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Thx! I made it entirely for the Jam!

The idea of a dungeon master curating the dungeon did come up, might be a fun varaint.

Yass! Tabletop games are awesome! I am also a great fan of D&D! I definitely was inspired by D&D and tried to homage it in several of the monsters and items. In the first draft there even was a way to cast "Sticks to Snakes", but I had to remove it when i revised the treasure tables.

It was really fun writing the encounters and adding little details and flavour to them wherever I could.

It would be really fun to add more features and content to the game, like additional structures, dungeons with multiple levels, differently themed dungeons, more encounter tables etc.

Integrating this into DnD might be difficult, mostly for balancing reasons. It would be hard to make it such that all these encounters are an appropriate challenge for a Character.

Oki, thank you :D

Which version did you play. I can't guarantee, that the web version is perfectly accurate to the proper downloaded version. And due to big graphics and lots of objects and cpu particles, the framerate may not be completely smooth (i should implement a fps meter someday). The sprites are also not entirely accurate to the hitboxes. I maybe should make the bounds to be clicked slightly bigger, so it's easier to click them  🤔. Fun fact: i also implemented it so you can't create an obstacle too close to your character, to avoid creating one inside your character, which would allow you to climb back up. But that should not interfere with the removing of obstacles

Anyways, thanks for playing :D

Thank you :D  The subtext of falling (which can be both positively and negatively connotated) is definitely intended.

I primarily used ClipStudio Paint and my favourite watercolor brush. I tried to draw very loose and avoid any concrete shapes in the background. :D

You need to become yourself aware of what it means to you :P

Pushing an object out of the way to open up a different path, Consumable Items that give a speed boost, Maybe the runners could open the manholecovers themselves to hinder the other runner

Thank you! I am quite proud of several of the sprites, It is actually surprising how expressive such a limited color palette can be! The Solution was indeed intended to show the thought process behind the game, especially for those with limited time or no printer.

I'll check out those songs! :D

Thank You! Making the player feel like a real detective was one of the main goals of my design :D That's one of the reasons why Detective Riley Lawson, the best detective of Greyhaven, is portayed in questioning competency through parody :D

I was listening to LA Noir Soundtrack while designing the game. Would've loved to make some music, but time ran out. But i think this was already ambitious enough.

Thank you! I agree, the fonts aren't ideal. Had real trouble with them, as godot doesn't use System fonts, so I had to get free fronts online. Additionally it aliases these fronts when increasing the font size, making them look really bad, especially for pixel fonts.  D:

Hope you had fun puzzling :D

Nice! The Map was pretty nicely designed and recharging your foor was an interesting mechanic. Unfortunately i did only see one random event tho, and the food recharging didn't seem to take away any money.

The journey was long enough to be interesting but short enough to finish :D

It's a nice and simple game. I like the graphics are a nice mix of 2D and 3D objects. it's unfortunately a bit difficult to test as it requires 3 people, but the asymmetric multiplayer aspect is very interesting. I think it could be balanced around 2 players too, with just one Homeless versus "The Capitalism".

Additionally some interactive elements for the runners to hinder each others could be an interesting improvement.

Thank you :D Making you feel like the detective instead of just your character was one of the main goals for this game! Glad it works :D

Simple but challenging game mechanic (or maybe im just too sleep deprived) Lovely graphics, and nice sound effects! Very cute and funky!

Thank you!
The endings are a bit complicated as i am combining different phrases depending on the choices (would've loved to make more if i had more time). So there are technically like 28 endings, i think. But you can see all phrases by strategically playing through 8-9 times.

Thank you ! I used to write poems and indeed tried to apply that process to the lengthy making of a game story :D

Thank you so much :D

Would've loved to do some more evocative visuals with some illustrations and different colors. Didn't have enough to do that, or do spell checking either :D

Thank you so much!!
I intentionally tried to make the perspectives a bit fluid, to show down the breaking of interpersonal boundaries in the process of connecting :D

It's pretty cool! It's nice that the AI is smart but not just a completely optimal one! Would've been nice if the special tiles were telegraphed, so you know what will be coming next.

Interesting concept! Looks pretty good. Felt quite stressful, getting lotsa calls all the time. There may be some bugs, as i am sometimes getting the "wrong city" message even if my cable is not plugged in at the other end

Thank you! That's what i seeked out to do!

I like the concept. Got potential for lots of interesting puzzles and could be easily expanded with more mechanics

Pretty fun puzzles!

This is actually quite sweet! I do love me some Pokemon, And I gonna catch em all *throws ball at mental illness* Calm mind is a bit strong. Any I would suggest a text like "Raised your defense a little" instead of giving concrete numbers. Keeps it more ambiguous aswell.

Was pretty fun actually, nice quirky writing, only the text was a bit too slow

It's quite challenging alone, barely got a few feet xD