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Very useful stuff, thanks!

This game is so much fun, and the gameplay is really addictive!

This is really cool! Thanks!!

Very nice work on this! Awesome!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy the game!

This game is awesome!

This is simply incredible! Thanks!

This game is freakin awesome!
The graphics really hit that late NES game style and the gameplay is close to perfect!

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This game is awesome! I just saw somebody streaming it. So much fun!

This really brings me back! Thanks for making this game so much cooler than the NES game.. Ahh the memories!

Cool game! And very interesting visual experience!

This is really cool, I need to find some time to play it more! Nice work!

The game is just brilliant! Thanks for making yet another NES classic for us to enjoy!

This game has alot of potential, but I think the music is a bit rough on the ears..

This game looks really cool! Bookmarking for later - thanks for making this!

Really excellent work on this!

Very solid Tetris game! Nice work!

Alright, thanks! Maybe you should mention the version of GBS it is compatible with in the description or even the title..?

Very cool stuff! But does it work with GBS v3 or is it for GBS 2.5b ??

Really cool game! Fun puzzles to solve and great graphics!

Awesome! I played this game a ton on C64! Thanks for this!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Cartridge release is right around the corner!

Amazing cut scenes! And a really fun game!

Love it! So well made!

Very cool! Is it a complete port of the original game you made?

Nice work! I'm glad you had fun with it.

That would be very cool!

Interesting, but why not make a question / answer game out of this...? You got it all ready, why not take it all the way...?

So awesome! Classic puzzle game re-made for the GameBoy Color! And it even have all the UI effects and awesome music to remind me of the olden days!

And what a nice surprice to find the extra keyboard functions you added (Backspace, Q, A) This all really brings me back! Loving it!!

Very cool! Looking forward to play this game some more when I have time!

Wow this is amazing! Jill of the Jungle was one of my childhood games on our first PC! Thank you so much for making this tribute game!! So cool!!

I just uploaded the Analogue Pocket version!


Really fun game! Nice graphics and gameplay!

So glad you love the game!!
And that is a great idea about the LED light inside the cart - I actually had this idea myself, but for now, I think it will have to be something I consider for the sequel instead of this release!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and spreading your love!

This is really amazing..!! Never thought I would see the day this would be possible!

Yes, if everything works out as I have planned! And thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

So much fun to play around with the mechanics in these levels! Instant favorite for me!

It's sooo good! I've seen you posting on twitter, but just recently had the chance to really sit down and play this - LOVING IT!!