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Corey Hardt

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So excited for this game!!

Really love this idea. I can't seem to get 2-Player mode to work... am I missing something? Not sure what to press to get the ball/pieces to start moving

Great work from all involved, love the presentation of the game and the page, and wonderful puzzle mechanisms too.

Very unique and interesting! Nice work, as usual

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Hey! Love your little engine, it's very fun to use. I made a short game:

If you do decide to do more with it, I'd love to hear about it!

For anyone using the engine, it took me some time to figure out these bugs:
1) Don't ever delete every sprite from the scene, sprite placement and dialogue will stop functioning properly.
2) Don't click on the X that marks the player spawn and then click "move" in the sprite editor.

Incredible - you managed to make an a new physical controller out of an old physical controller. I won!

Super fun game, definitely captures that great feeling from bigger programming-style games. Neat unique use of PuzzleScript too. I almost wish there was a way I could watch the little robots continue doing their thing after completing the level, they're so satisfying to watch!

What a charming, cute, mechanically interesting little game. So many homebrew GB games are not interesting in a mechanical/gameplay way - but this one is great. Very excited to try it out on real hardware! I got up to 34 points, but there I encountered the bug where the apples stopped showing up. Really great work!

But what if it said... GBA

flappy birb

Haven't finished yet, but great work all around. Quality puzzles, very cute, love the sandwich idea. Definitely one of my favs from the jam

What an evocative scene. In terms of games in the I'm Hungry genre, this is S-Tier

When the foodstuffs appear near the ocean floor... how they haunt me. Unquestionably amongst the best I'm Hungry games I've played

I lost track of the boundaries between reindeer, blackberries, bread and myself. One of the best of the jam, great work

tu n'as rien copié ! nous vous avons copié :)

When I passed 99 my score disappeared :) one of my favorite games from the jam!

The ending sounds killed me, very fun physics. This HAS to be one of the best entries of the whole jam

Great writing. Definitely in my Top 10 jam entries!

One of my favorite entries of the jam! Nice work!

Bonjour! Je fais partie du groupe de personnes qui ont créé de nombreux jeux "J'ai faim". Nous savons que vous ne vouliez pas créer un game jam, mais nous avons pensé qu'il serait amusant de créer d'autres jeux inspirés des vôtres ! Nous espérons que cela ne vous dérange pas. Nous aimons votre petit renne.

One of my favorite entries of the jam

Lovely art! One of my favorite entries of the jam

One of my favorite submissions of the entire I'm Hungry Jam


You have to submit this game to the I'm Hungry jam! It's the original!

One of my favorite entries of the jam

One of my favorite submissions of the entire I'm Hungry Jam

Personally I love participating in the I'm Hungry jam because it's got a great community. 


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This is great! Puzzles that were just tricky enough to be very satisfying. Love the unique theme and very cool combination of a few connected mechanics. Nice work!

Finally played after a long time being on my list, and it didn't disappoint. Very funny, both in its execution and in its writing. I feel like I learned a new mechanical language, which is a rare quality in a game. Nice work

Very cool. Love the speed control

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Haha, I've had this mashup idea written down for a while for use in some game jam, it makes sense that I'm not the first to think of it. Nice work, very fun!

Had a lot of fun with this, really enjoy the thematic touches. Puzzles got pretty tricky in a fun way. Nice work!

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This is so fun! If there were additionally features I could request, I would like to see a little more control in the bottom bars-editor. Duplicating bars, rearranging them. Super cool work for a free project!

Heres’s my song:


Nice work! High Score: 8. Somebody beat it

Nice work! High Score: 29. Somebody beat it

Wacky and fun :) I feel the making guns/survival aspect could be expanded and be really neat. Nice work!

It feels a little rude to me to post comments like this on someone’s game.