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Awesome game ! Congrats and thanks you.

Awesome puzzle game ! A complete game play in your honor.

Great game ! A video in your honor.

Awesome game !

Nice game !

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Awesome puzzle game !! Congrats Rani !

Nice preview !

All stand up and give applause to this great programmer and artist: Parisoft !! Receive our congrats and gratitude for all your passion to dedicate awesome masterpiece games ! A full demo game play in your honor.

Nice game !

An excellent game that practically you don´t have to play, it´s  just enough to see it to know that is an awesome game. If you play it, this game will conquere you

Thanks for your game version to GameBoy Advance. Cheers !

Awesome !

Any new of your interesting game ?? A video to remember.

Great ! Count with NES & SNES CONNECTION to help in some way to publish your game. It would be my honor again if you wish so.

It´s a good question. I really don´t know the character didn´t move anymore. It was strange.

Hi, Parisoft.Is there is a demo version to download?

Congrats ! This sequel looks very promising too.

Congrats ! This sequel looks very promising too.

Pretty entertainment and specially is for the limit time. Great !

This game remind me H.E.R.O of ActiVision. But this game is more fluid. Awesome work !

Awesome work !! Congrats !

It´s really a cool game ! Congrats and thanks !

Hi Morphcat games ! is there a demo file to play and publish your game ? Of course if you wish.

We really love your port It´s quite entertainment.


Nice port !

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Nice W.I.P. game ! Keep on doing your best.

Great !

Great work ! Congratulations !

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Thanks to you for your game. Looks and plays pretty nice. If you want another publsh, count with me ( ) if you wish.

Your game is amazing but at the end of this video an error appears. Happy new year ! and thanks for the game squishyfrogs

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Awesome game !! Is there a possibilty to port in GBC too ?

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Without any exageration. This is the best 8 bit port for this game. Even it could compite easily with Sega 16 bits version. My sincere congratulations Parisoft !  a game play in your honor.

Very nice and difficult puzzle. A new gem game for NES. Congratulations The Doc !

Awesome game ! In your honor a full demo play video.

Great Marco ! Keep on doing your best. 

Simple and charming game that goes better and better each time I play it.

A master piece game. Congrats !

Nice game !