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But then I wouldn’t have to guess any more! (I had to use it a couple of times, because I would have looked for another word. For example cog instead of gear. The first character was sufficient to find the word)

Even if shooting is not implemented … am I supposed to make it past the level with the lever?

I think, it would have fit the graphics and sound better if jumping wasn’t that smooth.

Nice game. But even using an extension for Firefox could not show me the emoji label. Would have helped, if you would have written the name of the emoji as title attribute (but that would have made the riddle useless … like „how do I spell emoji”?).

A bit of background music what have been beneficial.

How do I realise how far I am close to the end? Could there be a line denoting which route I took? Or is that part of the game that I have to remember?

I love the background music! So relaxing.

However I’m really untalented in platformers, but happy to have reached hope 17, too.

Could you post a walkthrough viddeo somewhen later?

I’m not made for platformers. I could manage to get pass the „interact with leftclick” scene, but then fell down every time I used D and space at the same time (with only D being responded to).

I was not fast enough to make it to the right position. That’s my main obstacle.

I’m not sure, whether I understood the mechanics (but didn’t look at the description too close either), but an interesting idea!

It was a bit hard to me to understand, whether something affected me or the opponent. Plus, whether it is a real-time or turn-based game (as in: Do I have to act quickly?)

Love the turntable you used in loading scenes. The sounds were great addition to the action!

OMG! I mastered a platformer!!! In green!


(Please add an option to turn out the music)

I couldn’t figure out how to add things in the second row. Plus, discovering the upgrade was a surprise to me.

At the very least, you could have added a status line, indicating what’s about to happen next.

The actual sample was longer, but I cut it down to save a bit on loading time. Okay, so something less repetitive. Thanks. I can do that!

Got stuck on a well. The text is hard to read because of the various backgrounds.

Failed on Firefox with an Unity Error. After disabling tracking protection I could launch the game, but then it crashed on contact with a robot.

I was able to figure out how to achieve one part of the mission, but I couldn’t find any hints on how to enable me to access the other.

Died three times :-(

It would have helped, if the levels were looking a bit different (perhaps with change in hue?)

Always crashed when hitting backspace, but I could restore the game.

Took me a bit to figure out, that I could use „mission”, „task” and „log” to learn about my next steps.

I miss tmux here to have a continuos view on the status.

I like the idea, though! Could you ping me after the voting in case you plan to work further on this project?

Took me a moment to learn, that I first need to buy a laser before transitioning to the next level.

How do I earn money? How can I spot the invisible walls?

Oh, and the tanks behaved a bit odd when moving diagonal (as in: wobbling between horizontal and vertical direction at a rapid pace).

Not my genre, but I gave it a try.

The developer has not uploaded a game yet…

No game uploaded.


You should have seen what made it in in the last four hours! :-D

Would you like to be notified after the voting period if I iterate on the game?


Out of curiousity, what keyboard layout did you use? I’m having a QWERTZ here. The mapping would work for QWERTY as well, but the French layout (AZERTY) would have a weird mapping …

Do you know resources about how to map best?

Well, single player has a hot seat mode.

On Discord, I even rumbled about how to best implement an AI. But I don’t want to have all opponents hunting the ball as a mob …

Perhaps I can come up with something after the voting period.

If you took a look at the XKCD comic, you’d notice, that in the final version, no ball will be seen. Only for the visitors, who will cheer you up and lead you (or your opponent?) using emojis.

Do you have ideas on how to manage sound with a GameLoop? I’m not a game dev by profession, so I was a bit struggling here. I think, I should cut the sound a bit shorter and somehow avoid a loop playback …


I was aware that it would be ambitious from the get go. But with kids at home and some motivation downs I didn’t spend enough time to polish it.

If you like it, I’ll continue after the voting period. The source code is on GitHub in case you want to follow along.

A post-mortem is in draft status.

The second IIRC. So the first time I saw the todo list.

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I’m on of those guys … using Firefox.

Can’t move on after the interception phase.

Best game I played so far!

Although I’m not a fan of platformers, I really like this game. You even had an eye for details (like the face) and combined different genres!

Nice work!

Unplayable, because the paddle is not reacting fast enough to user input.

It took me a while to figure out that I can jump via mouse click. Nice graphics!

I couldn’t get my voice recognised. Even with Chromium (thanks for the link to Firefox documentation).

I struggled with this one. The first goal was quickly achieved, but then the second platform was not reachable. Also, it looked like the plan was executed automatically, i.e. I have to be fast to position myself on time?

Not my genre, sorry.

This game is so relaxing. It took me a bit to figure out what was meant with soil, but once I discovered the planter, everything else fell into place.

Great work!

In Discord, the topic came up whether the game art has to be selfmade as well.

Given that there are some new devs joining this competition I went for a CC0-licensed art pack from

Someone else went with

Could you state your guidelines using pre-made art?

For sound I would hop to