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Feeling sad because your meal tastes raw?
Submitted by Omhet, airadavometra — 42 minutes, 21 seconds before the deadline
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Web Monetization#8n/an/a

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.


Web Monetization

Decentralized: NEAR

Decentralized: IPFS

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was really fun to play, good music and overall vibe! 


Thank you! We're happy that you liked it :)


Really nice! I loved the graphics and music - both really well made! The tetris-esque motif in the Russian level was really cool. I wasn't expecting it to be a rhythm game and it was a pleasant surprise to see that it was :) Well done - this was a fantastic entry!


Thank you for you kind words! We're glad that you liked it :)


Very nice graphics and music!

I didn't know how to control it at first, but once I figured out that I just had to press space at the right time like in a rhythm game, it was a lot of fun to play!

I think it would be more motivating if I could check my score while playing!


Thank you for positive feedback! We thought about adding a player's score to the game screen, but then we decided that it would distract a player. Now, I think that it's actually better to show score :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Very beautiful game, cute story and CATS! Everything is better with cats! I first did not realize it was a rythm game. The sound was also very cool and fitted well to the levels. Did you create the music?
One thing which I was missing was feedback when I missed an ingerdient. It is not clear while you play if you missed it or not. Anyway: Congratulation to a very cool game!


Thank you for playing our game and positive feedback! Yes, I created all the music myself. I used to write some electronic music before. You are right, we should have added some effects to show when a player misses an ingredient. I think we were so busy with art, music and story that we hadn't even thought about it :)


Very well polished game. I was confused on how the high scores submission works because it looks like it took my score for the first level only. I wish there was more feedback for hitting the beat correctly, but other than that, solid entry.


Thank you for your feedback! Yes, I agree that UX of the rankings turned out to be confusing. You can update your high score anytime in the rankings section on the landing page, there will be a button (attached the screenshot)

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

What a great looking polished game. This is already something more than just a prototype. It’s a finished product. It’s also impressive that you were able to integrate a scoreboard on NEAR. A perfect way of using the blockchain.

I agree on some points from the other comments, that it’s a bit visually difficult to know if you clicked the board at the right time. However, the music in my opinion is well enough to make it work. I didn’t have any trouble hitting the board at the right time. Having a distinct note being played when the sushi hits the board is well enough to give accurate feedback. It lets you know if you hit the board at the right time. Good job.

I played through all levels, and I won’t give up before I get a perfect score on all levels! Great work.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you so much for your kind words! It was my first attempt to write a smart contract. I just thought that I would like to store scores in some kind of a decentralized database (something like Firebase, but in blockchain) and I tried to find a tool like this, but then I realized that blockchain is a kind of database itself.

We are glad that you enjoyed the game and got the highest score. That's impressive!


The music and the graphics fit sooo well together <3

I played on Vercel. Having some deaf members in the family, some kind of visuals would be helpful to indicate when to click. Perhaps as an option?

Developer (2 edits)

Thank you for the feedback!  We are happy, that you liked the game :) 

Actually, we have a correct hit effect - there are splashes of sauce around a food piece. But we don't have an effect of misshit, so it might be confusing.


Enjoyable game! The visuals are nice and the music too, but the food timing is hard to predict from their trajectory, and they often feel out of sync with the music. I would have made the music to have stronger bassline/percussions to emphasize the beats, because I was mostly listening to the song instead of looking at the food.

The songs were cute, but the third one was throwing me off since im so familiar with the tetris theme, and it changes the rythm and adds some notes here and there, and it was hard to predict, especially when you have to play eight-note or above

Really nice game!


Thank you for your feedback! Sorry that the game was confusing for you. I think maybe you misunderstood the music-food connection. You should tap on each note of the melody, not on the drum beats. There are as many food items as notes in the melody :)

About the third level. We deliberately changed the original melody to make a game easier to play, at least  we tried :)

Developer (2 edits) (+2)

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to make this game working on Itch. There is just a blank screen and no errors in the console. Please, use links from the game description to play it.

Also, there is a bug in 4EVERLAND deployment of this game and we didn't have time to fix it. Level restart is not working, so please, if you want to restart a level, go back to the index page and choose the level again. Or you can play it in Vercel. Thank you for understanding :)