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It's a bit hard to navigate the terrain, but the gun controls are good. The stats view at the end of a match is a good idea!

Really interesting twist on the breakout genre, way better than my entry. I like how you move faster the less bricks you control, so it feels like there's weight to it.

Nice co-op concept for a game, and great art style! Splitting up the tools among the different players is a cool idea. At one point there was a de-sync issue with a robot showing up for one player but not the other (after restarting a match), but the game worked great otherwise.

The movement and controls are really well done! I like the art too! There's a lot of potential for this game, like adding "Best of X" or other game modes in separate rooms, but the multiplayer works great already.

Really nice game! I like how well the art was put together and how polished the game feels overall. I wish there was some more feedback on when my bullets hit the enemies, but maybe that's standard for this type of game.

Thanks for checking out the game! Yeah I agree that it's way too easy. I didn't spend as much time on the gameplay as I should've and focused too much on the aesthetics. I was thinking of having more enemies, a boss, and more levels for sure.

This is actually surprisingly difficult at first if you're not familiar with how the MetaBoys look. But once I started recognizing the same ones, then it got easier.

I like the idea behind the narrative for the game. It makes the game have potential for a more unique take on the mechanics. The physics is a bit buggy, where sometimes a ghost doesn't disappear when it looks like it should've, so I couldn't get past the first few levels.

Good first attempt with Godot! There are definitely many ways you could put a unique twist to this game, like adding different objects to dodge depending on the background trait, or having different powerups that can show up based on your MetaBoy's traits.

Very fun but difficult game! I died a lot, especially in the conveyor sections since they affected the enemies too. I didn't realize you could roll until much later, and when I finally won, I noticed it being mentioned in a pretty interesting way, which made a 2nd playthrough quite different.

Very classic dodging game. Great work! I noticed that the background is random each time you play, which made me think that it would be cool if you could make it match the MetaBoy that you play with, or even have it change what kinds of objects drop.

I really like the atmosphere of the game. If it had some ambient sounds or music, it would definitely make the vibe much more immersive. I wasn't sure what to do after the angel boy showed up, so I fell off the edge.

I was so focused on dodging projectiles, that I made the game harder on myself and didn't realize that you can just smash into the enemy planes and vehicles. After figuring that out, the game felt much more doable, and I was able to beat the boss! I'm not sure if there was more after because I didn't survive long enough. Pretty fun!

I could not figure out how the number tiles worked in the 2nd level. I did find something to the left in the beginning though, but it didn't seem to lead anywhere, I think.

Fun controls and good weapon variety. I managed to beat the first boss, but selecting next after that didn't do anything, so I wasn't sure if that was the end or not.

Interesting idea in making RPS more complex. I did have a hard time figuring out how the artifacts worked, and also the lack of feedback when things happened didn't help, but overall the game is at a pretty good base.

I can tell there was a lot planned for the dialogue and events systems for the game. I haven't seen many game jam games before that use recent AI tools for the art, so that's pretty interesting! There were a lot of choices to pick straight from the start, which did feel a bit overwhelming.

Very polished game! The progression might be slow at first, but it's still pretty balanced overall, and everything from the audio, the art style, the UI, it all fits together really well. I wish the game could save your progress in some way because when I went back to the main menu, it ended up making me start over again.

Nice use of the theme, and the audio sounds great! The player controls were good, but some of the sloped surfaces did feel too slippery. After logging in with NEAR in the testnet version, I tried buying a skin but got an error saying "Error: [-32700] Parse error: Failed parsing args: missing field `account_id`". I had to refresh the page again for it to work.

Difficult but fun game! I didn't notice until several plays later that you can bounce off of the projectiles too. Though I never made it to the end, I soon realized that the best strategy for me was to keep jumping and maintain the combo for as long as possible.

Wow this game has a lot of content! I'm really impressed at the RPG systems in place for a 72-hour jam. I managed to get through Candy Land and get the OG sauce, and then I found a shop, but unfortunately when I entered the shop, the screen turned black and was stuck like that, so I couldn't do anything else.

A short but nice platforming game! I noticed that you can get launched up really really high if you jump up against an enemy instead of landing on them from above, which was pretty fun to do.

Pretty cool how you made this available through Loopring. I can see how you had some interesting ideas planned just from what the game has right now.

A good start for a classic snake game! I noticed that you're able to move backwards, which makes you instantly lose, so it was a bit hard to make sharp U-turns sometimes.

Really tough game! I kept getting stuck at the part with the rotating platforms. I think if the camera was a bit lower, and maybe also adding checkpoints + lives, going up the canyon would feel a bit more doable. Great work though!

Very fun game! The controls and movement have a surprising depth to them, and the sounds, attack animation, and music fit really well together. The replayability is very high, especially with the 3-round system, which I think was a great idea to have in the game.

I really like the visual effect of the speed potion being transferred to your head. The game over "screen" was a nice touch too. Pretty solid entry!

After dying so many times, I found out you can wall jump, which let me skip past the walls and reach the end. Not sure if that was intentional, but it was funny to watch.

Having the platforms move so rapidly down the more you bounce up is actually an interesting twist to this kind of game, whether intentional or not.  It feels like you have to pay more attention because you won't know where to land until the platforms stop moving, but they slow down enough that you still have thinking room.

Good work for your first jam! I think there's a lot of potential to explore with the bow & arrow mechanic, like for example, aiming it, charging shots, or even having it auto-aim at the nearest enemy.

Fun mechanics, although the difficulty for getting the gems does go up pretty fast, so some easier levels to get the player more used to the gravity switching could help with balancing.

This was very fun to play. I haven't seen this combination of mechanics for a bullet hell before. Very unique with a lot of potential.

Hard but fun controls.. The physics is chaotic but fair enough that you really do need skill to progress through the levels, which is great.

Great visuals and audio. I found out quickly that you can just push the ball inside of the computer's paddle and it would almost always score a goal for me.

Very interesting use of NEAR here, although it does feel a bit clunky to have to approve every transaction and be redirected. I'm not sure if there is a better way of doing them though.

The ice cream level was clever. I didn't realize what I was doing wrong for quite a while there. Overall very fitting for the theme, with good twists for each new level.

Interesting take on combining tennis and rhythm game mechanics. I'm not sure why but it felt like the right swing animation was longer than the left swing, which threw me off when trying to match the beat.

This was very hectic to play! I think with a bit more balancing on the time limit and spawning rate for the customers, you could make it so that with enough skill, you'll barely miss a customer., which feels more rewarding.

This was pretty fun to play. The computer wasn't that good at scoring points, so it made me feel like this game would make a great online multiplayer game, although that's beyond the scope of the jam.

Very well polished game. I was confused on how the high scores submission works because it looks like it took my score for the first level only. I wish there was more feedback for hitting the beat correctly, but other than that, solid entry.