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I know that others are saying the same thing, but I need to congratulate you too! That parallax effect is simply awesome!

Odiaba las ovejas pero gracias a este juego me he dado cuenta de que los lobos son el auténtico problemas. Muchas gracias


Trust me, it's not that simple :P

Thanks! Glad you liked it

No download rom?

When going through all the jam entries, I wanted to leave this one until last because I knew I was going to spend hours on it

After a few days I have finally completed it and it has become one of my favourites. One can easily see how much love you guys have put into this: the art, the music and the levels... everything is so polished!

And about the levels... I like puzzles and I have enjoy them until the last one! Specially the last planet, they really made me scratch my head! 

But the most important thing to me: prioritizing the gameplay over the story, ensuring that it's fun...  that's something hard to see nowadays. I think you guys nailed it. The intros that appear at some point during the gameplay just feel good, like a nice reward

I really enjoyed it, good job!

Haha, those scenarios are so recognizable even in 2d

The L is real finally!

I have enjoyed this one a lot. The garage option to purchase new cars or upgrade them is a nice adition, it kept me playing until I could buy the 3 of them

This game brought me back some memories of when I was a little kid playing Spy Hunter on my ZX Spectrum with my brothers

Really good GB vibes! It gets you back to the Game Boy days. As a fan of Sokoban games I played it to the last level

I just missed a little bit more of party after completing a level and a few more a animations on the main character... And more levels of course!!

I really enjoyed this one, one of my favourites

The music and the gameplay, it feels great!

I played the game on my browser and saw a lot of glitches but also just tested the github version (on the bin folder) and this happened

so yesterday when I was playing it for the first time I wasn't sure what was happening

so.. can you do something here? It seems that none of the keys are working

Thanks! It was a bit tricky to get this working on the Game Boy

The animations, graphic, music and atmosphere in general is phantastic. The idea of the missions is really cool too

I had some problems with the control though, and the collision with the enemies... and not sure if there is a way to open the cave? I think I completed all the missions but still is closed :P

Nice atmosphere, both graphics and music

Hey, I finally found time to play this game. I don't think the idea is specially ambitious, but if the core gameplay of your game is creating creatures combining different parts, you should have experimented with that first (so you could understand how mirroring works)

I understood the mechanic very soon and completed the demo... The idea has a lot of potential

I started playing this just as a random entry and I couldn't stop until I finished it. Nice puzzles!! I thought the game has crashed after completing it haha

Hey, I almost missed this one!

Nice game, very challenging! Still trying to finish it

Nice Game! If this really is your first game in C that means you have learn a lot of things, because the game is very polished (no sounds, as you say... those are actually the easiest part!)

Thanks for encouraging people to at least try ZGB, and thanks for using it!

yeah, Ithink it could be useful for people developing games with ZGB out there :)
(include the modified files and everything)

Any chance we could get access to the source code?

I finished it!

This a very good improvement over the previous one

Still haven't finished it, you put a lot of content on it. But so far I am really enjoying it, congrats!

I guess it's too much to ask, but a pause screen with a little map would be awesome!

By the way, I have added a link to the showcase in ZGB wiki


I am really happy when I search and find a new game made with ZGB. 

As I said this one looks promising, so keep up the good work! :D

Nice job! :D

I hope you finish it!

Do alpacas like apples?

This one came out of nowhere! It surprised all us

Cool game, it even has music!

Thanks a lot for joinig the jam, I hope you had a great time too

Please download it again, that method has changed and it only requires 2 parameters now

It seems that you don't have the latest version of the engine. Did you download it before yesterday? If so, you need to download it again and get the latest changes

(1 edit)

Follow the installation instructions on the wiki

ZGBJAM2 community · Created a new topic Issues on ZGB

During these past weeks I have been doing a lot of changes on the engine

I usually test everything before updating the main branch but that doesn't mean there can't be bugs

If you have any problems during the jam and get stuck somewhere please join our discord channel, is the fastest way to contact me and ask for help

I am still updating the docs for the jam with all the changes 😓


Good platformer. I am stuck on the second exactly on the second to last screenshot

Really enjoyed it! Will you add more levels after the jam?

Source code is available on github