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I realized after there are some "get unstuck" cheats on the main game page (requiring a 2nd controller)

FYI: The link to "" at the top of this page, actually goes to the inventory pack.

Thanks for playing! The "brake" was indented to be "discovered" later, as an advanced mechanic layer that you don't need from the start. But a few people have mentioned this so maybe it was a little too hidden. Not sure. I do wish I had time to add sparks to the wheels to help sell what was happening though.

Thanks for playing! In terms of design and difficulty, I was targeting something like Donkey Kong, where completing the 2nd level is a bit of an accomplishment. I wanted short, repeatable gameplay, and I was worried if there is too much of an easy start, it would be very boring in repeated playthroughs.

No plans to continue working on this, other than a Vs Arcade version, which will be more or less the same game with a few additions to make it arcade compatible.

Multiplayer mode is interesting. I actually hadn't thought of it at all, but it could be a fun mix of co-operative and chaotic gameplay!

Thanks for all the great feedback!

Yah, if your goal is to sell copies, I would agree with them about it being too long. 

How big is the demo? I've just reached the Marine area, and wondering how close to the end I am.

I think I'm stuck again, or am I just kissing something?

I got stuck here (unless I missing something). There doesn't appear to be a way to get out-of that loop in the bottom right.

Funny enough I'm working on a spiritual successor for the actual NES right now!

Yup, you are allowed to update the before the go on the cart.

Thanks for playing and sharing the game!

I did consider putting hints for break and jump, but those seemed likely to be discovered through natural play. The up/down on ramps is much less intuitive, which is why I had to include some blatant hints. 

The gem above spikes on the first level is meant to lead the player to discover jumping on their own. Things like the breaks, and being able to bounce of enemies is really meant to be discovered gradually as your skill in the game increases.

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback!


Half way point through the voting period! Make sure to leave yourself some time to really dig into the game, and not feel rushed at the end.

Voting closes at the end of the month!

I haven't played that, but I'll check it out.

Nice, looks sweet.

Thanks for playing!

If you are playing mode with the Kraken (eg. not "Classic"), the SELECT button will trigger the Kraken to advance it's tentacle up one block right away, rather than waiting for the usual time.

This is often useful when the Kraken's movement will be advantageous to the player (eg. filling a gap).

Heads up! There was a been a late submission: Rate Isostasy by Gravel Studios for NESDev Compo 2022 -

If you pre-downloaded all the ROMs, you will need to grab this one too now.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks weido! I think the thing I want most to add, is more "choice" for the player. I would like for the final score to be a lot less about how many levels you completely, and more about how well you completed them.

Thanks! With only a handful of levels, and a "score attack" style design, I figured it best to dive head first into the difficult parts, since the player would likely be playing them over and over.

Thanks for sharing! I'll watch a bit later.

Thanks Abdel! Sorry that Blades of the Lotus didn't happen this year!

Awesome. Even useful for teams of 1, as I wanted to score everyone before actually submitting, to avoid the first few being out of balance with the later games I played.

Are you able to update the category on your end (I can't)? If not, I would say we just leave it here. It only really becomes and issue if you win the competition. And now that we have an understanding up front, I think it could just go to the next person in line.

Again, I'm really sorry I didn't think of this earlier!

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Sorry, I should have caught this earlier, but I think this entry breaks this rule of the competition:

Entries must be original. Plagiarism and copyright infringement will result in disqualification.

The overt Mario sprites are hard to miss. It seems like it's probably just an art change to avoid the problem. Would you be interested in doing that for the physical "Action 53" cart, when the time comes? Otherwise it would need to be omitted.

For the competition itself, I need to think about if there is a way to avoid disqualifying this entry.

Which version are we supposed to play for the competition? SuperSnakeOff.nes or SnakeOff.nes?

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Does itch document how they calculate the overall scores at the end?

All the entries in the jam are ranked by the average scores in each criteria. An Overall rank is also calculated from the average of all the criteria results, and this will determine with final placement/winners. No one criteria has more weight than any other. The "Overall Impression" criteria is intended to give judges a way to nudge their scores in cases where a game is more (or less) than the sum of its parts.

 Just curious how the various categories, number of ratings, etc. factor in.

Only the "Game" category is ranked and awarded a winner. I know you can rank the "toy" category, but that's just a shortcoming of the itch system (I can't not rank one category). Number of ratings etc have no impact on final winner (outside of a tie, which would go to the game with the most rankings).

Any guidance on which page to use for feedback?

I am planning to use the compo page, because the game page may change over time (if say the game gets turned into a full release at some point) and this feels like more of a snapshot in time. But the main purpose is to get the feedback to the creators, so either way should work.

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Submissions Closed!

Submission have officially closed, and wow! What a great turnout this year! There are 22 brand new games and 7 tools/toys for the NES thanks to all of you. Congratulations to everyone who managed to submit something; you are one of a handful of people with the skill to make an NES game in 2022.

If you were not able to complete your project this year, the competition runs every year, and there is no limit on how much time you spend on your project, so think about starting today!

Judging Begins Today!

With the submission deadline closed, the judging can now begin, and lasts to the end of November. 

All submissions can be found here:

Please keep a few things in mind:

  • Only people who submitted entries may vote.
  • Try to play and vote on every game if possible (as is the tradition for nesdev compo).
  • If given a choice, please judge the downloadable ROM from itch. Uploads are locked to keep things fair, but there is nothing stopping someone from updating an embedded emulator, or offsite downloads
  • Only games are eligible to win the competition, so you only need to score those. You can filter to just Games on the left side. 
  • Don't rush, take your time, and leave feedback/compliments for the devs. Although this is a competition, it's also a celebration of our community, and what each other have created.

With the competition being on itch this year, we don't have a good way to enforce a lot of these rules, so honor system is in effect.

Am I correct that there is no 1-player/Vs CPU mode?

You are welcome!

Here is the game I made instead:

Thanks again!

Nice! Can't wait to see how it turned out (I've been waiting for a final version before loading it up).

I assume mariokart86-aa9d5fd.nes is the version we should be playing for the competition?


A few more hours and you can give it a shot!

I'll be uploading the game tomorrow night around midnight here, so it should be available most places sometime on Tuesday.

It will be free.

That title screen... 🤤