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Really cool stuff!

I remember playing this game last year and having a ton of fun with the horror/adventure aspect of it!!

Looks amazing! One of the most interesting GBC games coming up out here in these times!

Loving the art style! Looking forward to the release!

This is really cool, nice work!

This is right up my alley.. Thanks for taking the time to create games for ancient consoles..! Much love!

This game is awesome! Loving the puzzle idea in the gameplay! Nice work, but please develop it further?

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

If all else fails, send me a message and I will hook you up!

Yeah sounds doable! Send a message with your order and ask for the box files.

Thank you for the support! Sadly, no manual have been made for the game..

This is some cool stuff - I'm gonna have some fun with this!

Thank you for the nice comment! Knowing people are enjoying my little game this much is just amazingly heartwarming!

The special LED light-cart is still for sale, although the boxed version have sadly been discontinued. But there might be another limited run in the future. Keep an eye on our socials!

Really fun stuff!

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Thanks so much, the hardware is all

I have really been pondering the idea, even though I'm thinking of going with the NES console for a potential sequel, it would be a ton of fun in making another GB/GBC title more centered towards the DMG crowd- for sure!

Really interesting stuff!

This game is a lot of fun! Got a sort of addictive arcade style to it that I really love!

Here is a little video of me playing (very bad) on my yellow Play-It-Loud GameBoy:

Interesting stuff! Looking forward to see what this evolves into!

Thanks! Love this game so much..
A sequel would be highly appreciated!

Wish I could play it on my GameBoy..


Very cool! Nice work!
I'm guessing it works good on 3.1 too?

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You can use a controller when playing it right here on itch or any emulator.

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Really interesting stuff!
Love the graphics - and I see the inspiration! lol

Awesome! Really looking forward to playing the full game!

Thanks for the feedback.

But I will keep it this way for all my games. Like the original Nintendo controller setup have always been left button = run, right button = jump.

Very cool game! Nice work!

Really great work on this! Extra spice for the platformer engine was badly needed!

Yes. The shop regularly restocks with small amounts of carts from time to time. But you can sign up and get an email notification when new carts are available.


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I'm sorry, but there is no demo version available for this game. But you can play it for free right here in your browser, or you can buy the digital download to play the ROM file on any device compatible with a GBC emulator.

I hope you enjoy!

I made this game using Unity.

Nice arcade vibes and really cool graphics!

Maybe you can add a running feature for the player? Have a stamina bar and if you run too long and use up all stamina, the player stop for a little while to catch his breath?

Alpha just released?!? Awesome! I love the graphics! Will see if I get time to beat this later.

Haha this is so much fun! Thanks for making this!

Very useful stuff, thanks!

This game is so much fun, and the gameplay is really addictive!

This is really cool! Thanks!!