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An NES FPS. Seriously.
Submitted by Mindbleach — 59 days, 11 hours before the deadline
Rated by 12 people so far
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This category is reserved for games. Any tools or toys should be submitted to the other category. Mapper 28 compatible entry up to 64KB with NO PRG-RAM is required! Must be free or include a free demo.



This game may be used in a physical and digital multi-cart release and distributed by jam organizers as part of a digital archive (ZIP).

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This marks the second FPS i’ve ever played (the first being the original DOOM) and i’m impressed that you’ve managed to make something here on the NES where i can even almost tell what’s going on!! Great job!


Really awesome technical demo of what can be done on NES.  It's a littler hard on the eyes at first, but I got used to it quickly. I hope you will continue to work on this some more.

Really good job!

Really interesting stuff!


Thank you! I'm only annoyed I broke the "attract screen" somewhere between yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening, and didn't notice until literally one minute before the deadline. Whoops.

I invite harsh judging. The game part of the game is limited and the engine could be better. The technical flex was great fun to work through, and I'm surprisingly pleased with all the art driven by technical constraints, but - execution is everything. What a game could be, or how it could look, is brain crack. The ROM is what it is. If someone doesn't enjoy playing it, or playing with it, then I missed.


Heads-up - this is obviously incomplete. I'm sharing it now for other people to build on. This engine is open-source, and as you can see, there's nothing to get in the way of your own art. 

It's currently a 16 KB NROM. CHR is mostly junk. One nametable is untouched. There's plenty of room for whatever you want to make. (And plenty of room for improvement. I'd recommend picking a mapper that can move more tiles onscreen.) 


Very cool, thanks for sharing!