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Haha nice find!

Thanks for playing. Haven't heard of those books, no. 

Thanks for playing!

So glad to hear that! It's actually inspired by a GameBoy game called Catrap.


there is a 'kill screen' if you go to far :)

Thats so cool. Thanks for sharing!

Haha thanks. I assure you it is in fact made with Pico-8!


Grab one of these! Not sure how well it will handle PV8, but it runs Pico8 well.


I have ported my micro platforming engine to PV8. It's very simple and hopefully a great starting point for developers!

Download and instructions found here:


I recently ported some games from Pico-8 to PV8, and here are the notes I kept to help ease the conversion:

  • PV8 doesn't have +=, -=, *=, /= operators, so do a find an replace of those:
    • eg. x+=1 => x=x+1
  • PV8 doesn't have the if() function (a special version which doesn't require "then...end"), so find and replace.
    • eg. if(x==1)x=2 => if x==1 then x=2 end
  • PV8 uses "print" for logging, so find and replace "printh".
    • eg. printh("hello") => print("hello")
  • Replace core functions names:
    • _init() => Init()
    • _update[60]() => Update(deltaTime)
      • Note: PV8 update runs at 60fps so you may need to adjust logic if not using _update60
    • _draw() => Draw()
  • PV8 uses standard Lua math functions, which you access with math.*
  • Tilemap collision is checked with ReadFlag.
    • eg. fget(mget(x,y,0) => apiBridge:ReadFlagAt(x,y) == 0
  • Clearing the screen is done in 2 steps:
    • eg. cls(0) => (in init) apiBridge:ChangeBackgroundColor(0) (then in Draw) apiBridge:Clear()
  • Drawing the map is also done in 2 steps:
    • eg. map(...) => (in Init) apiBridge:RebuildScreenBuffer() (then in Draw) apiBridge:DrawScreenBuffer()
  • "Colors per sprite" should be 16, so make sure to update your systems SpriteChip:
    • Open the game then navigate to (on windows):
    • C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Pixel Vision 8\Game Creator Pro\Workspace\Game\data.json
    • Inside "SpriteChip" section change "cps":16
  • Button IDs are different in PV8 from Pico-8. Here is how you need to replace the id:
0 Left Up
1 Right Down
2 Up Left
3 Down Right
4 C X
5 X C
6 A ("select")
7 S ("start")

It sounds like you are just seeing the default new game running. Have you pressed "Ctrl+1" to return to the editor?

(Edited 1 time)

I am making a call to play music like this:

apiBridge:PlaySong ( false )

It results in the song playing at what sounds like 1 note per frame. Very VERY fast. I have tried changing the tempo but it has no impact. Not sure if this is new with 0.6.2 as I haven't used music prior to this.

Note: It sounds correct in the Song Editor.

(Edited 1 time)

When I run this version it just boots to a grey screen. I tried deleting my game folder contents, but that didn't help. I also tried pressing CTRL+1, but that doesn't do anything.

I was able to fix the issue by deleting my entire PV8 appdata folder:

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Pixel Vision 8

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks for taking the time to check out the game! Unfortunetly, it's built on Pico-8 ( http://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php ) with no plans to port to Unity, sorry. However, if you buy the Pico-8 console you should be able to play it (and many other amazing games)! Could be a great investment if you are running an older PC as Pico-8 has very low system requirements.


Extend the Lua to include stuff like "+=" operators to ease with port from other languages (and Pico8 which has them).


Every button in the editor should have a tool tip explaining what it is.

Every abreviation should as well (stuff like "CPS" in the Sprite Editor)

Files in the Archive folder are zips, but they are saved with pv* extensions. Would be more convinient to save them as something like:


That way Windows/OSX can open them directly without any renaming, and your tools can just ignore the trailing ".zip".

Version: 0.6.1 Pro

1) Created a new NES game.

2) Saved (with default settings)

3) Click the refresh tool (looks like circular arrows)

"IsolatedStorageException: Could not find the file C:\Users\Matt\AppData\LocalLow\Pixel Vision 8\Game Creator Pro\Workspace\Tmp\Tool\info.json"

I checked and the file is in fact missing.

Not sure what the tool is for (I was looking for the settings tool).

The time it takes to go between tools is quite long. I am on a fairly high-end PC with SSD and I see a 1-2 second load every time I change tools.

The docs say that:

You can also use Ctrl + Esc to force the game to reload without entering edit mode.

But this seems to already be used by Windows 10 to open the start menu. Perhaps this is just some weird setting I have, but thought I would mention it in case this is wide-spread.

If you run Creator with a resolution that is more tall than wide, as the mouse approaches the bottom the screen it will vanish and you cannot click on anything.

Of course! It was a significant inspiration for the game. The first 2 levels are actually direct clones of the first 2 levels of Bubble Bobble!

Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing!

Yah, I noticed that too (and you are correct about having no control over it :D). I'll see if the Pico-8 guys have any plans to fix it.

Thanks for the feedback. Controls added to description. Let me know if that helps!

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Nice work!

Awesome I'll give it a try.

Fyi: development is still going. 1.0 is actually coming out any day now.

Yah, I have since found that I can just hit "start" on the server browers and reconnect, but its still super annoying.

When i publish my game and then open index.html in a browser (both IE and Chrome), I get an error:

"Could not load plugin list"

I am just trying to use SuperPowers myself, on my local machine. I have my server configured as "". This works initially, but always results in a "You were discinnected." error after about 5-10 minutes.

Any idea what is going on here, and how I can avoid this?

The extra annoying part is that reconnecting doesn't seem to recover. I have to restart the project.

Thanks for playing and sharing! Impressed you made it as far as you did in your first playthrough!

For sure! Post it here if you do so I can check it out!

Thanks for playing and sharing IWAN!

I've never actually done a Linux port before. I'll try to find some time to look into it!