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yeah, Ithink it could be useful for people developing games with ZGB out there :)
(include the modified files and everything)

Any chance we could get access to the source code?

I finished it!

This a very good improvement over the previous one

Still haven't finished it, you put a lot of content on it. But so far I am really enjoying it, congrats!

I guess it's too much to ask, but a pause screen with a little map would be awesome!

By the way, I have added a link to the showcase in ZGB wiki


I am really happy when I search and find a new game made with ZGB. 

As I said this one looks promising, so keep up the good work! :D

Nice job! :D

I hope you finish it!

Do alpacas like apples?

This one came out of nowhere! It surprised all us

Cool game, it even has music!

Thanks a lot for joinig the jam, I hope you had a great time too

Please download it again, that method has changed and it only requires 2 parameters now

It seems that you don't have the latest version of the engine. Did you download it before yesterday? If so, you need to download it again and get the latest changes

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Follow the installation instructions on the wiki

ZGBJAM2 community · Created a new topic Issues on ZGB

During these past weeks I have been doing a lot of changes on the engine

I usually test everything before updating the main branch but that doesn't mean there can't be bugs

If you have any problems during the jam and get stuck somewhere please join our discord channel, is the fastest way to contact me and ask for help

I am still updating the docs for the jam with all the changes 😓


Good platformer. I am stuck on the second exactly on the second to last screenshot

Really enjoyed it! Will you add more levels after the jam?

Source code is available on github