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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Sticky

A topic by Lee Reilly created Nov 01, 2018 Views: 1,805 Replies: 18
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Jam Host (7 edits) (+2)

Hi there!

In no particular order (yet) here are some answers to some frequently asked on Twitter, Discord, and this forum. Please let me know if anything's unclear or you have more questions and I'll keep this updated :)

Can we use Unity or Unreal Engine?


Can we use pre-made assets?

Absolutely, although many people will create their own. I'd recommend adding some attribution in your GitHub repository's README.

> Can we use pre-made code?

The use of game engines, libraries, templates for new games, etc. is fine. In fact, it's highly encouraged! Taking a game you've been working on for months, or forking a game and changing some pixels is probably not in the spirit of the jam :)

> Can we sell the games (for the jam or post jam)?


> Is there a twitter hashtag?

The official hashtag is #GitHubGameOff. We love 💙❤️ seeing work-in-progress screenshots throughout the month! <3

> Are games allowed if they contain 18+ content?

No restrictions on content, but if it's something I wouldn't show my kids or grandparents... then it may be less likely that it'll appear on our blog :) Please also see's note on adult content.

> What are the voting categories?

Similar to last year, games will be rated on the following: Overall, Gameplay, Graphics, Audio, Innovation and Theme Interpretation.

> What kinds of licenses are required/accepted for the public GitHub repo?

You're welcome to use whatever kind of license you wish! See this documentation for tips on choosing / applying a license.

> Can I edit the game after the submission period?

Please don't change the game on the page until after the voting period ends. If there's a bug that seriously affects/prevents playability that's a "quick fix", please feel free to address it. Just leave a note on the page saying what you changed and why. Since the code is not being judged, you can update the GitHub repository any time.

Hi Lee, quick question (might fit the FAQ, let me know if not so I can delete it)

I do have a game/prototype I started (nowhere near complete albeit slightly playable) that would fit this category and jam perfectly, can it be used for it?


Your question is already answered above. Read the FAQ.

im using phaser js, one of sprite is copyright is it okay to use that for my game, during submission would it cause any problem!!


Hey Lee,

Can we use something like PowerPoint as our engine, cause coding is hard and I submitted a PowerPoint game...

Jam Host

Genius. If it fits in a GitHub repository, it's fair game :)


Sorry for huge necropost, but I wanted to say, thanks!

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on voting.  Do usually people for this jam prefer playable in browser game? or does downloadables do as well?


Definitely go with browser if you can. I wrote a post about voting problems, which is mostly about downloadable games.


Should the game be entirely in english?


Will I be disqualified if I keep checking in code after the December 1st due date? What's the best way for me to continue working on the code/game when the GameJam has finished?


I asked this & many other similar questions here ::

... hopefully @LeeReilly will respond soon ... 

Jam Host

Since the code isn't being judged, you're welcome to keep pushing updates to the GitHub repository. However, please hold off publishing any changes to the page until after the judging period ends. I'll add this to the FAQ - thanks!


yeah, definitely wondering about what we can change after submission


Hey Lee Reilly, Is there a way to view how people scored your game for each category? I can't seem to find any details about ratings submitted for my game.


Ratings are shown at the end of the voting deadline.


okay, thank you!