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That worked for me too, thanks!

Same here.

Any chance you will do a gameboy version (4 colors)?


No jumping

Thanks for playing! That's amazing!

What is the license for this art? Are there any limitations to its use after purchase?

Although this is listed as 32x32 tiles, the content appears to actually be authored at 16x16 and scaled up.

This is a good thing in my case, as I need 16x16 and was worried I was going to lose detail scaling down.

To the Author: I would recommend listing this as 16x16 set (and not scaling it up the files), and then let the people buying it scale up if that's what they want. As you have it, I think you will dissapoint people expecting 32x32 pixels of detail, and people requiring 16x16 (like me) might not buy it at all.

Hey, yah I'm still around. I just sent you an email (neb**n@**.de)

Neat. How'd you do that?

That means a lot, thanks!

So happy to hear that! Thanks!

It crashed in your browser? Or your whole broswer crashed?

Awesome! Thanks for playing!

It is only playable in the browser right now. Do you think it would be valuable to provide a downloadable version?


Yah, you might be right. There used to be many more buildings, which required very quick upward velocity, but I tuned that down over time, but never adjusted the jump velocity.

Arrow keys work as well, if that's any consolation...

But yah, ESDF if a limit of Pico8 (the engine I used); would have preferred WASD, of course.

Thanks for playing, and taking the time to comment!

Thanks for playing!

that was great! Thanks so much for sharing!

Here you go!

I just talked with the guy who makes PV8 and an updated version of this MicroPlatformer is actually included in the demos that come with PV8. So I would use that one instead!

Can you provide more details about what functions are giving the error, and what you tried to replace it with? I haven't used PV8 in some time, so I'm not sure about the current status of the API.

Thanks so much!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Tell all your friends! :D

it's made in Pico-8.

Wow, my first ever fan art for a personal project. Thanks so much!

Harry Potter

Yup, both adolescence.

I like it! Consider it canon :)

She is unnamed :)

Glad you like it so much. Musicc is by Gruber (@gruber_music):

I would msg him with any questions.

Yah, the last level is pretty insane. So happy to hear you stuck with it! 

no I hadn't heard of that game. I'll check it out sometime though!

Thanks for playing and taking to time to give feedback! I'm a little torn on the off-screen gameplay. I agree it's hard, but I believe it adds a slight layer of "RNG" to what would otherwise be very predictable moment to moment gameplay.

How can I run a game on Android virtu keyboard? What is the keyboard command?

Just came to say the palatte is really great :)

Great concept, but i found the level design around the mechanic didn't really live up to the idea. Sound was really grating :)

Neat idea! Found the controls a little tough to master.