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Yes, thanks. It was a great jam. I have to evolve my skills to make better graphics. But it gives me a good feeling, to be a part of the good jam result.

It was a great experience for me. The rom is awesome. Thank you very much.


Wow, cool and well designed Game.

Realy great little adventure!

Oh, I see you've developed a final version. I'm happy about it:-)

Ist's a fine little game. The game mechanic, music and the style is great. I'll play it more offen in the future. I'm impressed that this simple game idea makes so much fun :-) Great Job!

Thank you. Greetings

Thank you. But to be honest: I used a pattern from my drawing software to create the background.

Wow fantastic effects. Very great Work. :-)

It's a great effort and game presentation. Like it very much :-)

Great look and nice animation. With more objects it would even better. But it's very cute. Great job!

Great effort. Cute presentation.

Great effort. Cute prensetation.

It's fantastic. I wish I could play it :-)

Wow. Great Look! The details are very good.

Great start screen experience! Like it!

Thanx for your comment.

Thank you. Great that you've enjoyed it. And thank you for the advice.

Thank you for your comment and your advice :-)

Thank you :-)

I like the style of your game and the way you used puzzle maker. Great game experience for me as an a puzzle game user and retro gamer!

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Great designed game!

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Thank you for your feedback and your advises. That your kid will like it makes me happy, because I've designed it with the aspect "how would I liked it in former days / at the 80s". Fun fact: I've designed knurps 1989 when I was a child. I draw different comic strips in a notebook of him in the past. The main story was that he's a visitor from an other planet who helps every animal who need help. In my game I've decided to orientate the design of knurps and his space ship on my drawings from my childhood. When I had  known, as kid, that I designed my own knurps game when I be old, I had flipped out. 

And: My children helpes me designing some of the levels. We're proud of the result :-)

Hi, I'm so happy about your comment. It's the best praise for me that my game reminds you of a game which you had loved as a kid. Thank you very much!

I like the sprites, the sound and the overall design very much. Very good job!

What a great motivating game! Thank you for the game experience.

I enjoyed playing your game a lot. It was a game experience for me, that reminds me playing a new NES game when I was a child. Great!

Thank you very much. Nice to read this!

Thank you for your words and your video. It's my pleasure to see you playing my game!

Thank you for the information. I want to join with my NES Puzzle Maker game too, which I've finished in April this year :-)

Which tools did you use (do you use  pvsneslib e.g.)?

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Hello, thank you for your comment. I understand your opinion.

The goal of the jam was to build a SNES game in 3 month, witch works on real hardware. The technic isn't easy. It was build to have a playable but simple SNES homebrew game. And I'm a beginner ;-) I did my best for the moment.

Thank you for playing. Good Score!

Super, thank you!

It's one of the best GB/GBC games that I've played in the last years: good genre mix,  great charakter and level design, nice sprites, funny dialogs, good music, good scripted level  actions and a fresh storry setting!

Good job. Nice game.

Thank you for the tip. The graphics at the left are parts of a tree with a beeyard on a branch. The thing at the bottom are the roods. And the insect enemies are flying in the storm ;-)

Great job!

Very cool game! The design and the music are really great. I've got 395 at the moment. 

An interesting RRP and a nice game!

I like ist very much! Great concept!