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Tell me how much you love it In This Thread Sticky

A topic by Max Oakland created May 23, 2021 Views: 273 Replies: 9
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 this This is the place for positive feedback

I think you did an awesome job within the constraints of the jam. It kind of reminds me of the fruit you drop in donkey kong to kill the little crocodiles


thanks! I think that was probably a subconscious influence. I love the feel of those old arcade games


Damn this is fun, I'm a sucker for arcady games lol, Good Job!


Thanks! I'm prepping an update that I think is gonna be more addictive


I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing LMAO
Can't wait lol

What a charming, cute, mechanically interesting little game. So many homebrew GB games are not interesting in a mechanical/gameplay way - but this one is great. Very excited to try it out on real hardware! I got up to 34 points, but there I encountered the bug where the apples stopped showing up. Really great work!


thanks Corey! I’d love to see a pic of it on real hardware. I will fix that bug. I just have some other bugs to squash first

This game is a lot of fun! Got a sort of addictive arcade style to it that I really love!

Here is a little video of me playing (very bad) on my yellow Play-It-Loud GameBoy:


that’s awesome! Black and yellow is a great color scheme. Love that design