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Thank you! We're happy that you liked it :)

Very innovative and fun game!

Cute little game that is easy to finish :)

I don't know why, but I press A or D or arrow keys and nothing is happening, the hero is not moving. I tried in Chrome and Brave. 

But I can see that the concept is interesting and the gameplay can be fun!

Got a lot of fun while playing :) Solid 5

A cute little game! I liked the music and the graphics! Although I didn't understand what can I do after I picked up the food items

Thank you for you kind words! We're glad that you liked it :)

Thank you for positive feedback! We thought about adding a player's score to the game screen, but then we decided that it would distract a player. Now, I think that it's actually better to show score :)

Very fun little game! I liked the jokes, it made me laugh :)

It's funny that there is another similar game in this jam "It's too raw" :)

Wow, definitely a top-3 game in this jam. Couldn't say more, graphics, music, FX, gameplay, theme. Solid 5/5! 

 I would say that it's even ready for Steam.

The only thing I would change. On the first level there was an arrow pointing to the place where the target minerals are located. And this arrow really helped. However, there was no such arrow on the second level and it made game really hard for me. It would be nice to keep this arrow all the time or make it as a special ability of the hero

I never heard about QWOP before. It's cool that your game opened a new genre for me :) 

The controls are very clever and innovative. And I think I found a bug: when you fall down to radiation and click R quickly, you will respawn at the same place you died, but it's ok because if you click again you will respawn correctly

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This game made me laugh :0 Very innovative take on a casual genre. I think Gordon would've like it.

 It's funny that there is another similar game in this jam "This egg is raw"

NEAR integration doesn't work. I think it's because of Itch, I wish you deployed it somewhere else to try NEAR.

Funny little game :) I like that you made it for 2 players. Unfortunately, shooting was not working when I tried to play with my friend, we press Enter/Tab and nothing happens. Also, I wish you added music/sounds to your game, that would make it more fun

I liked it :) Very interesting take on an idle genre and pretty innovative use of blockchain. I see in other comments that you already found how to get rid of redirects on each transaction, it's definitely worth to do so.

The only part I didn't understand is a little square icon at the top-right corner. I clicked it several times, but saw no effect. What does it do?

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I saw RunAWay-test in this jam and it looks the same. How so? :) 

Thank you for your feedback! Sorry that the game was confusing for you. I think maybe you misunderstood the music-food connection. You should tap on each note of the melody, not on the drum beats. There are as many food items as notes in the melody :)

About the third level. We deliberately changed the original melody to make a game easier to play, at least  we tried :)

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Thank you for the feedback!  We are happy, that you liked the game :) 

Actually, we have a correct hit effect - there are splashes of sauce around a food piece. But we don't have an effect of misshit, so it might be confusing.

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Thank you so much for your kind words! It was my first attempt to write a smart contract. I just thought that I would like to store scores in some kind of a decentralized database (something like Firebase, but in blockchain) and I tried to find a tool like this, but then I realized that blockchain is a kind of database itself.

We are glad that you enjoyed the game and got the highest score. That's impressive!

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, I agree that UX of the rankings turned out to be confusing. You can update your high score anytime in the rankings section on the landing page, there will be a button (attached the screenshot)

Thank you for playing our game and positive feedback! Yes, I created all the music myself. I used to write some electronic music before. You are right, we should have added some effects to show when a player misses an ingredient. I think we were so busy with art, music and story that we hadn't even thought about it :)

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Unfortunately, we didn't manage to make this game working on Itch. There is just a blank screen and no errors in the console. Please, use links from the game description to play it.

Also, there is a bug in 4EVERLAND deployment of this game and we didn't have time to fix it. Level restart is not working, so please, if you want to restart a level, go back to the index page and choose the level again. Or you can play it in Vercel. Thank you for understanding :) 

Thank you!


First of all, thank you all for continuing to host this amazing game jam. I am happy to participate again :)

I have a question. This time I will be not alone. My partner would like to participate also. We both joined the jam and would like to create a game together and submit as a team so we both can vote. So how can I do this? Maybe there are some guides on this but I have not found any unfortunately

Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it

Yeah, I actually used Math.round, this was close, but not enough though :)

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Sorry, I hadn't had enough time to properly test this game, especially in non chromium browsers. 

The game has some known bugs 😣  if you flip too many times, the image will have small visual artefacts that prevent player from completing a level (that's what Vykri had in his stream), probably because of wrong numbers rounding. Music had to start right after the game starts, so it's also a bug :(

About the responsiveness, I created it on 16 inch laptop and made some css tweaks for smaller screens in the last minute, so there are problems. 

Anyway, thank you very much for playing and giving honest feedback!

Super fun game! The monsters are amazing 😊 

It would be great to add some audio

One of the best and most polished entries in this jam. I really enjoyed the puzzles!

I like that you made various samples for the jump sounds, it can be clearly seen that you did make good work. 

And what did you use to create the graphics?

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One of the few games in this jam that I gave the highest ratings. Really well done!

The graphics are super cute and professional looking. What did you use to create that?

Super fun game, enjoyed it! Those dudes pooping out bombs, it's hilarious 😀 

Love the effect, well done 👏 

Very polished game, well done! As an improvement it would be great to add some background music

Unfortunately, that didn't work :(

Ah, great, I might have overlooked it

Ok, will try to scale down

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I think that I clicked it, but nothing happened. I think that I should try it one more time then

Liked the game, pretty polished one! Wish there were a reset level button if you got stuck

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Love the art style , very cute 😊 

Picked up the branch, but then got stuck, idk what to do next

The most elaborated background music in the whole jam 😃

That robo looks so cute, love its moving animation 😊
Got stuck at the second level when you have to spawn boxes