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Fun mechanics, although the difficulty for getting the gems does go up pretty fast, so some easier levels to get the player more used to the gravity switching could help with balancing.

This was very fun to play. I haven't seen this combination of mechanics for a bullet hell before. Very unique with a lot of potential.

Hard but fun controls.. The physics is chaotic but fair enough that you really do need skill to progress through the levels, which is great.

Great visuals and audio. I found out quickly that you can just push the ball inside of the computer's paddle and it would almost always score a goal for me.

Very interesting use of NEAR here, although it does feel a bit clunky to have to approve every transaction and be redirected. I'm not sure if there is a better way of doing them though.

The ice cream level was clever. I didn't realize what I was doing wrong for quite a while there. Overall very fitting for the theme, with good twists for each new level.

Interesting take on combining tennis and rhythm game mechanics. I'm not sure why but it felt like the right swing animation was longer than the left swing, which threw me off when trying to match the beat.

This was very hectic to play! I think with a bit more balancing on the time limit and spawning rate for the customers, you could make it so that with enough skill, you'll barely miss a customer., which feels more rewarding.

This was pretty fun to play. The computer wasn't that good at scoring points, so it made me feel like this game would make a great online multiplayer game, although that's beyond the scope of the jam.

Very well polished game. I was confused on how the high scores submission works because it looks like it took my score for the first level only. I wish there was more feedback for hitting the beat correctly, but other than that, solid entry.

It was quite difficult to survive in this game until I got the camp powerup. I managed to survive for 4 days. I think if there were clearer ways to tell if a reagent was common vs rare, like how some of them have circle highlights, it would help.

Thanks for the feedback. The leaderboards should be working. Did you play in challenge mode? That's the only mode that submits your score. Also make sure you played the externally hosted link since NEAR login doesn't work with's embedded iframes.

Good point on the level editor instructions. I realized too late that I needed instructions somewhere, so I ended up putting them in the page description.

IPFS stores the level data files and audio files, but to download them, you need their CID, which is like an address for where they're stored, and that's what NEAR is used for, to let people publish these "addresses" for others to use to download the files they point to.

Nice use of the flipped controls for the theme. The graphics are also great! Some of the text in the title screen was distorted for me, and whenever one of my ships was destroyed, the audio that I think is meant to play next is delayed by quite a few seconds, but these were very minor issues.

I managed to get the game running using an Oculus Rift, but unfortunately the controls weren't working right and I couldn't pick up the sword. I watched the video though, and it definitely seems cool.

I really like the idea behind the puzzles. I did experience some bugs, though, where either the pieces didn't move to capture me, or they did but I wasn't even in the way.

The puzzle mechanics were really well designed! I did wish that there was a way to speed up the player since once you figure out parts of a level and reset, you'd want to go back to where you got stuck as soon as possible.

Pretty fun and simple game! It froze for me when I first ran it, at about a minute in or so, but after refreshing and trying again, it worked fine.

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I really liked this jam. It's the first game jam I've seen that's focused on using the same pre-made assets for everyone who enters, which makes the jam pretty unique. I thought the variety of the assets was pretty good. There's just enough variety that you have a choice of either using them the way they were most likely intended, or combining them and picking apart the assets in interesting ways. The functions available in the carts were also really helpful.

I personally liked the mystery and the rewards from it, which gave me new ideas for what to make (although I ended up not having enough time to use them).

I think instead of multiple themes, there could maybe be one theme based on the mystery itself, so how much does a game reference or build off of the mystery. Just an idea.

The rules could be a bit more clear on what you're allowed to change after submission, like if game-breaking bugs or typos can be fixed.

I'm looking forward to seeing another jam like this one!

There's a weird bug with the code editor where when you click somewhere in your code, then type a single character, the last character/space you were just in, or the last character you just typed, is selected. It makes it weird when trying to click back and edit some lines of code because you accidentally delete the first character of whatever you just typed.

Are we allowed to upload the binaries of our game after the deadline?