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Excellent work! I really enjoyed playing this. It's got some great retro trivia questions in it, too.

Thanks heaps bud. Yeah, Wendy Every Witch Way is great! Thanks for playing.

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Hey there! Seeing as you did such a great job playtesting the Jam version, would you be interested in helping us find bugs in the final version of the game? If so, we have a discord server going to find testers here:

Thanks so much!

Ha! Game dev can be a horror show sometimes.

Ah, thanks so much. So glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Rad! Thanks so much! Enjoy :)

Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to upload a playthrough to YT and sharing it. Really appreciate the support!

Thanks so much! Yeah, it took me a long time to try and figure out a way to combine the two in a meaningful way. I appreciate the feedback.

Cheers! Thanks for sharing the video. Appreciate it.

Thank you! When I started making this fan game, I thought the same thing... it was initially supposed to be a game based off a stupid 10 second Simpsons gag, but then once I started making it, it organically turned into something much more than that...

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Yep, I was quite thrilled when itch featured it on their YT channel. Thanks, bud!

Rad! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

Ha! Hey, you do you. Some good mashing practice.

Had a really nice time playing! Opium was top quality. Some great dialogue in there. And the tunes are as hot as the burns. Well done!!

I am not familiar with Unity, I'm sorry. You may need to take the question to a forum that is more familiar with how Unity works. Cheers.

Go for it!

You're on fire! Another selection of bangers.

Ahh, yes I see now. Was a bit confused then. Thanks!

Nice music, ha ;)

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I'm having a nice time with your new game here. The wrench mechanic is a nice touch and the idea of racing with fruit is just super cute! Great work as always, bud.

I was playing through Race Mode and the fruit starts doing a kind of jiggly wobble then the game ended - but my time was not down to 0. Wasn't sure what happened there since I thought the lose condition is met when the timer drops to 0?

Okay, sweet! Thanks!

Are they available to download now? I re-downloaded the .zip and it seems to be the same file? Or am I just confusing myself here?

Awesome!!! Thank you so much for the update.

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This kind of pack is just what the GBS community needs. Fairly priced and versatile.
One thing to consider it that scenes with heavy usage of sounds effects will require channel 2 to be free of information so that SFX do not conflict with the music. Makes it significantly harder to create complex tunes but I think a less complex song that doesn't conflict with SFX is better than the alternative - or at least a track with very light usage of channel 2 to minimize timing conflicts. Doesn't need to be every song in a pack, certainly. I made a copy of bs-mm-theme.uge and removed channel 2 and its still a banger, for example.

Well done, bud.

I really like these pieces even as a standalone experience. These tracks are kind of haunting in their own unique crunchy Game Boy way. I'll be looking to use these in future if I find a suitable application. Good work!

Wonderful artwork and thoughtful design. Really loved it!!

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Erm, its supposed to Z or J... I updated it using a more recent version of GB Studio and that may have changed the button config on me. I'll make the change back to Z and J when I can. Thanks for letting me know.

You can always download the .gbc ROM and play in a Game Boy emulator if you want to map the keys to anything you like.

Oh rad!! Thank you for that. Im still working on it so it will see some updates in future.

Nice map design and game loop from power up to power up. Not once did I end up roaming around without knowing where to go next. Was a fun 10 minute run. Well done.

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cheers! Yeah, I think making a platformer with the current version of GB Studio  makes for rather simple core gameplay but i am trying to making it at least a little more exciting with my level designs. I'm still working on more content too ;)

Oh wow! High praise. Thank you very much :)

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You're welcome!! Thanks for playing bud. Really glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Thanks so much. Appreciate the kind words. Have fun!

And me haha. Thats why I dropped everything to write this article as soon as Byucknah had shared it on discord! Gotta get it to all the game designers that aren't great at code lol. I am certainly one of them!

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The GBS devs are aware of this mod. I think it's likely we will see it end up in vanilla GBS. The coyote time and jump buffer values would fit snuggly amongst the other platformer settings :)