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neat game, I like the checkerboard element. quite tricky to get the hang of

just played this :) I liked the ending

very fun :) so juicy and bouncy as always. reminds me a lot of Disc Room!

very nice, I loved practicing this strange movement scheme, chasing something circular using only right-angle turns. love that it tracks high scores too! nice work

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very cute little idea :) impressive work squeezing it so small. love that you can play quick to cut off someone's flooding, but it spends your turn

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really great :) going to play with my partner. the always-turning-one-way is a great idea for a single-button control scheme! love that. the music and art are wonderful too. I knew exactly where my passengers needed to go just from the visual clues. This is the kind of game that makes me wish I had a child to play it with

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Personal best:

Very nice simple idea! Sometimes I'll see some numbers grouped together and think "I feel like there's something here that works" and just drag some boxes quick to see if I can get one by feel.

When I saw TweetTweetJam going around I thought of you and wondered if you were making something! Absolutely wacky how compact you manage to make these, I need to get more comfortable with P8 so you can teach me.

nice work :) compact and elegant, very tricky as usual

I got to 12, and by that time I could already feel I was learning, I was in the zone. Very nice work

haha love to see a sequel!! great fun. love the mental exercise of trying to hold the map of the maze in my head. very cool that they randomly generate, perfect for killing time when all you have is an old phone

thanks! haha yeah, that's basically #1 feature if I do a little update at some point. actually let them know the game is over :)

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I was browsing around itch tonight and decided to play some of this and spent quite a while figuring out level 1. I've never played Jelly no Puzzle so it took me some time working through everything. The one level was a satisfying challenge and I think for now I'll stop there :)

The ruleset can clearly pack a lot of challenge and possibility into a small space, which I like. I also like the left+right click movement scheme


Learning how to play is very much part of the game :) enjoy the process!


finally got around to playing, nice work. the + and - are a fun idea. impressive PICO8 learning! :)

love the game, and loved finding and reading the poem at the bottom of the page only after I'd played. nice work

so good, love it

love this, wonderful idea

Really enjoyed figuring this out :) nice work

thanks!! yeah, I love keeping stuff a little cryptic and self-discovery style :) but the scoring is pretty simple, let me know in the discord if you want any hints!

Hey juner! I love droplets and I really enjoyed reading all these thoughts. I picked up Tash Kalar a couple years ago, I'm a big fan! Also... it just so happens I'm the person who chose Claw to be highlighted in our Thinky Games Club :) really nice to hear that it was an enjoyable surprise and motivating for you.

Let's chat sometime - I feel we have a lot of design sensibilities in common and I'd love the idea of working on a small game together if that sounds appealing to you.

thank you!! big fan of your games. yes, tile-laying boardgames were a big inspiration for sure, I love Sprawlopolis!

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Having so much fun with this!! Super impressive work but also just a very delightful and full-featured game. So far I've managed $569 on Medium

haha I actually just noticed this today while playing, and wasn't sure if it was a typo or if it actually gave a different color of point! which could be interesting...

I won :)

realized that I never left a comment after playing this! so charming, love all the different little poses for the monkey climbing etc. very fun, level 3 is so funny

Love the idea, super cool to turn social deduction into straight-up deduction :) very charming art style too!

Thank you for the inspiration, it'll be very useful when making game jams about making game jams

funny stuff, I enjoyed it. if you play long enough the animation speed starts looping around and the music becomes a single high-pitched wine


Isn't it great making Imaginary Games?

this is really great, had an awesome time playing with my brother. a large trophy object is such a perfect victory condition. great work!

was admiring this on twitter, your style is inspiring!

nice, I love the Tetris 2 style connected blocks

Nice work, I love imagining what it would be like to play

Lovely animation work! Farming Sim/Base Defense is an idea that's lived in my notebook a while now :)

Me and my friend Beekie just released a little puzzle game about navigating 4D space.
Hope you try it out, I think it's fun how you almost gain a new sense of movement and direction after playing for a bit.

4D comments · Replied to merx in 4D comments
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The 2nd level should give you a hint for the 3rd - try moving to a nearby square and then moving “into” the crate