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Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure (demo)View game page

Jane Austen stars in a new game for the NES!
Submitted by Matthew Justice (@matthewjustice) — 4 days, 17 hours before the deadline
Rated by 16 people so far
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Theme is strongly incorporated in a fun way. The visuals didn't initially attract me, but the specific framing and movement of the character(s) shows unique charm, and overall the game has a Bird Week-like aesthetic to it, especially its backgrounds, which grew on me. 

Basically, playing it for the compo took me from passively interested to extremely interested in the game, and I'm excited for what you two grow it into, as well as what you follow it up with.


Thanks for the feedback! I admit that developing the visual aspect is the hardest part for me - I'll absolutely take "unique charm" as a descriptor. Great to hear that the game grew on you over time, and I'm working to make the final product even better!


Loved the concept from the start, Ifound I loved it more as the concept progressed through the game.  I was a little underwhelmed by the tile work at first, but once some of the interiors started being introduced, I found the art to be incredibly charming and created a cohesive vibe overall that linked each area together. It feels intentionally reminiscent of the 87-88 period of NES games as an aesthetic, which I find pretty cool. I especially enjoyed the enemy sprite work, I thought they were fun and creative. The jokes were funny and the references were well done. 

I had a really good time with this game.  I love seeing games embracing public-domain IP like this. I could see it being a whole series of games based on famous literary figures where entire novels played out like mini-games.  

Very happy with this entry. Great idea, Great work. 

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!

Your comments are about the art style are of particular interest to me, because this is my first real attempt at pixel art, and I'm learning! I wanted an art style that brought the player back to the NES around the time period you mentioned, so I'm glad that's coming through.

Credit to my wife (who is a Jane Austen fan) for the concept and specific references to Jane Austen's works. I agree - I think a whole "8-bit literary figures" series could be fun!


I enjoyed playing your game a lot. It was a game experience for me, that reminds me playing a new NES game when I was a child. Great!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts! That's great to hear - I absolutely wanted to invoke that childhood NES feeling for people who grew up with the system.


Really nice polished platformer.  Movement is really nice. I can see some "castlevania influence" with stairs and candles. I would probably rework title screen to be more eye-catching, but other than that, really solid entry. I hope you will continue to work on it and create something special.

Awesome work Matthew


Thank you!

Yes, certainly some Castlevania influence in there. At first, the candles were purely decorative, but every time I saw one, I wanted to attack it... so I just went ahead and made them item containers. I guess I've played too much Castlevania!

Agreed about the title screen, I plan to rework it for the full release (as well as add more stages, etc.)


What a pair--Austen + NES platforming! I like the theming including the quill attack. The jump feels a little floaty, but the rest of the movement felt good (e.g. stairs which can be super hard to get right).

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback! You are so right about stairs - it took me forever to get that working to my satisfaction. I'll take another look at jumping and consider some tweaks for the full release.