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NEAR Protocol experiment
Submitted by ViLPy (@ViLPy) — 6 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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Decentralized: NEAR

Decentralized: MPL

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this is really cool! If you've ever heard of "Dark Forest" ( this reminded me of it since the entire game state is on-chain. Would love to chat about how you designed it - I'm @omarzipan on twitter!


Congratulations. I think there is much more going on in the background that I see. I am not a huge fan of idle game, but this is personal taste. The game flow is quite interrupted due to the transactions. Is there maybe a way to do less transactions? But maybe this is exactly the purpose and the innovative part of this game (sorry, I am not so deep in the blockchain technology). One thing I would have a closer look at are the prices of the units (in-game). For quite a long time it is better to build the smaller one instead of the more expensive ones.
I like it that you openly state from where the assets are.


I liked it :) Very interesting take on an idle genre and pretty innovative use of blockchain. I see in other comments that you already found how to get rid of redirects on each transaction, it's definitely worth to do so.

The only part I didn't understand is a little square icon at the top-right corner. I clicked it several times, but saw no effect. What does it do?


Thanks! The square button is to re-center the map if you scrolled away from the center position. It would also reset the zoom level, but I had to remove the zoom buttons last minute since on certain zooming it was randomly adding gaps between ground titles.


I play a lot of clicker abandonment games, so Marsville seemed interesting to me too!

I just wish there was a zoom feature because the asset is too small!


Yeah, I actually had the zoom initially, but removed it last minute since on certain zoom levels it was randomly adding nasty gaps between ground tiles


Very interesting use of NEAR here, although it does feel a bit clunky to have to approve every transaction and be redirected. I'm not sure if there is a better way of doing them though.


It is indeed clunky. Apparently you can allow all actions for a contract by adding an access key to avoid asking for transaction every time, but I discovered that feature only after submitting


Impressive Near integration, though it comes at the expense of gameplay.


I couldn't agree more. That would be quite expensive if you pay actual money for each click. I had an idea of grouping build actions into batches, so you can plan multiple building and then add them in one transaction, but failed to implement it before the deadline. I guess right now I could name the game "the apotheosis of microtransactions" 😅


Hey, can you please make the game as "Playable in the browser"? Right now it points at the url, but states it is downloadable only.


Hi, I marked it as HTML game, but even if I upload it, it won't really work since it requires to be running without embedding due to NEAR wallet restrictions. Not sure how can I avoid that on


If you're using NEAR (or any other Decentralized category challenge) you have to have a separate build hosted elsewhere, since Itch limits the use of crypto wallets as you can't do that within an iframe. Still, a playable build should be available on Itch, so non-Decentralized version could be played, and the game is treated as browser one.


There is no non-Decentralized version unfortunately. It's works only with NEAR  😥


Ok, then you need to host it somewhere else as well and point people to that version in the description.


Yeah, it's actually hosted on GitHub pages. Download button is in fact only opens hosted version in a new tab and it won't download anything. But I added links in description as well