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Here you go!


I just talked with the guy who makes PV8 and an updated version of this MicroPlatformer is actually included in the demos that come with PV8. So I would use that one instead!

Can you provide more details about what functions are giving the error, and what you tried to replace it with? I haven't used PV8 in some time, so I'm not sure about the current status of the API.

Thanks so much!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Tell all your friends! :D

it's made in Pico-8.

Wow, my first ever fan art for a personal project. Thanks so much!

Harry Potter

Yup, both adolescence.

I like it! Consider it canon :)

She is unnamed :)

Glad you like it so much. Musicc is by Gruber (@gruber_music): https://twitter.com/gruber_music?s=09

I would msg him with any questions.

Yah, the last level is pretty insane. So happy to hear you stuck with it! 

no I hadn't heard of that game. I'll check it out sometime though!

Thanks for playing and taking to time to give feedback! I'm a little torn on the off-screen gameplay. I agree it's hard, but I believe it adds a slight layer of "RNG" to what would otherwise be very predictable moment to moment gameplay.

Created a new topic How to run game on Android?

How can I run a game on Android virtu keyboard? What is the keyboard command?

Just came to say the palatte is really great :)

Great concept, but i found the level design around the mechanic didn't really live up to the idea. Sound was really grating :)

Neat idea! Found the controls a little tough to master.

Nice example of how far you can take a 64x64 action platformer!

Nice look with a fun theme. I especially like the look during the sailing. I found it difficult to figure out the mechanics though; maybe just too complex for this resolution??

Fun little experience! Am I correct that there isn't any way to go to the other planets (you just bounce off)?

FYI: You have a 28MB PDB file in your zip (100+ mb uncompressed) which is probably not needed, and is drastically increasing your download size :D

Great visuals! Played for a while and didn't even realize their was land to find until I can back here and saw it in the screens! :|

Nice work Poohshoes! I struggled to figure out what I was supposed to do though. I planted a potatoe seed, it grew, I picked it (I think) and then...? Not sure what to do next :)

Thanks for playing. Music is by Gruber who has done a bunch of Pico 8 games.

Haha nice find!

Thanks for playing. Haven't heard of those books, no. 

Thanks for playing!

So glad to hear that! It's actually inspired by a GameBoy game called Catrap.


there is a 'kill screen' if you go to far :)

Thats so cool. Thanks for sharing!

Haha thanks. I assure you it is in fact made with Pico-8!


Grab one of these! Not sure how well it will handle PV8, but it runs Pico8 well.


I have ported my micro platforming engine to PV8. It's very simple and hopefully a great starting point for developers!

Download and instructions found here:


I recently ported some games from Pico-8 to PV8, and here are the notes I kept to help ease the conversion:

  • PV8 doesn't have +=, -=, *=, /= operators, so do a find an replace of those:
    • eg. x+=1 => x=x+1
  • PV8 doesn't have the if() function (a special version which doesn't require "then...end"), so find and replace.
    • eg. if(x==1)x=2 => if x==1 then x=2 end
  • PV8 uses "print" for logging, so find and replace "printh".
    • eg. printh("hello") => print("hello")
  • Replace core functions names:
    • _init() => Init()
    • _update[60]() => Update(deltaTime)
      • Note: PV8 update runs at 60fps so you may need to adjust logic if not using _update60
    • _draw() => Draw()
  • PV8 uses standard Lua math functions, which you access with math.*
  • Tilemap collision is checked with ReadFlag.
    • eg. fget(mget(x,y,0) => apiBridge:ReadFlagAt(x,y) == 0
  • Clearing the screen is done in 2 steps:
    • eg. cls(0) => (in init) apiBridge:ChangeBackgroundColor(0) (then in Draw) apiBridge:Clear()
  • Drawing the map is also done in 2 steps:
    • eg. map(...) => (in Init) apiBridge:RebuildScreenBuffer() (then in Draw) apiBridge:DrawScreenBuffer()
  • "Colors per sprite" should be 16, so make sure to update your systems SpriteChip:
    • Open the game then navigate to (on windows):
    • C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Pixel Vision 8\Game Creator Pro\Workspace\Game\data.json
    • Inside "SpriteChip" section change "cps":16
  • Button IDs are different in PV8 from Pico-8. Here is how you need to replace the id:
0 Left Up
1 Right Down
2 Up Left
3 Down Right
4 C X
5 X C
6 A ("select")
7 S ("start")

It sounds like you are just seeing the default new game running. Have you pressed "Ctrl+1" to return to the editor?

(Edited 1 time)

I am making a call to play music like this:

apiBridge:PlaySong ( false )

It results in the song playing at what sounds like 1 note per frame. Very VERY fast. I have tried changing the tempo but it has no impact. Not sure if this is new with 0.6.2 as I haven't used music prior to this.

Note: It sounds correct in the Song Editor.