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I learned so much from looking at your code! Very useful. Thank you!

I enjoyed playing through this! Life as a working student is tough and this captures some of that vibe. I like the detail where when I tried clicking on rest a second time and Kai was like "I can't rest" since they already rested once that week. As a student who once had a part time job for some time, I know that feel, at least to a slight extent.

The aesthetic is also pretty; I like how the backgrounds, minigames, and sprites have similar "vibes" in terms of color, like the saturation and value levels of the colors are similar to each other and so nothing seems to be out of place. 

Another thing that I liked was the flow: the minigames and visual novel sections are balanced (meaning there's not too much minigame time that you're taken away from the story, and there's just enough minigame time to keep you paying attention). It's just the right mix of VN and gameplay for me!

Overall, it's nice! The working student life sim is a cool concept that I'd like to see expanded further in a longer game in the future.

p.s. The Google Docs part was my favorite minigame and made me smile, ("why are you running"). This game brought back some fond memories of my student life.

Woah, thanks for the comment! I rarely get comments longer than a few lines, so this is really cool!

I threw this game together really quickly (idea+art+messy spaghetti  code in like 2 days after work), so your nit picks are really useful! When I eventually come back to rework the game one day, I'll be sure to implement fixes and improvements (especially the right click to cycle backward! I should've thought of that, but strangely it didn't occur to me at the time). I also agree the scoring is confusing, I actually just multiplied some stuff and called it a day since I really did run out of time... 😅 

I encountered the stuttering too, and I think it's a Godot issue or a browser issue... I haven't touched the game since I uploaded it, so I have no idea how/why/if it fixed itself. It doesn't stutter when it's not on the browser. 

Anyway, thanks for playing and for giving feedback!

Hi, I'm interested! I'm relatively new to making music, and I want to join your team. I've made some music for my own small jam games, but I want to try my hand at making music for a team! Are you still looking for teammates?

This is a super creative take on the theme! I like it.

I really liked the art, especially the limited color palette. I also liked the bubbles when you swim. It's a pretty game! How'd you do the mini cutscene after the tutorial, when you showed the net and zoomed into the fish's face? That was pretty cool.

There were times where I didn't know how to move forward, so it would be nice if it were a little more obvious. 

The music is nice and catchy and gives me that suspense feeling, too.

Nice work!

I see, I see! So that's why there's both _process and _fixed_process! I learned something new today, thank you!

Thanks for playing! :)

As for the death-by-stabbing-another-snake thing, the bigger snakes would automatically kill you (not sure why I thought it was a good idea, maybe at the time I thought the game was too easy... but I guess making that change increased the difficulty too much and made it a little more confusing than it had to be...)

Binding to number keys sounds like a great idea! I'll try to implement that in a post-jam version if ever I get around to making one.

(Also the enemy snakes took me a lot of time to tune, so I'm really glad that it felt like it was actually multiplayer! Thanks! :D )

I see... Sorry about that! I'm still pretty new to Godot so I think I used the wrong functions for movement (or put the controls in the wrong place...) 

Thanks for playing and for pointing out the bug! Shall (attempt to) fix it in a post-jam version!

If you've played the game "Bookworm", it's a cross between that and The theme is "Joined Together", so I joined together two games that I liked.

The top half of the screen is slither, definitely (I even noted it in the About section in the game itself), but to actually get proper points, you build words with the letters you gained. (Hence the "Bookworm" part.)

So with the two games joined together, the game is pretty much an exercise in how well the player can multitask, which means it's more than a sum of its parts. Do you want to get points by making words and take your attention away from the snakes on the board, or do you focus on avoiding other snakes? Something like that.

It's enough of a twist to build upon the concept, I think.

Thanks for playing! 

The autoclickers... At first, I wanted it to click only the "unfinished" cat boxes, but after thinking about it, it might make the clickers too powerful... :(

So I just made the clickers wander randomly around and click when they found a box by chance.

Thanks for playing!

Also yeah, zero cookies... :( I did have a bubble tea, though! :)


I ran out of time during the jam so I wasn't able to test it as thoroughly as I would've liked... 

The bug happens when there's too many clickers at a time and not enough clickable boxes (which I didn't think would happen when I was making it, but now that I think about it, would eventually happen in the later levels!).

But I'm glad to hear that it's fun! I'm inspired to fix the crashes+bugs to make a post-jam version (which I don't usually do) since people seem to like it!

The decorative wandering cats are my favorite part of the game! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for giving my game a try!

Thanks! <3

Thank you! :D 

I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

I'm surprised that a lot of people were able to crash the game! I wasn't able to crash it myself during testing, but I had a lingering feeling when I uploaded it that there's something that's gonna break with enough clickers... (I just figured out how to recreate the crash; gonna fix it soon, and shall upload it after jam!)

