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A small arcade style NES homebrew where you have to platform with a minekart on singlescreen levels and beat it within a time limit. Plays a bit like Donkey Kong Country kart levels but more puzzley and less tedious.

Mechanics are pretty solid as soon as you find the brake button and it's fun to set a highscore, I can absolutely see this as a full game if there's at least 5 times the amount of levels and maybe some extra mechanics sprinkled in here and there.

One wrong decision will end you and makes you start the game over. Better play it with savestates if you can. Haven’t finished it myself yet but it’s cool looking and nice atmosphere so I’ll keep brute forcing my way through it!

Just beaten the game. Very cute! My little review will be on the next episode of New Game Old Flame podcast and you can watch my VOD of the playthrough here.

Found this via Retro Asylum.. Looks beautiful and fun! UN Squadron is one of my favorite shoot em ups too. Would definitely pick this one up if it releases on Switch (and probably for my Mac too if it's able to run it).

Any chance for a MacOS version?