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You are a Bio-Engineer living in a lunar colony, while the Earth faces environmental collapse and political unrest.
Submitted by Astrosaurus — 21 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#243.9233.923

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Theme interpretation
When the Earth is facing environmental collapse and political turmoil, your moon base is getting shot at. You, a young Bio-Engineer, try to devise a moonshot idea to stay alive.

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Impressive how many dialogues and story it had in the end, it must have taken a lot of work! I think that the story was what this game was all about, so talking about the gameplay feels a little weird, but I definitely think the stealth parts felt weird because we couldn't see what was in front of us until it was too late. It was mostly a matter of failing first, then trying again with the knowledge of what's ahead. But yeah, the writing was good (other than the very few typos I could find), and it had a message. If you wanted to make a good RPG, I think you succeeded. Great job!


Thanks for the feedback! It's very nice to hear that you liked it!

Agreed on the stealth bits, they can certainly be improved.


Really well done! I Enjoyed playing it, and love the story telling! Video review below:

01:00:30 Project Selene


It is a lot of fun seeing you play it, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Good solid RPG entry.

you represented the genre well.

thumbs up



Amusing at times, at times I also felt trapped within the world  much like the character I was playing was trapped in his  situation. Pretty fun though!


Hey, good to hear you had fun! Was just wondering what you meant with feeling trapped? Feel free to give any suggestions to improve that :) 

Immersion. I could have worded that  better, apologies!


Loved the storyline very immersive, sometimes difficult to know where to go next however. (Got lost after giving Nitrogen to the greenhouse guy. The audio was but maybe you should "stop looping the same audio" ;) haha loved the joke really good stuff!

Would appreciate it a lot if you checked out my game, Moon Blob!


Haha thanks for the feedback! Was hoping to be able  to add a quest log but didn't have the time. 

I'll play your game soon! 


The graphics of this game were great, I love the dialogue system. Gameplay was smooth and interesting, music really suited the game. Also adding a minimap would be great.

Nice work!


Good to hear you liked it! I like the minimap idea, thanks!

Submitted (1 edit)

Excellent game, one of the best I reviewed so far.

+Great graphics

+ Great sounds

+Interesting story line

- Not clear which character is speaking

- Needs full screen to be more immersive.

All the best, this can be a full game if enough effort is put into

Loved the initial Tonald part.


Thanks for the comments and feedback! Glad you liked it.

Maybe some sort of animation to indicate what character is speaking is a good idea! Will keep it in mind, thanks! 


review our game as well when time permits


Of course!


Game was fun, music was great, graphics were cute and effective. Overall, a great shot. I especially loved the little futbol game on the TV near the beginning. 


Thanks, I'm very happy you liked it!


WOWOWOWOWOWOW. Like wow. I played this for an hour lol it was great like so great. Very much recommend to anyone stumbling across this comment.


Leaving more detailed feedback on the thread this was posted on. I got a few questions too!


Again thanks for the great feedback! Really appreciate it


I got a little lost after bringing the Nitrogen. Where do I go next?


I talked to Tom right after and it immediately moved things along.


I believe you should go talk to either Tom (in the greenhouse) or to Andy (in the bar) depending on the details.

Wanted to make some sort of quest log to prevent these kinds of things but unfortunately didn't have the time to do so :) 


Sorry, to be more clear, after you give tom the nitrogen


Yeah then I believe you should go talk to Andy in the bar to start the next quest if you haven't already :)