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Haunt The HouseView game page

Don't let any human install there
Submitted by miumiria — 4 minutes, 47 seconds before the deadline
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Haunt The House's page

Theme inspiration
The main Caracter is aware that he's in a video game

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I really like the art - very charming. Also, you have an options menu! For a jam game! I've got to up my game now XD

I was really intrigued by the theme inspiration you've written. I wonder how you would integrate that in with the gameplay if you had more time.


Thanks for your review :) One thing I thought about is having a day night system where he would commute from work (the game stage) to real life locations like shops and so on, but it was utterly unrealistic given the time we had left when I thought about it.

Also, yup during a previous jam someone criticized the fact that I didn't had an options menu so since then, I make a point to always include one, even limited.


Hey !

I've seen you didn't have a lot of time to develop your game. The gameplay is not very chalenging but I like the atmosphere of the game ! The graphics are nice and the music fits really well :)


Thanks for your review :) 


love the music. though gameplay is a bit bland, 30 or so hours isnt really enough for to develop a game though.

i thought i would try leave 1 alive to see if he would do anything,  he did nothing. not even sure if its possible to lose. and as people do occasionally spawn inside you it might be possible to win by chance with out touching the controls. 

i would suggest some improvements. but with the limited time theres not much i could think of without altering the base gameplay, apart from making it a larger area to make it harder get the people and perhaps some of the visual presentation, like effects and animations. 


Thanks for your review, yes I wanted the human to move and have a losing condition but unfortunately, I didn't have time to do it, I also wanted to have a shop with some improvements but again I couldn't make it, I really wanted to make more for it but I had a family gathering  in another town this week end and unfortunately my teammate fell ill and couldn't work on it either