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Not everything is a walk in the park...
Submitted by PolyMars (@PolyMarsYT) — 2 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline
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In Murphy's Walk, you control both a man and a dog who are on a walk together. The two are connected by a leash, and if either the leash, the dog, or the man come into contact with an obstacle, it's game over!

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I feel like the game plays too fast or maybe I'm just really bad at it :P But the sounds and artstyle are super cool!


I love this, but I'm very bad at it. Definitely fits into the Flappy Bird "Double Digit Scores are An Achievement" category.

I look forward to trying it two player.


This was a a really though one. 

The speed of the game doesn't give me enough time to get my bearings and get used to the controls and I end up dying before I even understand what happened :(  I first tried as 1 player but my brain is not fast enough to process the switching in time so I changed to 2 players which I didn't fair much better as the characters didn't move the way I thought they would. lol

I think the ideas is really good and fun and works very well with the theme but perhaps start the game at a much much slower speed with much less hazards and as you go through "sections", like milestones, then you increase the speed a little more each time and increase the total hazards on the road since this game has the "arcade" feel to it where you play until it is impossible to beat.

Really cool idea, lovely aesthetics, nice music and over all a really well done game.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I really like the art, specially your use of dithering! The game was super difficult with the keyboard, but a little more manageable with a controller. Great sound and music too!


This game is so hard that most of the time i thought im doing something wrong. Maybe its easier on 2 player mode, but i have no one to play with :( By the way - quite creative use of extravert challenge. I like art style, but stopping music when you die is something quite annoying. It could be a really good game but it needs some serious polish. But anyway it is great entry with interesting use of the theme :)


Great visual style! Super challenging, too. I wouldn't say it's a big flaw, it's something you can easily tune, but a bit more playtests for future projects wouldn't hurt


Thanks for the feedback! I agree that the game is pretty frustrating, especially without a controller. I should definitely spend more time balancing difficulty in the future.


Super duper difficult. The quick restart combined with the nostalgic, upbeat music and made for fun meta-game of retrying again and again to get just one more foot.


Wow this is very difficult! I wish the leash did not count as  death! I still like the concept however! Good job!


This is an really great game that uses alot of challenges well. I really enjoyed it however it was WAY TO HARD. If you want to play my game here and give it a rating(once they fix it)

Developer (3 edits)

Thanks! I agree that the game might be a little unfair, especially without a controller. I definitely have to spend more time balancing difficulty in the future. I appreciate the feedback and I’ll be sure to check out your game as well! 


It's quite challenging alone, barely got a few feet xD