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Nice little game and cool idea. I think it would be even cooler when the notes which are coming, are from a real song (or I just did not notice it). Additionally soemtimes I accidentially jumped twice, I think it happens when you hold the jump button.

Anyway, congratulations to your entry!

Thanks for playing my game and the honest feedback. Setting the difficulty right is always a challenge in these game jams for me. After playing it for two weeks you get certain skill and I often fall into the trap to set the difficulty on my level and not for someone who plays it the first time :).

Thanks for playing and the nice feedback!

Thanks for playing!

Really innovative idea and implementation of the theme! Took a while to wrap my head around it :D.

What I would improve is the movement. The jump should be a little bit higher and the friction a bit higher. How it is now it is a combination of your cool time mechanic and skill based movement. I think your time mechanic alone is great and this should be the main challenge and not perfect movement.

Besides that this is a really cool game! Congratulations!

Really cool idea to implement the theme! Maybe adding the possibility to move the attack with the arrow keys while you plan them would make the planning phase a bit smoother. I had the feeling that I need to click a bit too often back and forth between the timeline and the playing area.

Anyway, congratulations to a very cool game!

I am a Barbie and found Ken while hugging a tree? :D Hilarious. I really like your humor. Had fun going through this short text game. It is maybe a bit short (or I was not able to find a longer game path), but I still enjoyed it!

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Congratulations to your first game! It is fun to play! I really liked the simplistic graphics. I am not so sure about the music :). In general I like it, but it is maybe a bit too noisy for this game. The random placement of the hearts could be also improved, so that they are not spawned so close to a tentacle that you cannot reach it, otherwise it is less skill based and more random to reach a high score.

Hope you had fun creating your first game and we hopefully see you again next year!

Nice little game. Some inputs to improve it:

  • Some music (maybe based on the time) would have been cool.
  • Maybe a bit better feedback on who won in the rock paper scissors rounds would be cool.

Anyway, congratulations to a nice entry!

Really cool game! The graphics and the sound are amazing! The stuff which you constantly bump into and move in the wrong direction is hilarious and adds a lot to this game. Not really something negative to say about the game.

Congratulations to this entry!

Wow, pretty impressive what you were able to do in the web and it even runs very smooth! The movement and the graphics are very good!

For some reason I was not able to restart a level and after starting the first level a few times it suddenly started another level.

Congratulation to this impressive entry!

Nice game. I really liked the movement on the planets (moving on the circle). This is something fresh. I was not so sure about the different objects on the planets. It was really try and error to find out if they are harmful or not. Maybe you could add that in the "How to play" section.

Really fun game and I especially liked the music which fitted the game very well. I really liked that you did something different than the normal geners (platformer, etc..).

In addition to clicking on the clock I would also add keyboard controls, e.g. space bar.

Anyway, congratulations to you first game! Very cool!

Wow, very cool idea. I like card games and the timing mechanic adds a new twist to this genre! The main thing I missed in the game, is a short description of what every card does. It was a bit try & error and finding combos is a bit luck. I know it is only a prototype yet, but has already a lot of cool elements in it! Congratulations!

Nice little game. I especially liked the simple graphics (eventhough I think it glitches sometimes) and the music which fitted the game very well. Some things I suggest to improve in case you continue to work on it after the jam:

  • The character is always looking right, eventhough I walk left. This is sometimes a bit misleading, especially when you shoot and you are not sure in which direction you shoot. Just changing the direction of the sprite would be the easiest one.
  • The dash works only to the right.

Anyway, congratulations to a nice game!

Really cool game. Was pretty hard in the beginning, but as soon as you get the hang of it, it is fun. I especially like the innovative use of the theme to replenish health and the controls / movement.

Some minor inputs, in case you update the game after the jam:

  • Some music would be cool!
  • The font is not super readable.
  • The enemy shots are a bit too big for my taste and I think the hitbox for the airplain is pretty small. I would have made the shots a bit smaller but then also let them collide with the wings of the airplane.

Anyway, congratulations to a cool entry!

Nice little prototype. I liked the slowing down mechanic. Unfortunately it is only a prototype where you can play around with the time scale. A simple addition would be that the time slowing functionality costs time or you get less points when it is slowed down. This would add already some depth.

Nice little game. On the starting platform the money got often not taken. Not sure if there is a problem with the hitbox.

Nice idea to create a console game. It lags quite a bit, which is a pitty for a "clicker" game. I also got quite often the "Sorry you cant afford this upgarde yet" message eventhough I did not try to purchase anything.

I did see that you upgraded the game after the submission, right? Of course you could do that if you host it externally, but I think it is a bit unfair. Having bugs in the game you could not fix in time is part of a game jam.

Cool game. I like the graphics and the music, which go very well together. The random placing of the watches should be improved, because sometimes they are basically not reachable. I think you should implement that they always have a minimum distance to the obstacles.

Thanks for playing and the feedback. Yes, simplicity was the main goal, but I still want to explain the story a bit.

