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Thank you! 💖

Thanks! And I'm glad you liked the music; I made it myself (which was a pretty intense experience, given the time limit of the jam)!

Badger-Bat sounds delicious! 
Thanks for playing!

That's the energy I was going for! The kind of energy where you have to rush and feel a bit of time pressure!

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you had fun.

Thank you! :)


Ooh, the idea of an end goal seems good. Maybe a story mode would be something nice to add post-jam...

Thanks for playing!

Nice game! I like the idea, since I'm a fan of relaxing space-themed games. (The choice of music made it very chill and space-y, good choices!)

If you ever plan to work on it after the jam, here are some ideas:

  • I wish the player moved a little faster so I get to the planets right away (or that there's a background that has stars or something so it feels more like I'm moving faster).
  • Also, a quick tutorial at the beginning would be good, too, and maybe also a map that can be filled in as I explore.
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The idea is super unique! It got a bit tedious to draw everything, since the world is pretty big, but I liked how charming it is (hehe, the clients complained about my death). The music made me want to rush it instead of take my time, which fits the story of the game. It was a fun experience.

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This was a whole lot of fun! I liked going around and I liked how you had to type actual words to fight the enemies (and not just mash a string of random letters), since it made the exploration and fighting portions of the game feel different.

I guess if you were to keep working on the game after the jam, a minor improvement I would suggest is that I'd make the letters not get obscured by structures so that they're easier to see (see image).

But overall, this was a really good experience to play.

I got a little dizzy/disoriented (maybe because of there is a lot of contrast in the textures, and there are only three colors in the environment) and claustrophobic (low ceiling), but I guess it added to the suspense I felt while exploring the dungeons! Gosh, those enemies scared me when they first talked. I spent most of the game running away 😅.

Nice work!

I like the cute animation the ship does when you click. The music was fitting to the theme, too. I had trouble finding the final candy. It would be cool if (if you plan to improve it) you add a small map or maybe a fog of war sorta thing (covering areas unexplored with a cloud or something) so I know what places I've already explored.

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I love the look of the map (I liked exploring the world and going around leaving a red trail)! I lost right away because I got bad luck on my first random picked up people, but I enjoyed it. Good job on the game.

I like the planets; they look nice. I would've liked it more if the spaceship flew a bit faster, though.

The ghost runs so fast! Haha, I kept dying.

Nice game!

The pixel art is cute! I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to play, though.

That jump scare really surprised me 😂

I didn't expect the game to turn so dark so suddenly! I like the twist, it was creative.

Thanks for playing!

I had to submit a day and a half early because of Christmas prep (gotta shop and cook 😅), so I kind of ran out of time to give it a more satisfying ending. A part of me feels a bit bad for the people who played it through till the end since it just stopped so abruptly.

I wanted to add a bit more to it, and branching dialogue was even planned for replayability (and the handling of it is already in the code) but I ran out of time to actually write the dialogue...

I actually want to update it after New Year's to give the game the added content it needs, but I lack ideas now... 

(So if you have a cool idea for the game, I'm excited to know!)

Thanks! Glad you liked it! I made the music myself, so I'm glad it wasn't distracting or anything! 

<3 Thanks!

Thank you very much! :)

I'm glad you liked it! <3


Thanks for playing! I like visual novel games, so I try to put full stories into everything I make, but I'm still a beginner writer 😅. Now that I think of it, maybe it would've been better to have the long sentence confirming that the choice is correct after the giftwrapping part... 

I'm thinking of giving the game an update after New Year's, so thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! I'm glad you like the graphics, it took me the most time to make!

Thanks! Sorry that it's pretty linear; I wanted to have multiple endings for it, but I lacked the time to write the dialogue! (The logic for branching is even in the code already, I'm just a slow dialogue writer... Oh well!)

Glad you liked it!

I found the colors very pretty! It's a short but cute game. It would be cool to see a post-jam version with more family members to give gifts too!

