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Thanks for all your hard work on GB Studio! You are making my dream of designing a video game come true.

Would it be possible to instantly switch scenes without transition? I am making a visual novel and all the quick fading in and out is becoming seizure  inducing :o


For dialog sequences I might recommend making a scene that is as wide as possible and panning the camera back and forth. It could really cut down on the fades.

My understanding is that it's incredibly difficult to load all of the assets for a new scene on the GB Hardware. Because of this limitation the fade was a necessary compromise.

If you use a template like this you can move the camera to show/hide one character or the other based on who is speaking.

Hi BenJelter,

Thanks for the suggestion! It's a great idea that can work for my scenes when there are only two characters talking.

Ideally, there would be an option to remove the transition all together