I can do here.

Appreciate your detailed feedback!

Neat game! The overall theme and game feel has been brought through very well with the writing, visuals and music. The dodge and fire experience felt really good. The building height reduction was helpful. Although I think this should also have happened in some cases when enemy is behind a building and the player is not, but the player has sight of the enemy. Might be good to have an option to skip the intro, atleast while replaying. Felt good to finish the first level. Good work overall!

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The APK worked on an Android emulator (it kind of errored out on my phone, didn't open). Good suggestion!

Cool take on chess, with HP, attack and defence, in addition to different movement styles. What’s the difference between the Starter and Wonderland Crowns? I like the different tradeoffs that pieces offer. The joint attack and defence opens up some good possibilities, although probably the only downside here is that keeping track of all the joint effects was sometimes overwhelming. Good job on the UI that throws up the necessary detail when required. The attack and defence indicators are very useful. Further the net HP result shown for the attacking and defending pieces when planning an attack is invaluable. I mostly followed a strategy of keeping my pieces coordinated, something I felt the AI didn’t do too well. With that I could pick off the AI pieces one by one. Obtaining a calculated victory in the end was satisfying! For a jam scope I felt the AI did a good job. No doubt this can be improved in future. Neat game overall :) Wish you the best for further development!

The game concept is good. It wasn’t very clear what the points mean, and how to get more points. Mostly what I understood you try to match the sides of adjacent tiles to similar terrain. Not sure what the score milestones do. The second milestone at 8192 seemed to be quite far off, given the scoring rate. Played upto a score of about 800, so not sure if the scoring rate picks up after that. Rotation wasn’t working too well on the trackpad. Rotation with ‘R’ key was fine though. The background music is good, although it stopped after some time.

The game implementation in particular is excellent. The shake animation when an animal was about to be placed near another is neat. Tile rotation is smooth. Good job overall, and all the best for future development!

Was about to respond here, but noticed you have a new Mac build, and this one works! I've given you my feedback on your game page. Cheers!

Very cool game! Also hard as advertised, thanks for the warning. The ball was quite difficult to control. But I did find myself getting a little better with practice. Got as far as five enemies. Pushing enemies off, especially with the energy was super fun! Congrats and all the best for future development.

Any chance of getting a Mac/Web build? The concept seems very interesting, and I hope to check it out sometime.

Thanks for playing! Movement in general is something I'm working to improve. Good to have your feedback on the turn/swivel. Potentially some builds could avoid certain types of maneuvers/cards. But yes, in terms of overall balance of builds there's a lot more to do. (Eg: If one is able to always complete campaigns without turn/swivel) Will continue to work more in this direction. Appreciate the feedback :)

Thank you :) Glad you liked the updates to the game as well. I do feel encouraged to continue working on the game. Much appreciated.

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Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. Planning out the movement and attacks is one of the core components, and I'm glad you liked it. I do plan to continue working on the game. If you're interested, here's the link to the game Discord:

Regarding your game, unfortunately I don't have access to a Windows machine, and would be happy to play if there's a Mac or Web version possible sometime.

Thank you! Glad you liked it.

As for your game "Rolling Downfall" it seems interesting, but I'm unable to play it. I downloaded the Mac version, but I don't see any executable there. If you can update the build or make a web build sometime I'd be happy to play it and give you feedback.

You have a good start here. I particularly liked the force mechanic, and the staircase structure was an interesting solution. Potential for good puzzles here. Overall this is a promising mix of story based RPG and puzzle solving. All the best for further development!

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Good work again! The rewards screen seemed to have more information to help in choosing. On the map screen, would have liked some indication of the relative difficulty of each room. This might help plan the exploration. Just my opinion, some might prefer it this way. Music is good; possibly the volume is a bit low compared to the effects.

All the best to take this forward!

Movement definitely needs some revisions. With respect to the kind of maneuver that you mention, the closest that can be achieved right now is to turn and swivel turret to point towards the enemy. Then use advance/retreat cards where possible to move in/out of line with the enemy. But yes, I am working on further changes to promote movement in general.

Good to know you liked the gameplay overall :) Thanks for playing, and appreciate the feedback!

The visuals are really good! I have a trackpad, and I'm not sure how to cast spells with it! So I need to hold down the right mouse button, and do a left click? Not sure how to do that with a trackpad.

The concept is interesting, and would like to play the full experience sometime.

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This is remarkably well made! It has a lot of polish for such a short time frame. The art, music, and overall feel of the game is very coherent. One problem I ran into was if the web window lost focus, I couldn’t get the focus back into it again. Not sure if this is just some problem with my setup. Reg the gameplay, I wasn’t sure what to do, and what the goal was. Either I missed it, or this will be included in later versions. Overall this looks like a neat base to expand further. Well done!

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Good job on the random maps! You’ve captured the feel of a space-exploration roguelike well.

The gameplay was a little hard, although this is probably because my skill level in shmups is rather low.

In some of the reward screens I found only one option: some amount of money. Not sure if this is intended.

After selecting a stat reward, the screen should stay until the user presses a key. It changed too fast for me to read the stat description.

Some audio would definitely help.

Nice work overall!

Good work on the game!

When I gain access to an L1, for example, it might help to have visual feedback, like maybe changing the door color, etc.

Not sure what the difference is between Damage and Infect. Stun works as expected.

The message when I get hit the first time, or for some enemies is also “L1 access granted”. This should be “Damaged” or something like that.

The player and enemy hitboxes were a bit confusing at times.

Nice to discover that there are different strategies. For some levels clearing out the enemies didn’t work well, and instead I had to evade and get to the finish.

The difficulty curve is good to start with. Some of the later stages got a bit repetitive.

Overall this seems like a good start, and could be developed further by adding more diverse mechanics/levels to keep the player engaged.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback! Good to hear about the aspects you liked.

Icons for swivel direction makes sense. Will add them. As for more movement, this is work in progress. There are some options to draw more cards, which is more of a generic solution to obtain a needed card. Card removal also makes sense here, and I'll work on including it soon. More specific to movement, have put in some cards which combine movement and other actions (attack/defense). Will continue to work on adding more options for movement. This is definitely an important aspect of the gameplay, and the feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!