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Interesting. I also got trivia ideas from reading video game books ;)

Good luck with your game dev journey!

Excellent game! One of the best GB homebrew games I've played. The great story kept me playing.

Cool game! The graphics are great and it's executed very well.

It's very similar to my game Retro Trivia Quest. Maybe even inspired by?

It's interesting to see what another GB dev does with the same concept. I don't know if GB Studio is the best engine to make my full game with... but I love that the games can be played on a real Game Boy :)

Hi Zakaria,

Thanks for taking the time to play my game and comment about it! I really appreciate it.

I can also say that I could barely relate to the trivia, big part of that is due to the fact it is not my culture!

That is a very helpful critic! I will be making changing to the game, and the trivia topics might be one of them.

Honestly, Sam and Dave did a great job presenting the game at its best!

I agree. They are the perfect audience, and have such a great positive energy too.

Cool. Thanks for playing and taking the time to make a video! I'll have to make the questions harder ;)

Makes sense. I thought that might be the case. It's more interactive that way and fits the jam's theme.

Hey Zakaria,

I just heard about your channel. I like the TOP Itch games of the month idea. If you have some time to test my game demo, I'd appreciate it.

Retro Trivia Quest

Thank you!

Cool game! I don't think I've seen a mechanic like the clock fixing in a Game Boy game before. Fun and unique.

The map felt huge. There is a lot of walking, so I'm glad there was a run button to help. Is there a way to make the run constant, instead having to keep tapping it?

Good luck in the jam!

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This was amazing! It made my week. Thank you so much :) 

You two are so fun together, and I loved hearing you voice the characters. I’d totally watch a Sam and Dave gaming series. I hope you make more.

That was the fist time I watched someone play my game. It was so helpful. My heart skipped a beat when you hit a bug with the timer. I’ll have to fix that.

P.S. There are 4 Game Boy games to find in the demo. You just have to explore a little bit to find the hidden ones.

That would be great, thanks! It it works, I'd use it for sure.

That's really helpful, thanks!

Do you know if this will work in Linux using WINE?

Agreed! I didn't know you could do custom CSS on a itch page. The game footage makes me wish I had a playdate.

lol, I'm glad it spoke to your inner nerd :)

Thanks for playing! It's so nice to hear that people are enjoying it.

Thanks for the feedback! Great to hear about the difficulty level and that you like the artwork :)

Thanks for playing and providing some feedback! I spent a lot time on the artwork, so I'm glad it looks good.

This is fun, unique, easy to pick up, and... really challenging -in a good way! I don't think I've played any other GB Studio game like it.

I'm glad I checked it out!

I love this game! One of the best Game Boy games I've ever played.

  • Great puzzle/level design
  • Gorgeous art work that utilizes the colour palette perfectly
  • Impressive cut scenes
  • Great music that sets the mood
  • Cool space theme
  • A simple story that compliments the gameplay
  • A scoring system that encourages replay

This deserves a physical release with a box and manual.

Congrats on another completed game jam entry!! Looks like you're Godot skills are getting better.

It ran without issues on Fedora 35 Linux.

Damn man, VR! Seriously? I'm just trying to get a Game Boy prototype out the door and your already onto VR? I need to pick up the pace ;)

Thanks so much for sharing these! I am working on a visual novel for the Game Boy, and I would love to be able to add italics and bold text.

I wonder if it would be possible to have both the default uppercase and lowercase fonts, plus italics/bold by replacing the special characters?

Hi BenJelter,

Thanks for the suggestion! It's a great idea that can work for my scenes when there are only two characters talking.

Ideally, there would be an option to remove the transition all together

Thanks for all your hard work on GB Studio! You are making my dream of designing a video game come true.

Would it be possible to instantly switch scenes without transition? I am making a visual novel and all the quick fading in and out is becoming seizure  inducing :o

THANK YOU! I love this tool. I am making my first video game ever because of it.

I made a donation for version 1.2.0.