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Welcome to the annual NESDev Compo Game Jam! This yearly tradition has been a staple of the NES Homebrew community for over 10 years!

Past years have seen the debut of some of the biggest names in NES Homebrew: Super Bat PuncherTwin DragonsNebs 'n DebsProject BlueWitch n' Wiz, Super Tilt Bro. and many more!


What makes the competition really special is that at the end of it all, every team that enters gets a real physical NES multi-cart with all the entries on it, often referred to as Action 53. Our hope is to continue that tradition, but to be fully transparent, manufacturing on the previous years carts are quite back-logged, so a new cart this year isn't guaranteed. Please keep that in mind!

The multi-cart is also sold to public in physical and digital form to fund the prizes for the next year! Yup, that's right, there are cash prizes too! (more info)

Rank          Prize
1st           $512
2nd           $256
3rd           $128
4th            $64
5th            $32
Stretch Goal: Limited Edition multi-carts for all meritorious entries (at judges discretion)

There are strict restrictions around which games are eligible for the competition. You can find detailed technical information here:

Technical Requirements - NESDev Compo '23 community -

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The game is how fast you can finish it as quickly as possible
A career mode game, with interesting story line and amazing mini games. Start your journey to become the King.
The game is a challenging mazes
Snake on NES, but this time it's NESFab.
Find more treasure than your friend
A competitive tile-matching puzzle game for the NES
Play in browser
Clean up the falling blocks!