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Post Mortem for I Really Move On:

Thank you for writing this up.

Since my wife enjoys playing Point&Click adventures, we have some at home. From my experience, it is helpful to have some kind of journal.

So if you take a longer break, it is easier to pick up where you left. This could be a diary of sorts. Perhaps with the written texts added to it as you interact with the objects?

I’ve been bitten by

I assume, the error is with - however, when your game relies on spacebar for functionality, it becomes unplayable :-( (As I said, I extracted the iFramed website and opened it in a new tab).

Do you plan to collect Post Mortems somewhere?

Sabayon Linux with Firefox.

Picture this:

Hm, that one is for Unity. But yeah, it gives me a few keywords to start research on my own. Thanks for sharing!

Speaking of colour blindness, I noticed, that Storybook offered overlays to simulate different ones.

I digged into the source code and discovered, that they use SVG for it!

Applying a filter: url('#<the_filter>') as seen in could give you an impression on how the visuals might appear to these users.

Well executed.

I was a bit confused by the coloured tiles. I’d have expected more of them to be blocks for a bot (esp. once the keys were introduced).

I enjoy puzzles like this.

I should have used a grid for my game ^^” Do you happen to have the source code online for this game and would like to share it?

I spent days to get reflection right and would like to check other implementations.

Quick game. More levels would have been great, but I guess, you lacked the time.

It has a strong „one more round” vibe, I agree!

I did not play it with the Web Monetization.

Thank Goddess! The barn! I was so busy collecting apples and shrooms, that I did not notice the barn!

On the third attempt I finally got my economy running. I was looking so much forward to play this game from your tweets!

I think, it was Civ II Test of Time, where you could move between worlds by some kind of tunnels or teleporters. I imagine that could work here, too. So that both worlds interact with each other.

My biggest confusion stem from the linking of the resource tiles at the top to the factories. Especially since the other world used a different colour palette, but did not update the tiles nor the description. But I guess, you ran out of time here.

I couldn’t find much use of the woods (or crops). But I guess, that would come with more options to construct.

Thank you for submitting this game!

Wait, where did you get those images on the preview pictures?

Unicode / Emojis?

I haven’t the right font here, so the game resolved around comparing Unicode codepoints being shown as fallback glyph here …

A lil bummer, that the bar at the bottom was out of view so I only could estimate the time depending on the luminance …

Ah, floating point math is „fun”, isn’t it? I had some of these myself, too.

Went straight with Math.round() to get the job done. That was „close enough”.

If you prefer having a game played in Chromium, perhaps add that in the description. Or better: State, that you haven’t tried it elsewhere. That makes it harder for others to assess a game. (Yes, I test mainly in Firefox and consider Chromium an afterthought ^^”)

For a former game entry, I asked my wife to go through her flute note sheets about classical music. Those are in the public domain, so are safe to use :)

Then, I implemented a variant of to have a somewhat melodic sound.

You can actually the implementation in with a melody in

I didn’t manage to get through this game :-( Also, I didn’t quite understand the mechanics. Sometimes I run into invisible objects, other times I don’t.

At least dying did not make me start all over again. I’m sorry :-(


So I have a background in Frontend WebDevelopment with a focus on accessibility. As such, I developed a sense for low contrast (next to other things). You’re using gradients for your tiles and background, but approximate them to you can see, that the contrast is too low.

That means, for some people it will be hard to tell apart what is a tile and what is background.

You could play around with (after locking the colours you plan to use) to generate a colour palette, that might work out better. (Hit space bar to create the next colour combination).

*falls into the void *falls deeper *still falls

Um, I found a bug :-D You can manage to jump over a certain wall at a certain point in the game and fall into the void.

I didn’t get far. Would have been cool to find more things to explore. Or play more around with the change of fore- and background.

There’s potential here.

Mission complete!

What an engaging game! Please create more levels _

The only thing that I noticed was a lack of colour contrast. That might make it harder for certain users. But you can fix that, can’t you?

I played without WebMonetization.

Solid graphics. I first had to think about what the thin line meant but then figured that it was the mirror axis.

Scored 17 in the end. Sadly, my popup blocker prevented me from sharing it.

Good job!

I see others commenting about music. For me, nothing played. Did I miss something? Perhaps in a level later than 3?

Hm, I played on Firefox. Because that’s how I roll.

I couldn’t figure out the mirroring (it felt wrong). Even smashing all the buttons did not work :-D (I realised that I could click a flip twice, but then my virtual laptop burned).

The UI was not responsive. Using the entry randomizer of cut off the chat. Due to autoscrolling I had to move back and forth to see all moving bits.

What a bummer!

I hear you (two kids instead of toddler, but yeah).

Is there some way to get informed once a new version is out?

Once you combined both, head back to the pond.

