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Post Mortem for A Day At The Pond

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I'm glad you interested in the story! I plan to finish it soon and I definitely want to include some sort of journal in the future and improve the other features as well! :) 

Thank you! :) there is another object you can use in the first scene with the house (the grass) 

Thank you so much! I really wanted to give some watercolor vibes, so I'm glad it did <3

Thanks a lot - the world needs more point'n'click games ! : )

Great roguelite! I love the game design and pixel graphic a lot. It was a bit hard to figure out how it all worked, maybe you could add a small tutorial in the future. But overall a very great game : )

Very cool game design! everyone fits together perfectly - sound, graphics and gameplay. plus: I really love the "use tool"-animation of the player : ) 

Thank you! I probably would've needed two additional weeks or so to finish it : D  I'll try my best to add more to the story and mechanics soon : )

A very fun game! I liked the mechanic where the game gets mirrored and you had to rethink the controls : ) the graphics are great, too ! maybe you could add some background music in the future : )

a very interesting experience! that was definitely a different game , hehe. I also liked the minimalistic graphics : )

Oh, this is a very atmospheric game, love it! It took me a moment to realized I could defeat the "stomp" enemies by running into them, but overall the game was a lot of fun. Really great job! : )

very cool graphic design! i like that the colors get inverted when you go into the mirror : )

I like this game! I was very surprised that you added an additional element after a few levels (click twice to make the color darker), very nice! I also like the geometrical design and the graphics overall : ) Maybe you could add some sort of feedback (if something is wrong, to add a bit more difficulty) or reward system (small animations or points or something like this) in the future,  I think this would make it a very polished game. Great job! :  )

Great game! it feels like a really polished game overall : ) the graphic design and the music are awesome!

Thanks for playing! I'm really happy that you like the art : ) I planned an additional game mechanic  but yeah, everything took longer than expected xD but I'm working on it. I'm absolutely determined to finish the story !

I love it! I especially love the story and the voice acting. This is one of my favourites in this game jam! <3 

The game idea is very interesting and creative! it fits the gam jam's theme perfectly. Tto make the game stand out a bit more you could improve the graphic design a bit, but that's just my subjective opinion. Great work, I enjoyed the game! : )

Very nice game design! I really like the idea and the multiplayer works great to! Although it took me a bit too long to figure out I needed to hold the key to place the bomb. but nevertheless a very great game - plus I really love the music < 3

I'm absoluty in love with the background art! And the smooth jazz music in the background was a excellent choice : ) I stumbled upon a few little bugs in the game (in level 3 i clicked on reset, but the game didn't removed all mirrors). But great work so far!

very nice puzzle platformer! for some levels I needed multiple tries, they are very challenging, but in a very positive way. plus I absoluty love the game and graphic design < 3 looks like a very polished game to me - it's definitely one of my favourites of this game jam !

Very fun and short game experience, kind of addictive hehe : ) already feels really polished! maybe a very simple and calm background music would be a great addition 

very interesting idea! the puzzles are very challenging and the mirror-mechanic works very well. Good job! : )

Very awesome design! I only solved three puzzles, but it was a lot of fun :D the chat, the music player and the memes really worked very well together - I enjoyed it a lot : )

Thanks! I'm very glad you enjoyed it : ) 

thank you! I'll take a short coding break after the game jam, but I've set myself the goal to finish it next month :) I already drew a third scene, but there is a forth one to come and a additional character. I'm very excited to finish it < 3 

Thank you so much for the feedback! I was actually thinking of adding the highlight-effect to the pond, too, haha :D I hope to finish the game next month, I really want to tell the whole story < 3

Wow, I love the game! I enjoyed the conversation a lot and the mini-mirror-game was fun, tool. Great Job! <3 Also I think your voice acting was really great !

amazing game design, I'm in love with the bright colors! I had a lot of fun playing it, the levels were challenging and creative. Really like it :)

Awesome! looks like a polished game. I escpecially love the idea of the mirroring water and the whole design and art of the game :)

Great game design! Quite challenging and a lot of fun :)

I love the graphics a lot! It's a cool idea to put two lands side by side and manage them both. Would love to see portals and dragons soon. Great work! :) 

aaaw thanks a lot! I'm working on it <3

thank you so much!