Ah! Just like my favorite childhood DS game, Brain Age! I never expected to see something like this, but here we are, and it's a pleasant surprise. This brought back a few happy memories of my first experiences with games back when I was young... (It's almost the universe's Christmas gift to me.)

My handwriting with a mouse is terrible, and so is my basic arithmetic, so I got bad scores. But it was a fun experience!

I liked the game.

I couldn't get past the fourth room (the one with the long line of furniture) but it was really fun, and I kept trying till the music got stuck in my head, haha.

Nice game, really hard difficulty, though. It would be nice to not have to start from the very beginning each time I lost.

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It's pretty and it looks very polished  (so glowy and nice colors!), and I like the intro cutscene! I wish there were alternate controls for the flippers, though... Left and right shift kept triggering Sticky Keys on Windows.

I found the key, got the power back on, escaped to the hallway, but then I got stuck... :(
I'm not really good at escape-the-room type of stuff, so I wish there were more hints so I knew what to do next.

It's a pretty nice looking game, though!

Short but has a nice story. It's like an interactive cartoon, and I enjoyed watching the little scenes. The ending was cute! ❤️

I liked the little detail in the parallax in the background when I went out of the house (I noticed it and it's a nice touch for a jam game, since usually I don't always see non-gameplay related pretty stuff like that due to time constraints.)

A little thing I would like to change is if the player character could walk a little faster, but that could just be me.

This would be really pretty when polished in the future (like a post-jam version), and maybe even with alternate endings or more story! 

Cute game! Wish there were more things to do, though... But it was a short but fun experience! I'm also glad I got to see Harry Potter and Morty! (They deserve coal, though... Haha!)

The concept is cool! It's like a dating app but for giving gifts. I found the descriptions of the people on the cards funny, too. It would be nice to expand the game more, so there are more things to do. But it was fun, despite it being a short experience.

Really polished and pretty! I had fun playing this game, and though I kinda sucked at first, I eventually got the hang of multitasking and getting the right gifts to the right kids while getting the hats to the snowmen and all that.

Good job on this game! I love the polish so much!

Here's the first score I got... I had fun even though I'm a bit slow, haha. Love your art style.

Kept dying at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was enjoyable to make the penguin slide. I like the sound effect when sliding. A small cute game. :)

When I hit one of the ladies for the first time I got surprised, haha. It's got horror game vibes in a good way, since after hitting one of the grown-ups I get scared when I see them and instinctively avoid them.

Something about being super small gave me a bit of a headache, though, but that could just be me not being used to the angle. (Being small also added to the horror element; those large ladies are scary when they walk around... 😂)

It was a little hard to find the objects needed for the Christmas list, and I wasn't able to finish the game. It's a bit too challenging. It would be nice if the gifts were bigger or had a more noticeable color.

This was fun, though! 

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Ah, I was so close to reaching Christmas! I lost on the twelfth day.
I think there were more towers to unlock but I kept getting lump of coal... So I only got four towers to choose from.

A cool feature to add would be upgrading either the towers or the weapons or both...

But overall, I liked it!

I learned so much from looking at your code! Very useful. Thank you!

I enjoyed playing through this! Life as a working student is tough and this captures some of that vibe. I like the detail where when I tried clicking on rest a second time and Kai was like "I can't rest" since they already rested once that week. As a student who once had a part time job for some time, I know that feel, at least to a slight extent.

The aesthetic is also pretty; I like how the backgrounds, minigames, and sprites have similar "vibes" in terms of color, like the saturation and value levels of the colors are similar to each other and so nothing seems to be out of place. 

Another thing that I liked was the flow: the minigames and visual novel sections are balanced (meaning there's not too much minigame time that you're taken away from the story, and there's just enough minigame time to keep you paying attention). It's just the right mix of VN and gameplay for me!

Overall, it's nice! The working student life sim is a cool concept that I'd like to see expanded further in a longer game in the future.

p.s. The Google Docs part was my favorite minigame and made me smile, ("why are you running"). This game brought back some fond memories of my student life.