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An Interstellar Puzzle Game. Winner of the GBCOMPO21 Game Jam!
Submitted by BenJelter, Gumpy Function — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline
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I love this game! One of the best Game Boy games I've ever played.

  • Great puzzle/level design
  • Gorgeous art work that utilizes the colour palette perfectly
  • Impressive cut scenes
  • Great music that sets the mood
  • Cool space theme
  • A simple story that compliments the gameplay
  • A scoring system that encourages replay

This deserves a physical release with a box and manual.


Thanks so much!! We are working on making a full version, complete with physical release ;)


impressive work!


This is a great entry worthy of a full (physical!) release, great idea, perfectly executed with great graphics, good controls, not to mention the nice touch with an engaging story.

I just need to break away from it for now as I see this will take me more time to invest in it, but there's still many games in the Compo to try.

Great work! 👍


When going through all the jam entries, I wanted to leave this one until last because I knew I was going to spend hours on it

After a few days I have finally completed it and it has become one of my favourites. One can easily see how much love you guys have put into this: the art, the music and the levels... everything is so polished!

And about the levels... I like puzzles and I have enjoy them until the last one! Specially the last planet, they really made me scratch my head! 

But the most important thing to me: prioritizing the gameplay over the story, ensuring that it's fun...  that's something hard to see nowadays. I think you guys nailed it. The intros that appear at some point during the gameplay just feel good, like a nice reward

I really enjoyed it, good job!


Thanks so much! And I would like to say that sushi nights is one of my favorites of the jam. Certainly the most fun game of the jam to me. You really got that grappling hook mechanic working well. Lots and lots of fun to move around.


Great game! Fantastic art and use of color. The setting and character building is a great touch. The puzzles are interesting to boot!

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks so much! Your game is one of my favourites of the jam. I put it on my flash cart and I have been coming back to it time again to play more. Well done to you too! 


I'm happy to hear that! Thanks. :)


My favorite game of the competition! Amazing graphics and the Mole Mania inspired gameplay works super well. 


Thanks so much. I am so impressed by your game myself! Well done to you too.

The puzzle mechanic is so clean! I'm really in love with this underworld/overworld mechanic! Please sell me a cart in box!!

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Thanks so much! You will very likely get your wish! ;)


Write my name on your list - I'm needing this game!


I just donated to this. Inspiring stuff. Satisfying on so many levels. My hat's off to ya!


Thanks so much! I'm going to play yours as soon as I have a bit of free time. I've heard it's great.


The “going underground” mechanic reminded me of mole mania. I’m going to give this more play. The points system is great too.


Mole Mania was a source of inspiration for me, yes. Such a great game. Thanks for playing!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

i like the art and story  reminds me of start of flashback in weird way. im not good at the puzzle part but looks very polished :)


Wow, amazing graphics and excellent idea!


Thanks so much!