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Nice game !

I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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Thanks for the new demo uploaded. A video in honor your effort dear John.

Thanks for the preview demo !

Dear John Vanderhoef. I want to publish a demo of your game if you wish. You can email at :

Awesome ! In honor to your effort a full demo game play.

Awesome !

Great game ! A FULL gameplay in your honor.

Awesome game ! Congrats Pat Morita Team. 

Awesome port ! Congrats Kevin.

Excellent prototype.

Pretty interesting game !

Nice and pretty entertainment game !

Thanks so much for your time to this.

Nice game !

Cool !

Interesting game. When will you finish it ?

Is there a demo file to help you publishing in my channel ?

Great game !

Nice preview !

Sincerely your game should have been selected into the first three places. For us your game is the champion. Cheers !

Awesome game !

A sequel ? This would be great ! Count with NES & SNES CONNECTION to support in publishing your demo and last releases to : whenever you want if you wish. Cheers !

Waoow ! whatta game. A video in your honor and new follower.

Awesome Tetris version !

A great start. I can´t wait to see the final release. If you wish I can support you by publishing your previews and / or the final release at Cheers !

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Awesome !

Graphics better than Sega Genesis. Cool !

Awesome port game for Sega Genesis.

Better than ever !

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A pretty interesting Alien Breed clone game. Congrats !

Nice game !

Awesome work !

Interesting preview ! i can´t wait the final release. A video in your honor.

Interesting shootem up game !

Awesome game !

Really and awesome game !

Hahahaha...I didn´t mean that Elvies. Thanks a lot for your game.

Awesome game ! a video in your honor :

Awesome short fan game ! Congrats.