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Made a little update to make it a little less frustrating go have a look what’s changed here:

Made a trailer for the custom level mod. Enjoy!

check out Blinks stream he found everything in a little over an hour.

it’s an unfortunate behavior of non breakable glass. It’s probably easy to fix when you dive in the code but haven’t done that because I wanted the mod to be non destructive to the main game.

I’ll look into fixing it in the Fuji version in a few weeks, but can’t make any promises. 

Fortunately it’s only happening in two cassette levels, but I do agree it looks weird. 

if you need any help I can point you the right way. The beginner tutorials of Dumptruck DS on YouTube are probably your friend. 

no that’s the one. There’s another one under the single building in a little nook. That building also has a breakable wall on its back in between all the spikes. 

Did you get the one all the way in the beginning behind the New Game Old Flame sign? Or the one above the aardvark behind the breakable wall?

search under the biggest thing you can find

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Maybe check under something? Or did you do the falling tile puzzle?

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Made a whole new level pack with 22 berries to collect (8 within cassettes). Hope y’all enjoy!

Download here: Celeste 64 - the bee-sides.

A video of my playthrough I did today. Enjoy!

Had the same! But just spam the jump button instead of trying to get a flight rhythm down.

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We did a (spoiler free) review of this game in the New Game Old Flame podcast. Go have a listen!

We reviewed the full release of this game in our podcast, it’s a ton of fun. Go have a listen!

Really liked playing through this one. Loved the simplicity of it all, absolutely cool no frills action puzzle game.

Super Puzzle Fighter I did play but apparently so little that I didn’t recognize the gameplay. Lots of people love that game so that’s cool if we have a NES port.

My favorite falling block puzzle game is Kirby’s Star Stacker, I would love a (spiritual) sequel for that. 

Fun falling block puzzle game. Has some similarities with columns or Puyo Puyo, but a nice twist I didn’t see before. I like the focus on versus gameplay and that there’s a computer AI!

The lack of sound effects are really standing out though. If these get implemented and a proper pause function (maybe a difficulty select?) we could have a classic in our hands!

Loving this so much! Great effort by the community.

Does it support multiplayer?

Extremely short, easy and basic platformer where you’re a pig who can (optionally?) eat other animals along the way.  I do appreciate the art, music and variation in level styles.

This game absolutely needs some time in the oven to design some actual levels, which are now just some floating platforms. But it has potential.

It’s an impressive one!

It’s sort of an inverse Metroid Fusion where you’re the alien escaping a research facility. You start of very weak but you can find DNA upgrades to evolve to finally find your way out, you can optionally kill scientists and of course I decided to kill them all for 100% clear.

Good graphics, nice Metroid style music, but the jumps could get a tweak, it felt a bit janky at times.

I'll bring it to the New Game Old Flame podcast soon!

This gated exploration platformer has tight jumping mechanics and bosses. Almost felt like Celeste sometimes. Also there's a lot of collectables, difficulty selection & speedrun modes. This game felt very finished and gets highly recommended.

Will bring it to the New Game Old Flame podcast.

An extremely nice looking game boy game where you play a little alien which can collect earths specimens.

Most time in development of the game probably went in the graphics. Because while the ideas in this game are nice, the broken collision made puzzle solving and platforming tedious.

I think the game is inspired by Limbo and Inside, a cool idea for a game boy game but it needs more time in the oven.

Interesting game about you playing a troll which finds a kid in the woods. He’ll join you and you’re his Troll mother now. You can decide what he can do during the years and those decisions will make his stats change. The kid will find characters to talk to along the way. I got an ending where the kid got back to the humans again but I expect more endings.

Great graphics and storytelling, but maybe a bit boring gameplay wise. Still recommended.

Will bring it to the next New Game Old Flame podcast episode.

A sort of Mario Kaizo game but if Mario has a Super Metroid style grappling hook. The grappling hook swinging mechanic is very well executed and you really have to use the trajectory of the swing to get places.

Mechanically a very good game, sometimes the swing of the grapple could go unexpectedly fast though. Graphics and music are basic but serviceable.

Crashes immediately on my analogue pocket. Both the GBC file as the pocket file. I’ll play it in browser later. 

Fun survivor like to play for a few minutes. Only thing which bothers me a little is that there's no way to tell when the threshold is to make the playing field bigger again.

We had a special podcast episode just about this game! Go have a listen here.

Loved the game but not for the faint of heart! Keep your eyes peeled for my review on the New Game Old Flame podcast!

We talk about this game in the last episode of New Game Old Flame. I also played it a bit solo on stream.

Reviewed this port in the recent episode of New Game Old Flame.

Also played through the most recent version with cutscenes in a stream.

Really fun game and good port!

found some weirdness while playing this. The topleft of the map has some glitching (where you are in open space). Tried to make some videos you find here.

Love this game and the GBA seems like fitting for it.

currently playing this as part of the book club on the New Game Old Flame podcast discord. Cant wait to bring it to the next episode! It’s really fun. 

Had fun figuring out this one. Good game! But damn that sliding puzzle!

Brought this game to this episode of New Game Old Flame podcast.

great game! Gets really tough at the end but it’s overall rewarding.

Brought the game to the most recent episode of New Game Old Flame podcast go have a listen!

A small arcade style NES homebrew where you have to platform with a minekart on singlescreen levels and beat it within a time limit. Plays a bit like Donkey Kong Country kart levels but more puzzley and less tedious.

Mechanics are pretty solid as soon as you find the brake button and it's fun to set a highscore, I can absolutely see this as a full game if there's at least 5 times the amount of levels and maybe some extra mechanics sprinkled in here and there.

One wrong decision will end you and makes you start the game over. Better play it with savestates if you can. Haven’t finished it myself yet but it’s cool looking and nice atmosphere so I’ll keep brute forcing my way through it!

Just beaten the game. Very cute! My little review will be on the next episode of New Game Old Flame podcast and you can watch my VOD of the playthrough here.

Found this via Retro Asylum.. Looks beautiful and fun! UN Squadron is one of my favorite shoot em ups too. Would definitely pick this one up if it releases on Switch (and probably for my Mac too if it's able to run it).

Any chance for a MacOS version?