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An interactive Poem
Submitted by ProfPille — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline
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Theme inspiration
I made a poem

Sensory Info
light screenshake, some confetti, it has colors

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im interested in the process of making the art for this. it looks really unique. what sort of tools and techniques did  you use


I primarily used ClipStudio Paint and my favourite watercolor brush. I tried to draw very loose and avoid any concrete shapes in the background. :D


That's awesome! ClipStudio Paint has some really great brushes!


after playing it again.  I find it some how both relaxing and really intense.  Which is kind of weird and welcome.   Like I said I love the visuals (very good looking game) , but I thinks maybe the continuous falling might have some unwanted subtext.   maybe climbing would have been better, but  that's a minor gripe about an otherwise great entry.


Thank you :D  The subtext of falling (which can be both positively and negatively connotated) is definitely intended.


I had trouble with the whole plateform deleting  because it just goes to fast to really click, apart from that it's really interesting, I enjoyed it.


Which version did you play. I can't guarantee, that the web version is perfectly accurate to the proper downloaded version. And due to big graphics and lots of objects and cpu particles, the framerate may not be completely smooth (i should implement a fps meter someday). The sprites are also not entirely accurate to the hitboxes. I maybe should make the bounds to be clicked slightly bigger, so it's easier to click them  🤔. Fun fact: i also implemented it so you can't create an obstacle too close to your character, to avoid creating one inside your character, which would allow you to climb back up. But that should not interfere with the removing of obstacles

Anyways, thanks for playing :D


I played the web version but the fps wasn't that bad, I think it was more on the bounds to be clicked side


Oki, thank you :D