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Thanks so much for your comment, it means especially much from someone who's game I really admire. 

Regarding sound effects, I added them on the last day and they could be much better, I think. This is one of the points I want to tackle whenever my energy has refilled a little more. Thanks for the suggestion with the points, I hadn't thought of that before. :)

But it did live up to my expectations. Felt very polished. :)

I was looking forward to playing this a lot and it didn't disappoint. Great gameplay and graphics and I loved the story bits.

A lot of fun, but super hard with touch controls. 😆

Loved the graphics and animation.

Thanks so much for your nice comment.

The AI definitely made me think of giving up a few times. 😅

I tried to make it run in parallel while the player made their move, but couldn't get it to run smoothly, so I had to live with the long waiting times. At least it does get better the further you are into a match, as there are less and less options for the AI to consider.

But this is an area I absolutely want to polish some more (after some time off).

Wow, this amazing! I'd even call it my personal favorite game in this whole jam! Super polished, stunning art and effects and a very fun story.

I loved the graphics and atmosphere, this game looks better than most of what the GBC had to offer. The gameplay was fun, but it felt like sometimes hits would not register and I got hit instead.

Definitely a top entry, though.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Getting the tutorial right was definitely hard (and I feel I haven't succeeded completely). My initial plan was to make it playable, but time ran out.

Feels like Paper Boy gone crazy. :D

I really like the style and silliness in this game. Goof job!

Ah, it's so cu~te! :3

Thanks a lot! I learnt a lot of new things during this jam. GB Studio really has so much to offer.

This game is so good! I love the story and atmosphere. The gameplay is very interesting with all those seemingly random events. 

I wished Knut (great name, btw. :D) would tell more different things when talking to him.

The game has a lot of charm and personality, but also was quite hard. I couldn't make it past the second screen (I'm playing with touch controls, though). Maybe adding more invincibility frames would help make it a bit easier.

I really liked the concept with the two worlds. It was quite hard, though, as the player moves rather fast and as soon as you are seen you cannot escape.

Wow, thanks so much for your comment, this means a lot! I've wanted to make a card game for years and I'm very happy that I finally found the time and motivation. 😊

I'm not sure I understood completely how the game works, but it was a lot of fun to roam the house, search for stuff and avoid the people living in the house. Awesome entry!

I really liked the graphics in this game. If you make the ai a little more complex, this could become a very fun fighter.

Excellent game, I love the atmosphere and graphics. Do you get anything for killing the scientists? Also, I think I got stuck at a button I couldn't press (after avoiding several moving saws).

I really liked what I played. Collecting specimen is cool and I especially liked the small speech bubbles, as they made the game feel unique.

Very fun, I really liked the idea and how you executed it. 😊

Also, the story bits are a great addition.

Sorry, it was my fault, I hadn't imported the unitypackage (I'm new to unity).

That said, also the example scenes seem to be missing.

Is there a reason why there is no prefabs folder in the downloaded archive? I was able to create them through MAST, but I would've liked to use the assemblies as well.

I have the same problem, it's really hard to read the UI on a 4k display.

Thanks for sharing! 😊

Thanks for clarifying, I can understand your reasons behind the decision now.

Hi, I just saw that there will be a mandatory theme this time and I was wondering why. 

Themes are cool for short jams where you need to come up with a game idea pretty quickly, but as this jam is running for 3 months, it seems constricting and may lead to more similar games. 

That said, I can't wait for this jam to start, as the previous GB compo was so much fun (and lead to my first released Game Boy Color game). 

Ah, thanks for clearing that up, I didn't it would be part of the voting. :) 

That's what I meant. There is a Theme section, but in the actual rules it doesn't say that the theme is mandatory. 

The theme is just a recommendation, right? The rules don't mention the theme at all. 

Thanks! It will be available very soon!

The game isn't even out, yet. There was a problem with the game boxes, so the release was delayed. It will come out in the upcoming weeks, though.

The paid version has three times the content, an overhauled story, many new levels, an extended soundtrack, etc. (basically more of everything)

The free version was done for a competition, so was done during a short amount of time.

Hi, thanks! Sadly the game runs very poorly on the original Game Boy, so I made it GBC-only. If you need a .gbc file, you can just rename it, .gb and .gbc are basically the same.

Thanks so much for playing! There might be some news coming soon for Dango Dash. :)

Thanks a lot for your comment! There will be some news for Dango Dash in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned. :)


Hi, I'm using some of these in my game, how would you like to be credited?

Hi, I'm using these in my game. How would you like to be credited?

Hi, I'm using these in a game, how would you like to be credited?