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback and playing my game. Yes, I struggeled this time with the music. Had no good idea and then I ran a bit out of time and just had to do something :).

Thanks a lot for playing and the feedback!

Thanks a lot for playing and the nice, comprehensive feedback!

I got the input regarding the direction after a crash quite often. It is not random and there should be no guessing needed :). I added an explanation on the page ("Tips and Tricks"). However, it seem to be a problem for many people, so I am thinking of how I could make it more obviously directly in the game.

After reading the other comments I played again and difficulty is not too high :). Forget about it.
It would be cool if you could see the level of your towers without the need to click on them, e.g. by showing the level always above them or so. Additionally it quite often happened to me that I accidentially placed a tower and the inidication if you can update a tower or not based on your money (white or red font) does not update properly.

Don't take me wrong, these are just a few issues which could be improved. I still liked the game overall.

Cool game. I especially like the music. A few inputs:

  • When placing the towers in the first level, the color contrasts are a bit hard to see when you place a tower.
  • The difficulty gets very high quite fast and you have almost no time to upgrade your towers fast enough.

I had still fun playing it. Congratulations to a solid entry!

Wow, really cool game! I really liked the cool story and the innovative use of the time traveling together with the limited time. There is not much I did not like, but I still provide you some feedback on things which could be improved:

  • Maybe it has something to do with my computer, but every time I moved the music skipped quite a bit.
  • It would be nice if the dialogs could be skipped, as you need to try around quite a bit and everytime clicking through the dialogs was a bit annoying.
  • Maybe it was intended, but the movement while mining was very difficult. It moved very uncontrollable.

Anyway, congratulations to a really cool game!

Cool game! I really liked the movement with the mouse (instead of having a keyboard) and the cool combo system!. Some inputs:

  • I think the enemies have a bit too much lives. Especially the big ones take quite long to destroy, which makes the game very hard!
  • If you balance the lifes of the enemies I would add collision between the player and the enemies. This brings another element into the game (dodging the enemies).

Congratulations to a really cool game! Had fun playing it!

Cool game and very cool idea! I think it is also a cool educational game for a first computer science class.

I did not hear any sounds, eventhough the setting for effects is there. Maybe it simply did not work for me... What I would improve is the feedback which lines are squashed. When I squashed multiple lines I sometimes had the feeling a wrong line (just the one above the last one) was also squashed, but I think it just looked like that as a line a few lines above was squashed.

I had really fun playing it! Congrats to your innovative game!

Cool. Thanks a lot for playing and the feedback!

Nice game. I especially liked the effects and the feedback you get when you get hit or destroy an enemy. I also liked the indicators which give you a hint from where opponents come. Some inputs, where you could improve:

  • Maybe it was intended but the movement was too fast for my taste and it did not feel like I was moving a spaceship in space. In such a space game I would prefer a bit a slower movement and one which is not so reactive. Basically in space you do not stop moving, only when you apply force on the other side. I hope you know what I mean :).
  • I did not get what the special ability was... I had the feeling that when I apply it, I got more enemies...
  • Maybe a point system would be also cool, to have an additional goal than just surviving.

I still had fun to play it and congratulations to your game!

Wow, really cool game. Nice art, very polished and fun to play. Not much more to say.

Congratulations to your first game! I had fun playing it, but I am not so sure if I made it too the end... :). Is there an endig? I just completed all three levels.

I really like the level design. You put in quite some challenges and cool ideas. Some inputs:

  • Movement in a platformer is very important. Your movement is currently very basic (no friction, no acceleration, etc.), so I suggest to work on that in case you plan to improve the game after the jam.
  • I would place the vines a bit more to the side in case they are attached to something at the top. It happen to me quite a few times that I got stuck and it was a bit cumbersome to get out.

Cool game. Hope to see you again next year :).

Thank you for playing. In fact you are not the first one asking for the direction the ship goes after a crash. Therefor, you can find on the games page in "Tips and Tricks" a description.

It worked. Got my green skin :). Sorry, I am a noob when it comes to web3. This is what I did to make it work:

  1. Made sure I had some NEAR tokens in my wallet (fairly obvious I know... :D). It took a while until I got the tokens.
  2. As soon as I had the tokens I tried again to buy the skin, but it did not work. I came back a few hours later and then it worked.

Cool, thanks a lot for playing! Good to hear that you had some fun.

Cool game! Had fun solving some time puzzles. It took my quite a while to realize that I had to go back to the time machine to use it... Maybe I am the only one, but mentioning that in the instructions could maybe help.

Congratulations to a nice game!

Cool little game and I had fun playing it. I really liked the music and the combat style with the dices. Some inputs:

  • I think it would make sense to quickly show after every attack a short animation (e.g. showing the damage value on the opponent) on how much damage you made.
  • After every encounter you are set back to the starting position of the level. I think it would make more sense when you continue where you encountered the last enemy.

Congratulations to a really nice game!

Thanks for the nice feedback and playing. Yes, agree on the art and the other feedback. However, as you might have realized, art is not my best discipline :).