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Hi, I'm using some of these in my game, how would you like to be credited?

Hi, I'm using these in my game. How would you like to be credited?

Hi, I'm using these in a game, how would you like to be credited?

Hey, thanks a lot for your comment! :)

The game saves automatically whenever you finish a level.

Lovely game. 😊

Thanks so much for your kind words! 😊

I'll take a look at those bugs, the first one definitely sounds fixable. 🙂

Awesome! I still have to dig deeper into the engine, there's so much potential for cool effects and customisations. :)

Thanks so much, that means a lot! 😄

Thanks for the comment! 

What problems exactly did you have with the controls and collisions? 

About the cave: after the level with the fog there should be a cutscene when you come back to the village. After you go back to your house the cave should be open. 

Thanks for the comment! 😊

Really liked the story and the combination of action and small puzzles.

Haha, that would be amazing! I'd start with a physical release, if I get the chance, but who knows. 😉

Thanks so much for your comment!

Thanks a lot! 😁

Thanks a lot, Binji! 😊

Played it a little further now and even beat some of the levels. Really fun mechanics and amazing graphics! 

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Wow, thanks so much! 😊

Btw. I hope you keep playing, cause the game just starts after the cave level and becomes more open. 

Impressive work. Runs very smoothly and plays great! 

The world feels so dense and lived-in, amazing job! 

Thanks! It was made in GB Studio 3.0 alpha, so it has some features (and some bugs) that are not in 2.0.

I'll look into that bug, thanks for the heads up. 😊

Not yet, but I'll play some more in the upcoming days. 

My favorite game of the competition! Amazing graphics and the Mole Mania inspired gameplay works super well. 

Really like the graphics and sound. The battle system was amazing, really tense and satisfying. 

Really liked this one. Simple and interesting for short bursts of play. 

Really enjoyed the gameplay, but it got difficult quickly. Maybe a more gentle difficulty curve would be good. 

One of my favorite games of the competition! 😊

Super fun to play! Great job! 

Really loved the atmosphere and the cutscenes. Has a cinematic feel to it. Can't wait to see more! 

Loved everything about it (apart from it not being finished). 😊

Loved the atmosphere! Can't wait to play a more complete version! 😊

Simple and addicting! 👍

Visually on of the most impressive entries to the competition. Also really fun to play.

Love the animated faces and the detective work. Also, how did you play a sound each time a letter appears? I wanted to do something like that, but didn't know how. 😅

Thanks so much, Joel! It was a lot of fun to work on this game, so I really appreciate the feedback. 😊

Thanks so much!

Thanks a lot, Max! It's a rare case where the limitations elevated the concept. 😊

This looks super lovely! 😊