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Enjoyed this, was worth playing. Art style was pretty interesting. I'll keep an eye out if you make anything else.

Covid sucks. Hope you are feeling better now.  As long as you are up front about what's going  on, most people are understanding to a point.

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I couldn't access it, permissions are setup to request only, so should be relatively safe at least within that aspect. You could upload a different version here as well, label it as 'debug or alternative' - depending on your naming preferences. 

Solo developers have to wear many hats. Some hats fit better than others. Teams also have this issue, but the hats get more spread around and more chances for better fitting hats between team members. So, to answer the question: Hats.

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Linux Mint x64 20.3 Cinnamon

Out of the box, doesn't run.

Error: version `GLIBC_2.33' not found (required by ./

I was able to get the windows version running without messing with my system though.

Glad you posted that news bit, probably  wouldn't have caught it, as a new viewer - you've got lots of content.

Admittedly, I'd have preferred notifications here as well, but  I also understand how many different things you've got to juggle in the world of game development. Hoping it'll be a good learning moment - I love what you've made so far and at least for me, this move isn't a deal breaker. But, you had posted it on your patreon (public) what you were planning, I had only read it yesterday so I wasn't (knee jerk) surprised.

As far as Linux goes, will not run natively. You can try with wine, but I personally failed to get it working.

Version numbers don't mean anything to anyone other than the developer who wrote it. To make matters more confusing, some developers don't even use a public decimal based version control - some just release as 'build 118' It's super dependent on the project scope and how many people are working on it at a time. 

Basically, what I'm saying is, compare two different developers with different version control systems and you will not have any idea of what the final product will be based on that system. It's arbitrary at best. 

I personally find a developer's roadmap to be a more accurate portrayal of what the developer in question is wanting to add before the finished product. Even then they aren't always going to hit every bullet point - that's just how game development works. Hope this clears up the confusion.

The overhead map is useful as is, but simply highlighting the clickable areas to 'walk' to might be more simplified and standardized for most people who tend towards visual novels.  One of the areas in particular that I currently find flustrating is the forest. It could be useful in the future for multiple event locations, but I can't be sure if I'm hitting the correct spot for any event without highlighting.

It's not that I'm suggesting to not experiment, you might hit on something interesting. I've found a number of elements that you've done differently than I've found elsewhere that has gave the game a unique charm to it. 

Glad to see the project (and you!) are alive and moving in a direction. Radio silence is always a thing of concern, but so is suffering from burnout. It takes a lot of effort to be mindful of both. The struggles of an indie developer.

Immersion. I could have worded that  better, apologies!

Amusing at times, at times I also felt trapped within the world  much like the character I was playing was trapped in his  situation. Pretty fun though!

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Currently, your game isn't exported in a format that appears playable. You will need to export it as a binary for windows/linux/macOS from what I can tell from the json file you've got here. Using gdevelop 5, this means  exporting it for windows/linux/macOS and then uploading those files. But, what you've got made here is a start!

As far as hosting it goes, dropbox or google drive are both fairly accessible.

We are all having a year we won't forget. Hard to be positive, but I have found a creative outlet that has helped me. (simple tabletop rpg scatter objects and small woodworking projects.) I hope you've got something to help you out too! 

Listed as a game. Spritesheet looks nice though.

Probably one of the best RPG maker games I've played. Well done.