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A Chat with the Lonely Girl Beyond the MirrorView game page

One day, you're summoned through a mirror by a lonely girl.
Submitted by Frances — 3 days, 26 minutes before the deadline
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A Chat with the Lonely Girl Beyond the Mirror's page


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Web Monetization#8n/an/a

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Web Monetization

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This is nice - I like games that link a mechanic to their conversation options. I found it difficult to get to grips with at first, though: I tend to assume that a "click, drag, release" movement system is going to fling the object in the opposite direction to the one dragged (Angry Birds-style), so ended up shooting straight into a barrier at the earliest opportunity. Even after that it wasn't particularly clear how to progress since the dialogue option in the level wasn't visible on screen at the start.

I'd love to see multiple conversation options in this - possibly with more desirable choices tucked away behind more difficult obstacles. That would also make more of your monetisation system (to skip already-seen content), which I think is a great idea. It's always good to be able to play through a game for free beginning to end, but a gentle nudge to chip in seems perfectly reasonable once someone's trying to explore it 100%. As it is, the main reason I'd replay would be to see the (linear) story again, so I've got no reason to skip.


Thanks for playing!

I wanted to do multiple conversation options, but I realized that I would run out of time... Branching out to multiple different storylines based on which dialogue option you hit is actually already in the code (but unfinished), so it would be possible to add it in a post-jam version!

I really should add a little tutorial, too... and zoom it out a bit so that one can see the dialogue option (or options, in future versions!).

This inspired me to keep working on this game post-jam! :)

Submitted (1 edit)

You really should! This would be great on mobile too - anything with a simple point/click/tap/drag interface tends to work well and it might suit the whole "chat" element as well.

Oh, and congratulations on doing so well in the jam! It was great to see this right up near the top of the list.


After playing through all the games in the jam, I've made a post on some of my favorites and included your game! Check it out here.


I haven’t played this with WebMonetization.

This is great! I think, you really hit the tone and atmosphere here.

I’m not too much into the occult anymore, but I can understand the puns.

It would be great if someone else would voice the mirror. A bit of sound effects on the reflections, and you could even reach a wider audience (the blind and low vision ones).

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

What an emotional and refreshing game! Great art style, writing, voicing, music and puzzles... I loved the experience!


I like how expressive the characters are and it's satisfying to bounce around the spirit orb, this is a really good entry!


Good voicework Frances! I really liked your game. 


Played this on stream. Check out the vod here for my thoughts.


I'll make improvements if I ever get to making a post-jam version! It really is a bit too zoomed in... I made a last minute decision to zoom in to hide the more of the puzzle since when zoomed out I felt that the puzzles were too obvious. I guess I went overboard, hehe.

I actually did plan to have multiple choices depending on which direction you reflect to... but each choice branch multiplied the amount of work by two and I got worried that I wouldn't make it on time...

Anyway, thanks for playing it! I got lots of ideas on how to improve this jam game from watching the vod!


Enjoyed going through each level. It was nice to see a jam entry with some voice in it. :)

Good work!


I love it! I especially love the story and the voice acting. This is one of my favourites in this game jam! <3 


Thanks! :)

I'm really glad that you liked it!


Very unusual take on the theme, I liked it! Also it's very cool, that your game has a story and even voice acting, very nice :)


Thanks! :)


Can you share (in the description of the game) what the Web Monetized users are getting?


Okay! I updated the description just now.  Thanks for reminding me.

What Web Monetization does in the game is give the option to skip the long dialogue sections (like in case the dialogue gets boring or if you're trying to just do the short puzzles).


Very nice game, very pleasant gameplay, the voiceacting and storytelling were lovely.


Thanks! I'm especially glad you like the voice acting since I'm a little self-conscious about my voice, haha.