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Isn't it great making Imaginary Games?

this is really great, had an awesome time playing with my brother. a large trophy object is such a perfect victory condition. great work!

was admiring this on twitter, your style is inspiring!

nice, I love the Tetris 2 style connected blocks

Nice work, I love imagining what it would be like to play

Lovely animation work! Farming Sim/Base Defense is an idea that's lived in my notebook a while now :)

Me and my friend Beekie just released a little puzzle game about navigating 4D space.
Hope you try it out, I think it's fun how you almost gain a new sense of movement and direction after playing for a bit.

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The 2nd level should give you a hint for the 3rd - try moving to a nearby square and then moving “into” the crate

woah, I think this is one of the highest I've seen! thank you and great work!

huh, interesting. It's working for me in both Firefox and Chrome

Hey, this is a quirk of GameMaker web builds - click on the game window before you press space to start. It's currently working for me

Hey, this is a quirk of GameMaker web builds - click on the game window before you press space to start. It's currently working for me

I love it, the charming bird-in-a-garden theme, picking up little trinkets, and the puzzle of picking up items from specific sides is very intriguing. Impressive work for a single week!

RIP Snake <3 very fun game!

I remember when you were convinced you'd found an exploit by doing frame-perfect stair transitions... fun memory

Wow, amazing job!! Glad you enjoy it, thanks so much!

so lovely, a beautiful evolution. great work

Really love the presentation and cute little animations of this one, might be my favorite of yours yet

Thank you! Yeah, very much a quick proof of concept. I happen to know of someone working on taking this kind of thing a little deeper, potentially with some animation...

Yes! Well, and a secret message at the end :)

here's a page I wrote about the game for Indiepocalypse, it mentions methods for seeing the hidden images:

Great work, love a simple and elegant mechanic like this. Also big fan of your visual and audio work!

I was playing Curious Fishing and found this on your page, realized that I recognized it because we had done this Nokia Jam together. Love the idea, very fun.

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love the intro text, made me laugh. animations are also incredible! nice work

Don't think I ever left a comment here... I LOVE SUPER CRANE BUG!!!

More like MEAT-roidvania am I right??

Really love it, great work. Would love to see more

As others have said: very nice difficulty curve, slow introduction and combination of mechanics, and some very cute aesthetics and writing. Nice work.

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Such great work, love the aesthetic and cute mechanics. Don't know how much additional work this would entail, but I bet people would make some fun stuff with a level editor... feels like a game that's ripe for that!

I fixed the clockmachine :) very nice work, I enjoyed the puzzles!

It's nice to feel seen!

Nice to spend some time not playing now and then. Very nice work

new moochi game is a good day. I figured out how to win reliably

Nice work, I really like the puzzle ideas you have going on here, and clearly you're talented when it comes to visuals. There are a few clarity issues with the walls/paths that feel like that could be improved, but very cool stuff overall.

Nice work, this is very neat. I think I'd like to have some sort of grid indication on the floor, just so I can more accurately get a feel for exactly where my snake is at any given step, and similarly with the guillotine I think I'd like to have more of a clear indication on the ground where it's going to cut me. Maybe the snake-links could use some separation for that purpose.

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Love it, it's great setting my own pace. Knew it had to be good when I saw Tempres in the inspirations

I like the way it's halfway-grid-based. It was fun to send the pawn sliding around. Nice work! Also I don't think the music is looping? It went silent for me after a while :)

I checked this out a while back but forgot to return to it until now - love the twisty mechanics! Your games are great!

Great game, nice work! The whole presentation is very cute and some levels were pleasantly tricky.