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I'm so happy to hear that! Thanks for letting me know.

I see what you mean. To avoid this I've started doing both Z & C as the A button, allowing people to choose their preferred layout.

Thanks! If you want to get into NESDev you might find this blog post I wrote useful.

Is it just me, or are the buttons backwards on Keyboard? I would expect A to be on the right, and B to be on the left, like a gameboy. Tripped me up a bit on the menus.

No, you're awesome!

Yes, sound track is included with the digital version sold on this page for $10. It is not for sale by itself atm.

I'm the same way!

Thanks! Music is by

Thanks for checking out the game, and sharing it with your viewers!

Thanks! I appreciate the support!

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I'm trying to avoid the NESDev Competition build as being looked at as a "demo". It's really more of a pre-alpha (or "prototype") build and it doesn't really represent the final quality of the game.

I would much rather people just try the game on PiePacker if they are curious, as that is the full version.

The NESDev build is included with the purchase here on Itch FYI.

Thanks for the support. Maybe there will be another run of From Below someday. Who knows!

I think the way scaling works may not properly account for the "Scale" that can be set by the PC itself. This is very common on 4k monitors, where you might want to have everything at, for instance, 2x scale.

Here's what it looks like with 2x scale:

Note: This is not an issue in Windowed Mode (only fullscreen).

Can be adjusted in: Start Menu->Settings->Display->Scale and Layout

There isn't a demo but you can play the whole game on PiePacker if you like:

Thanks for taking an interest!

Same issue described here:

I pasted an image (on windows, Chrome) from my Clipboard directly into a devlog post. When I attempted to save, it gave the error "missing tokens". I deleted the image, and could then save. I then edited the post, as added the same image via the "insert image" button, and it worked fine.

I explain it in the post above. It will be back very soon. It's just temporary while I convert this page into a site for the full paid version.

Thanks! Check out for my next game!

Physical will likely be $65-70USD. Digital will likely be $10-20USD. Nothing firm yet though.

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The default is set to free-play intentional so that people running on emulators (who may not have access to dipswitch settings or coin functionality) can still play. Otherwise get stuck on "insert coin".

And no, not likely going to have save game. I spent a bunch of time getting it almost working, but it is very complex and emulators don't seem to emulate it properly, making it nearly impossible to get right.

Over 100 (although not all are puzzles). Play time seems to be about 3-5 hours, depending on how much of the nesdev compo version you played (since those puzzles are in there too).

Thanks for trying 😄


Be great if you could list the buttons for the web version.

Thanks for playing!

That's amazing! Thank you so much!

I'd love to hear more details on how you put together the "packed emulator" build of the game (I'd like to do something similar for my own NES games). Did you do a custom build? What were the steps involved?

I am also curious if you have looked into whether or not this "packed" build is something that Steam and other platforms would accept.


I am glad to have done the game justice! Lots more twists on the formula in the final release to come. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think!

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Nice work! I think there are a few issues that a hindering it (in priority order):

  1. Not being able to shot UP while moving/jumping. This is my biggest gripe by far.
  2. Lack of diagonal shooting. Just copy Contra!
  3. Lack of verticality. Almost everything interesting happens on a flat plane. I would say go back an look at 1-1 in Contra for a great example of how to mix it up. (2nd level was better for this)
  4. Boss did not have clear feedback of when I was doing damage. I felt really confused about whether or not I was even hitting it.
  5. Way too much going on screen at once. Lacks pacing, especially during boss fight. I think a big part of this is how a lot of enemies and projectiles do not move in fixed 8 directions. It all feels a lot less predictable. I would simplify enemy movement and bullets to just move straight, in 8 directions.
  6. Some slowdown during level, and massive slowdown during boss fight.
  7. Exploding barrels that don't do damage!?! :D

Looks awesome! Congrats!


This is a Pico-8 game. There is no ROM :)

Thanks! That's really cool to hear!

I sent you a Friend Request on Discord. We can talk more there.

Wow that's amazing! Maybe I'll get to send out my first cease and desist! (I'm kidding)

The game looks really cool. It's funny, I actually had a similar idea for Witch n' Wiz, with a Cat or Spider that could climb walls. Seeing what you did it makes me want to do it even more. Such a small change could add a lot of new puzzles!

From my notes on new ideas for Witch n Wiz!

From my notes on new ideas for Witch n Wiz!
If you feel like doing some levels for Witch n' Wiz, let me know. I have a very small group of people testing out the level editor, and I'd be happy to have you on board!

Yah same 😄


The best pixel stones in the biz 👍

Thanks for playing! 

Make sure the hit follow so you get notified! 😄

Awesome! If you liked the compo build, you are going to love the full release! Some much more going on in it: new levels, art, gameplay mechanics, music, story. It's really a huge leap.