(1 edit)

I finally managed to recreate the bug! It usually happens when there's too many clickers at a time.

I'm going to try fixing it one of these days.

Thanks for giving the game a try and for reporting the crash! 

Thanks for playing!

I wanted to do multiple conversation options, but I realized that I would run out of time... Branching out to multiple different storylines based on which dialogue option you hit is actually already in the code (but unfinished), so it would be possible to add it in a post-jam version!

I really should add a little tutorial, too... and zoom it out a bit so that one can see the dialogue option (or options, in future versions!).

This inspired me to keep working on this game post-jam! :)

Ah, the voice creeped me out so much for some reason... And I was expecting something to jump out at me so kept turning down my volume and looking away whenever I clicked to make a choice.

I like how you captured a creepy vibe! I would really like to see a full game with this sorta vibe.

Thanks! :)

I'm really glad that you liked it!

I'll make improvements if I ever get to making a post-jam version! It really is a bit too zoomed in... I made a last minute decision to zoom in to hide the more of the puzzle since when zoomed out I felt that the puzzles were too obvious. I guess I went overboard, hehe.

I actually did plan to have multiple choices depending on which direction you reflect to... but each choice branch multiplied the amount of work by two and I got worried that I wouldn't make it on time...

Anyway, thanks for playing it! I got lots of ideas on how to improve this jam game from watching the vod!

The art is very pretty! I like how soft the colors are, and it reminds me of watercolor paintings.

Thanks! :)

I love the puzzles! I'm usually no good at puzzles since I give up easily, but I kept trying despite dying so many times, hehe. I really enjoyed the game, and the graphics are really pretty. I like the water's wavy effect, too.

Thanks! I'm especially glad you like the voice acting since I'm a little self-conscious about my voice, haha.

Okay! I updated the description just now.  Thanks for reminding me.

What Web Monetization does in the game is give the option to skip the long dialogue sections (like in case the dialogue gets boring or if you're trying to just do the short puzzles).

I liked playing this! I liked the interpretation of the theme and how it got harder as time went on since there were more reflections to check. 

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

I'm thinking of making a post-jam version, but I don't know what specific things need to be changed. What can I add to improve the execution?

The voice acting was my favorite part to make, so I'm glad you find it good!

Thanks for the suggestions! I don't know much about how to polish games yet, so I overlooked things like volume sliders and stuff... But I'll be sure to add them to the post-jam version. (I'll also balance the saleslady strength and smooth out the motion, too!)

Also, sorry about the performance issues, I kinda got carried away in the last hour of the jam and put too many lights and effects...

Sorry about the performance issues! It's a common problem that everyone who tried the game noticed... And I ran out of time to fix it when I noticed. :( 

I'll try to fix it once submissions reopen!

I set your video as the gameplay video of the game page!

I'll keep it there until I update the game (since it'll probably look much different once I make a post-jam version).

Thanks for playing and for making a video!

Sorry about the performance problems! I made a (not so wise) decision to slap on some 3D lights before I did my final build and upload, and only realized that lights kill performance when I tested it after the deadline. (I had no idea the lights would make it so laggy.... I guess my inexperience with 3D shows, hehe.) 

But I'm glad you like the idea! The voice acting was my favorite part to do!

Ah, I'll try to fix it when the submitting system isn't locked anymore (which will be in a week, I think).

Thanks for trying it.

 I only noticed the performance issues when I played the final build. It's not so bad in debug mode, so maybe it's got something to do with my test resolution being much smaller and me being really inexperienced with 3D (specifically the bad decision of adding the lights at the last moment, without realizing that lights really kill performance if I don't bake it in the textures).

My experience with the dungeon crawler genre isn't that expansive, too, since I only learned about the genre during the jam. The gameplay needs work since I do acknowledge that it's not very fun to play and really repetitive, and the theme of my game isn't in line with what a person expects with the dungeon crawler genre.

I just wanted to make a game to practice 3D.

My excuses aside, I'm sorry for wasting your time. I'll try to make a better  game next time.

Hello, I'm Frances! I study Library and Information Science (graduating soon, hopefully!), and game dev is my favorite hobby. 

I can do the following:

  • Programming in Godot Engine
  • Basic 2D and 3D Art
  • Basic Music and Sound Effects

I've made small jam games before and I love joining game jams! I don't have a portfolio but if you like you can check out my page!

I'm looking forward to working with people!

Contact me on Discord if you want to jam together: hellohello#0302

Thank you! I'm very happy that you liked the game.

Thanks! Writing the notes was my favorite part, so I'm really glad you liked it!