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Oops, sorry, I misclicked. (I guess I was rushing too much.) Uploads are currently disabled right now, but once they're back, I'll make a build for Linux. :)

Thanks for playing! :D

Thanks! :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks for the comment! (And thanks for the points on audio! :) I was actually thinking of adding music, but decided not to because a person can't hear sound in space...)

Thanks! Speaking of other ends, I actually really like the premise of the player being a laser and I plan to make a visual novel type of game one day with lots of endings, when I have more free time.



It lagged a lot for me, but I still liked it!


The asteroids coming from behind give you no place to hide. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :)

Thanks for the comment! :D
The music was made in FL Studio. I used 3x Osc for everything, and I just used free presets I got online. As for the melody, I actually don't know any music theory. I just clicked around until I got something I liked.

Thanks! :)


No worries, there aren't any alternate paths. It's literally just the laser going from point A to point B. Thanks for the comment!


I didn't make the dialogue system; I used bitsy for the game. Sorry, I sort of rushed when posting it and forgot to write instructions for it, haha. Thanks for the comment!

I keep losing right away, but it's fun. I like it!

Hi, I also use Godot! Want to team up?

Hello, do you want to team up? I know how to code in Renpy, which is a visual novel engine!


Thank you! :)

Thanks <3

I played it and it's really hard! :O

The writing is really good. I like this game. It made me feel things... like, after playing, it made me want to talk to my mom. :)

Thanks for playing my game! It means a lot :)

Thank you :)

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you think my hobbies are nice! :) I have too many hobbies, haha

Thanks :)

Thanks for your comment! :)

Is it not compatible because it's 64 bit? Let me upload a 32 bit version, gimme a minute.


Thanks! :)


Thanks :D

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you found it challenging and fun! :D

I love that game. :D Thanks for playing!

Yay, our sprites are twins! Kenney sprites are so cute! :D 


I can't run it. :( I'm using Windows.

Thanks for your comment! It made me very happy. Arrow key controls sound interesting. Maybe one of these days I'll make a game with similar mechanics but using the arrow keys instead. I think it'll be more challenging to play than with the mouse.