Waaaah!?! The End Q.Q

Do you plan to progress this game? I must know what happened to her. :D

Some small nits I noticed while playing:

  • I can move the character while a dialog is open (I expected it not to be possible)
  • It’s not always possible to see what’s interactible with and what’s not (can you change the cursor, for example? Or give it a different outline?)
  • If the player makes a break, there’s no way to refresh what happened. Perhaps you could include a diary of sorts? I would like to catch up on previous conversations.
  • The inventory was not that obvious to me.

Now, I’m heading towards looking for the second shoe … if you’d excuse me :)

Interesting. I’m a bad shepherd but shall speed up? :D

I think, the interface did not always reacted in time to user input. You might have a performance penalty somewhere.

I picked one sheep after the other and was done in like five minutes. So there’s enough time to play some background music.

The trees were sometimes too close to each to estimate where sheep would get stuck or not.

All in all, doable game that requires some planning.

I haven’t played this with WebMonetization.

This is great! I think, you really hit the tone and atmosphere here.

I’m not too much into the occult anymore, but I can understand the puns.

It would be great if someone else would voice the mirror. A bit of sound effects on the reflections, and you could even reach a wider audience (the blind and low vision ones).

Yay, Arkanoid!

I was expecting to control this game with the arrow keys but obviously have to use my mouse (or touchpad, in my case). Therefore, hiding the cursor after a few seconds would have allowed me to focus more on the game.

I managed to die quite fast ^^” What does trigger the effect? Because I observed it both, while moving towards the paddle or towards the brick.

Obviously the white ball is the only one that matters. It’s helpful to have a coloured difference, but from my experience with Arkanoid I was expecting the coloured balls to have some effects.

I got quite confused by the timelapse effect … What is it meant for?

I didn’t go far in this game (because I’m bad with platformers). Nevertheless, I tried it.

It would have been nice to be able to take a small pause after finishing a level (to calm down. Platformers stress me!). Instead I was thrown into the next level right away.

When colliding with the ghost (which I could always see?) I was reset to the start. Perhaps an animation or sound effect would have been nice here. Again, give me a break to consider what to do next time around. Otherwise I run into the ghost again and again and leave frustrated.

I did not play this with WebMonetization.

Dang! I only came to level 6. I believe, here, there are some bugs hidden. For example, I observed, that sometimes the light is absorbed by a mirror (especially if I happen to have a key event at the same time).

I even tried to adjust the mirrors to each other, but after a bit of ping pong the beam just … vanished into thin air :o

If time goes down, perhaps colour the text in a red? (the last 60 or 30 seconds?).

Oh, and why do I have three lifes if my death triggers a respawn?

I want to see the other levels! p.q

I hear you! (For me, it’s sticking to hand-crafted SVGs :-D)

I did not play this with WebMonetization.

It took me a while to understand, why there appeared a „retreat” seemingly randomly. Only to notice, that it is linked to my sanity!

I could craft some mirrors, but only played level 1 (being really risk averse).

This game has the potential to appeal to explorers. I only wish, it would be possible to earlier use some crafting (I played the first level several times to loot enough to make a mirror).

So a bit of balancing, and this could be more engaging. Are you planning to develop it further?

Thank you!

If you are on GitHub, you could start watching the repo to get informed on new changes. The comments here made me feel motivated to polish it a bit further.

Some horror background music would be apt.

It took me a while to recognise the coloured text as being clickable.

I was only able to pick up one item as I did not find the others. The flipped characters felt … weird. I consider them being on purpose (even the flipped closing bracket I saw once trying to dash through the front door).

In the end, I gave up feeling lost.

It’s a bit of a bummer, that space made me scroll down the page. Perhaps you could have linked the hosted version ( Mirror 2021/Game/Level1/index.html ) in the description.

Once I opened it in its own tab, I could play both levels (but the ground of the second level exceeded my viewport).

Yay, I found a glitch in the game :-D

When you place a mirror, rotate it, but not fix it into position - than reset the level, the mirror is still configurable. In other words, hitting the X will grant you another mirror for that level :-)

I love the artwork and music! So chill <3

Thank you.

Oh, and please keep not penalising the player for wrong moves. That’s so reassuring in this game!

Welcome to the world of Game Jams! How was your experience like?

I like the simple gameplay. It’s easy to get into (and the „How to play” helps!).

I noticed some smaller inconsistencies (like the winning sound does not really fit into the background music and the art of the title screen feels different than the levels).

I wonder, are the levels pre-calculated or computed at runtime with some random element?

Hm, for some reason turning left was not possible for me. It took me a while to get my mouse trapped, so that the key presses got recognised.

But once I managed to snuck after the follower, I was safe :-D

How was I suppose to know which way my home was? I only see a green area (the starting point?) that differed from the rest. Sorry, I lost my map :-(

Using a touchpad, this was quite a challenge to play. On top of that, I couldn’t see the timer because it was out of viewport.

Tell me, what is the order of the ranks? B is better than C? (I’m German, here, we have rank 1 to 6 with 1 being the best). You see, it makes some cultural assumptions. Would be great, if these information were contained in the description.

I’ll let my kids play a round on this game and leave another comment over the weekend :-)