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Thanks for playing. Due to private circumstances I wasn’t able to fill out the description etc. yet. Will do that now. Hopefully it will make things clearer.

I’m already happy that I could submit this game in the first place.

Can you share the CID?

It meant to be listed in the level dropdown above. I ran out of time to take care for a proper UX here. My apologies.

In my observation, IPFS is sometimes fast and other times slow. I couldn’t figure out why that is.

Could you share the CID for the IPFS problem?

The „I can’t go back to main screen” is known (as I mentioned in the entry description).


It does…

That might be it. Or make the bar in itself longer, so it is easier to time the second click.

Also … is there some kind of wind blowing the egg in the opposite direction? The physics made it appear so.

I see.

Hm, perhaps some kind of „try again” would be an option? Like, generate some random obstacles and check, whether they are acceptable. If not, try again.

Could be a do-while-loop.

What am I suppose to do if the obstacles are so close together that I can’t go between?

(Never played Flappy Bird)

I never played Wario Games.

But making the second click on the way back is too hard for me. I missed so many pars :-(

I loved the incredible machine!

But if I recall correctly, you could only draw so many items from a side and had a play button.

If you plan to continue on this, add more levels. Slowly introducing additional items to aid the cooking.

I was a little confused on how to make them work together.

Would you mind to inform us after the competition once the level 2 bug is fixed? I’m eager to see the other levels.

Great job!

You can even click after (and during) the score is computed ;-)

Roo bad the topic is called RAW. Would have been such a wonderful with rar files instead :D

Great job with implementing it!

I was a bit confused with the description indicating 30 (seconds?) but the game lasted for a whole minute.

Solid game.

Took me a while to figure out how to operate it.

Reminds a little bit on Mastermind :-)


Love the introduction video.

The gameplay reminded me on something I tried two years ago:

However, it feels like whoever touches the ball last can simply push the ball (and the opponent) into the goal …

Killed by a mushroom :-(

What did I do wrong?

(Love a terminal game. I even was thinking about developing one myself)

I lost the first round until I figured out the controls (clicking for moving and targeting). Having a knight appearing as second enemy didn’t help…

I believe, this game would benefit from some restrictions. Like, having only so many minions at one time. Or restricting them from overlapping. Or making the enemies from different sides (instead of always from the left). Or let your minions disappear after a certain time.

In the end, I managed to get a few minions out acting as shield long enough that I could cast enough of them to hide behind indefinitively.

Ah snake! I spent hours of playing it back on my Nokia phone.

What influences the prolonging of the countdown? It appears that different fruit have different seconds they add.

A chill game, that’s for sure.

If only there were a way to make the snake move more predictable. Like, attracted by apples and you and then some basic physics. Currently, I got several times without any chance to dodge.

A bit of background music would have raised the atmosphere here. I got mine from

Great idea to flip black and white for swimming.

What a lovely game!

Took me a while to figure out, but the recipes and quest log were really helpful!

I’m eager to hear you feedback on where you see room for improvement.

I wanted to try IPFS for years by now!

Thank you

Uh, took a few rounds but then I got the hang of it! This is fun. Thank you!

Is it only me or are there some audio glitches at time? Nothing too disturbing, but a bit jarring.

Thanks for playing my game.

May I ask which level you tried? I guess „No way!” (resp. shown as Noway). I didn’t manage to draw a sprite for the waterfall, which demarks the game over position to avoid. My research showed a preference for circles, but before I found time to it (without a crying baby and stapling dishes etc) the time ran out :-(

My hope was to get IPFS running. It works … kinda? Some CIDs get resolved fast, others take eons. I haven’t grokked why.

Regarding the stuck game, I observed it as well, but haven’t figured out why it happened. The change appeared like two hours to the deadline. But hey! I transition to the winning / game-over scene!

Snaaaaaaaaaaake. And dead. Because I somehow got behind the tiles O_o

Fine little game. Well done!

Would it be possible to somehow indicate the progress? Like, how many fireplaces or something.

I saw some parts of the world, but not enough to understand, what my special abilities meant to be.

I wasn’t aware, that one can submit educational games :O


Ha! I have infinite ammo! :D

Perhaps let the enemies move at different speed might spice things up. Like, low resistance, but higher speed.

It took me a while to figure out, what meat is depicted how. And why the customers complaint about raw ones.

Ingles, por favor.

feed customers, but fast, because the food is raw, that makes customers hungrier and need more food, if it takes a long time your customers will leave

Interesting crossover :O

Can’t … vote … must … collect …

Geez, I spent quite some time playing this enjoyable game.

Okay, so this is a platformer.

I’m not that great at it, but even when I managed to jump over the water, the spikes often hit me :-(

If you would have inserted a second gap, that would have allowed to lower the barrier to entry for learning the mechanics here.

Although the test bell sounded, I couldn’t hear anything.

Adding insult to injury did not make me want to play this again. (I had to scroll down to learn about the mechanics in the first place).

Interesting association with Raw *_^

Are there multiple endings?

Let’s hope she comes back! (Are there multiple endings?)

I like that you teach what happens with the material over the course of the game.

However, I was more focussed on the arrow keys then on the screen.

If you plan to continue this, offering some info pages as a reward to unlock might up this game.