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Waw, thank you ! I wasn't expecting someone to record a video on my game :D

It was really fun to watch, thank you for playing !

I got 38th overall and 11th in innovation but I don't understand because I did get only 13 ratings. Does that mean my game will be remove from the jam results ?

Thank you for your feedback :)

I added the voices at the last time so I did not playtested a lot and yes I could have raised the volume a little bit.

Nice game !

The narrator is really fun to listen to ! He made me laugh a couple times ! I like how each room has its solution and each failure room is unique !

The next step would maybe to add a bit more of interactions (some things to clic while the narrator is speaking for exemple) because the game is a bit too "static".

But otherwise you did a great job !

Well done :)

Very nice game ! The combat system is a bit strange but otherwise it's great !

Also, I would have liked the hammer to deal damages when it gets back to the player, like in the last God of War for exemple, because it feels weird to see it go through enemies without doing anything.

I loved the ending, the reaction of the hero is very fun x)

Nice work !

Thank you for playing :)

In my mind, it fits the theme because what the narrator says is the exact opposite of what is really happening.

Thanks a lot ! I've downloaded your game, I will play it as soon as I get the time for it ^^

Thanks :)

Thank you for playing !

Haha ! I really liked your game ! I even made a map on a paper to think of what I could do :D

Maybe you could add some sound effects in the futur to make the adventure even more immersive. And also make more commands work because some are very specific ("go up" doesn't work for exemple)

A really fun experience, well done !

Your game is really good !

The art style is great, everything is nice ! There are sound effects and even a music ! The gameplay works well and it is fun to play. The boss is challenging but not too difficult. I don't know if there is another ending than fighting all the fruits, I try not to kill anything but it doesn't seem to do anything.

I have nothing more to say, you did an amazing work, well done !

Nice game !

I would have prefered to have the jump key on the spacebar but it's fine.

The controlls feels great, and the voice when dying is really fun !

For some reason when going backward on the hub area and trying to enter the door, the game just crashes so I don't know if it is an important part of the game.

Otherwise it is great ! Nice job :)

I love the art of your game ! It's really nice !

The "lie" mechanic is fun and it works. I just would have prefered to have the jump key on the spacebar but otherwise everything is fine.

Nice work :)

Hey !

Here is my game :

It currently has 9 ratings :)

I like the idea but there are some problems.

The camera is way too far behind the player and because the player movements are fast, I accidently ran into deadly traps before even seeing them. Also, the game is a bit too punishing, following the same path countless times because every path leads to a death is not very fun.

But the main concept is great, the music is fine, graphics are ok and it fits the theme well.

Good work :)

I'm usually not a big fan of this kind of games but since there was an interessting story, I made it until the end.

The music is great and it prevent from ragequitting because it's very calm, the graphics are good ! Chapter 3 is my favourite haha !

Nice game !

Nice game !

It's a little slow to get across all the map and the controlls feels odd but everything else is fine.

Naming your sheeps is pretty fun, the mechanics works. Like the others said, the game only lack of sounds but overall it's really good !

Well done !

Interesting game ! It's a little buggy but it is not game breaking :)

The music is really good ! I like the one that is played in the second level.

The theme is introduced nicely, strange things happend when you jump on the enemies but you really understand why only at the end.

Nice job !

I am happy you enjoyed my game :)

Thank you for your sweat comment :)

Thank you !

Really nice game !

I'm not a big fan of card games like Hearthstone but with this game, I had a lot of fun !

The lie mechanics works great ! The graphics and the music are really good ! 

Well done :D

I like the idea of the game !

There are some problems with the camera but it was fine for me. The graphics are really great, it's really nice !

But the fighting system feels odd. I think that it is really hard to win a fight and because the player's input is random, it don't feel like you know exactly what you are doing...

But except that I enjoyed the game ! Nice job :)

Hey ! Here is my game !

It's some kind of narrative point and click mixed with a clicker :)

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It's pretty fun !

The music is nice, the graphics are cool and the mechanics works well.

Nice job !

Nice game !

I like the way that you inverted all the Mario's mechanics !

The controlls feels a bit strange but that's not a big problem. And also the respawning time is pretty long.

But except that, it's great !

Cool game !

Maybe you could have done the aiming differently because the sliders are a bit hard to move. (the wheel for the power for exemple)

Thank you !

Indeed this is what you have to do in "To the moon" !

For now I have never made a game for mac but maybe in the future I will manage to do so (I tried for this game jam but it is really complicated without owning a mac)

Thank you for your kind comment, it makes me very happy :D

Very funny game ! With sound it would have been better.

The part on the windows desktop where you have to get to the Unity app made me laugh !

Great work !

Pretty weird but why not x)

Hey ! I played the game but I'm stuck after the fisherman said that I could sneeze with "x" but it don't seem to work... Maybe there is something that I do wrong ?

I really like the graphics and the relax music, it's cool :)

wow Patricia est badasss ! Tu pourrais faire une série la Chenille Bond :p

Really good game !

I like the pinnochio gameplay a lot ! It would have been funny if the character said lies while his nose was growing !

The graphics are really great ! Nice game !

The first lie is not very clear, but when you found out, the rest is quite easy.
Billy died 3 times before I quit ahah It is pretty challenging! It's hard to find the lie quick enough in order to save Billy. I am definitely not a good doctor, sorry. 

I like the graphics and that's an interesting choice of game. But why do we have to click with the mouse in the dialogue and the rest of the interactions are done with the space bar? Finnaly, I suggest you changed the colour of the text, as white is difficult to read. 

Good job!

I like the idea, the graphics are great but the game itself becomes a bit boring because there is not much to do except from clicking a button and watching our character do everything else by its own.

But I think that it could be a fun game with a little more interaction !

Great game ! The camera is a bit weird when reaching the limit of the map or when entering a new area but except that, everything is great !

Well done !