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Working on the music box today. Places all players within ~18 px to sleep for 5 seconds. A couple bugs as you can see....

Manifest ability prototype pictured. Originally was thinking players would mash a button, but holding down I think is better. Will likely have to tweak the strength of the effect. Right now just enough displacement happens to influence the direction of the ball, but players can still catch up so you can't run-away lead the ball to the goal.

Basic offensive & defensive AI working. Will probably keep it simple and bet on fun complexity from player's meddling. If that isn't fun, then will revisit the AI. One thing I do want to change is the vertical defensive wall that forms. So maybe space that out a bit with random displacements.

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Supernatural Soccer: Mini

Influence soccer matches with your supernatural powers!


  • All soccer players for both teams are controlled by the A.I.
  • Game-play occurs on a single screen soccer field.
  • You interact with the game by moving your cursor icon across the field of play and pressing buttons.
  • Hitting select changes your selected ability.
  • You as the player have abilities (listed in the Abilities section) to change the course of the match.
  • All abilities have a recharge timer. This timer is longer the more powerful the ability.
  • Interactive non-game-play elements surrounding the field of play:
    • Clicking fans in the stands will cause them to stand. Thus players can create a "wave" scenario.
    • Clicking stadium lights will turn them on and off.
    • As a soccer player nears the opposing teams goal, the crowd's cheering grows in volume.
  • Each side has the following AI-controlled soccer players: 

    • 1 x Goalie 
    • 2 x Defenders
    • 2 x Wingers 
    • 1 x Striker (maybe not if we have too many actors on the field)


  • NROM


  • Recharge duration - medium length.
  • A rope of lightning starts from the top of the screen and strikes down to the field.
  • Implemented with multiple sprites stacked vertically.
  • When the lightning strikes it should push the screen down and then the screen should bounce back to lend impact.
  • Maybe leave a blast radius effect for a few frames.
  • Knocks down nearby players and pushes the ball if nearby in a random direction.
  • Recharge duration - short length.
  • A gust of wind (shown by blowing leaves like in SMB) starts at the edge of the screen and blows across the field vertically or horizontally.
  • Implemented with animated sprites blowing in a cylindrical pattern.
  • Pushes all soccer players or balls in the path of the gust towards the direction of the gust.
  • Recharge duration - single-use.
  • An earthquake shakes the field of play, knocks down all soccer players, and causes the ball to fly in random directions.
  • Implemented with screen shake + sprite animations (players fall)
  • Recharge duration - short length.
  • A vertical line divides the field and players cannot cross it only the ball.
  • Could be implemented using sprites or background updates.
  • Recharge duration - instantaneous.
  • Clicking near the ball causes the ball to veer towards that direction. Can be countered by other players also manifesting.
  • Recharge duration - short length.
  • Clicking on one of your team members causes them to re-evaluate their current action.
Music Box
  • Recharge duration - medium length.
  • A music box spawns on the field and plays a lullaby causing **all** nearby players to fall asleep for a time.
  • Recharge duration - medium length.
  • A decoy appears on the field and distracts any nearby players.
  • Recharge duration - long length.
  • A badge is placed on one of your players and that player is "promoted" to an elite status. This player's abilities are now improved!