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Thanks so much! :D

Happy to hear!

Glad to hear you enjoy it! Thanks for playing :)

Good idea, thanks!

I barely grasp what this is, but it fascinates me. It also reminds me of an old DOS game called "Destruction Zone", though I suspect there are actually next to zero actual similarities.


Glad you enjoyed it. Nice time!

No problem! There's certainly room for confusion with two time-related elements involved. ;)

Glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for the excellent music!

There's the play timer which counts up from 0:00 (and only really makes sense in Timed and Sprint mdoes), but the time bar is the one that ends the game. It's constantly draining and gets refilled when you match things. The rate it drains at increases with each lap.

An excellent take on a classic format brought forward in time!

Great overall package! Solid art/music/gameplay. Puzzle progression feels good so far, even though I've only made it to the second set. The palettes changed more that I was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise. Lots of attention to detail in the manual as well. Well done!

Keep at it! Polish is so much work but really pays off in the end. Very impressed with what I've seen so far.

Great work! Excited to see this coming to Kickstarter!

I see you already mention holding left + B to force the greyscale palette to really help the cutscenes shine. Perhaps you could look into tweaking the header to use one of the assigned palettes (probably 0x58 from X (Japan)) to do this automatically in future releases.

This script should be able to help with it, though I'm not sure it'll work on .pocket files: List of palettes:

There are eight opponents in total. There isn't any way to return to where you were when you died. The game boils down to a race against the gradually increasing speed to see how far you can get before failing a jump. :)

Excellent! Yeah, there's definitely a bit of a learning curve. Perhaps one day I'll add a tutorial. ;) Thanks again for the font!

I'm glad to hear you like it! :)

I have some ideas to improve/expand this game, but don't know if/when I'll find the time to put into it. This may be the final version from me.

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Thanks for this font! It was great for fitting in long skill descriptions for my recent gbcompo21 entry:

Thanks for these! They were a great fit for my recent gbcompo21 entry:

I'm happy to hear that! Thanks. :)

This game oozes so much charm it's magical! The art, the music, the writing, it's wonderful all around. I wanna buy Dango merch. :D

Great game! Fantastic art and use of color. The setting and character building is a great touch. The puzzles are interesting to boot!

Excellent! Lobsters definitely don't show up in games as much as they should. Thanks for the glowing praise!

Great raster racer effects at work here!

The sense of tension here is great. Really interesting trying to swap controls and keep track of where things are. Well done!

Fun game! Good sense of movement, nice warning indicators for upcoming threats. I'm always a fan of those smooth palette-swapped menus. :)

I'm glad you figured it out. It's definitely a little unusual, and I tried to come up with some better ways to introduce concepts, but this is where it ended up in the end.

Nice to hear the source isn't a mess. :)

Thanks! I really liked that tune and was glad I could find a way to fit a little bit of it in there. :D Thanks for making it available!