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A new arcade platformer for the NES!
Submitted by Matt Hughson (NES Dev) (@matthughson) — 4 days, 3 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Art and Style#24.4444.444
Overall Impression#43.5563.556
Polish and Completeness#63.6673.667

Ranked from 18 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.



This category is reserved for games. Any tools or toys should be submitted to the other category. Mapper 28 compatible entry up to 64KB with NO PRG-RAM is required! Must be free or include a free demo.



This game may be used in a physical and digital multi-cart release and distributed by jam organizers as part of a digital archive (ZIP).

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It took me a while to recognize how the brake mechanic worked directly into the timing of the gameplay. Once I figured out how to manipulate the brake to get around the timings of the enemy patterns I made quick progress with the game and had a lot of fun. The Single screen arcade game is one of my favorite idioms, this is a unique mechanic to that genre.  Fun idea, fun game. 


Thanks for playing! The "brake" was indented to be "discovered" later, as an advanced mechanic layer that you don't need from the start. But a few people have mentioned this so maybe it was a little too hidden. Not sure. I do wish I had time to add sparks to the wheels to help sell what was happening though.


Oh fun! the addition of sparks would have looked really cool and helped sell the mechanic and add ambiance to the setting if nothing else.


Lovely graphics and animations! Got a bit confused about what background tiles the cart would collide with at first. Difficulty picks up considerably in level 2, there's a number of different obstacles and mechanics to manage and be decent at all of a sudden. The game is fairly short, though, so all in all, the challenge seems right.

Do you plan to continue working on this?

And have you thought of a multiplayer mode? While I was playing, I felt like the game would really lend itself well to multiplayer co-op, possibly without too much additional coding. Feels like it would be a ton of fun sharing this arcade experience with friends and family.


Thanks for playing! In terms of design and difficulty, I was targeting something like Donkey Kong, where completing the 2nd level is a bit of an accomplishment. I wanted short, repeatable gameplay, and I was worried if there is too much of an easy start, it would be very boring in repeated playthroughs.

No plans to continue working on this, other than a Vs Arcade version, which will be more or less the same game with a few additions to make it arcade compatible.

Multiplayer mode is interesting. I actually hadn't thought of it at all, but it could be a fun mix of co-operative and chaotic gameplay!

Thanks for all the great feedback!


I would second the co-op aspect here, Maybe even player collisions bumping each other around.  It would really add a lot of replay value and be ideally suited for a VS. cab. 


I think this is an interesting idea. I like the visuals a lot.




Well designed and original! I like the way that movement feels. The music and sound effects are fun. 

At first, I was so focused on the d-pad mechanics that I didn't even notice that you could jump and brake! Probably that's just on me for not trying the buttons, but maybe a simple in-game button explanation would be nice.

Overall, nice job!


I did consider putting hints for break and jump, but those seemed likely to be discovered through natural play. The up/down on ramps is much less intuitive, which is why I had to include some blatant hints. 

The gem above spikes on the first level is meant to lead the player to discover jumping on their own. Things like the breaks, and being able to bounce of enemies is really meant to be discovered gradually as your skill in the game increases.

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback!


In the end, that's exactly how it played out for me (gradual discovery) - it just took me longer than I'd like to admit to actually try the buttons!


Really and awesome game !


Thanks for playing and sharing the game!


I really like how game looks. I wish there were a lot more levels and variety. If you maybe continue working on it and add couple more ideas in (as I know you made this game in very limited timeframe ) it could be real arcade hit ! Awesome entry Matt as always !


Thanks for playing!


Level 2 really ramped the difficulty for me! Polished & fun. Collecting the gems is satisfying.


Thanks! With only a handful of levels, and a "score attack" style design, I figured it best to dive head first into the difficult parts, since the player would likely be playing them over and over.


A small arcade style NES homebrew where you have to platform with a minekart on singlescreen levels and beat it within a time limit. Plays a bit like Donkey Kong Country kart levels but more puzzley and less tedious.

Mechanics are pretty solid as soon as you find the brake button and it's fun to set a highscore, I can absolutely see this as a full game if there's at least 5 times the amount of levels and maybe some extra mechanics sprinkled in here and there.


Thanks weido! I think the thing I want most to add, is more "choice" for the player. I would like for the final score to be a lot less about how many levels you completely, and more about how well you completed them.