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The Extra moderators are hyped to host their 1st game jam! 

It’s that time of year again! A year of spooks and ghosts and ghouls! And now, also game jams! This is an unofficial extra credits fan jam hosted by the new Extra Moderators of the official game jam discord! It’s our (the mods) first time running a community jam so get hype to be here for the start of something amazing! (Hopefully) (join the discord!

We'll update you on various things surrounding this event via itchio emails--click the "join jam" button to get those updates!

Streams! Time to be determined. We’ll keep you posted : ): Join Marshy on November 1st in a stream celebrating your accomplishments by playing some games from this jam!


Genre/mechanic/tool restrictions: None. Just make a game and have fun doing it. Yes, this includes physical games too! (Regardless of what anyone asks or claims: you can not be "wrong" or "correct" in your interpretation of the theme. Make a game in any format and medium you want--weird games are great. It’s time to make something off the wall, that doesn’t need to be great.)

We really highly recommend taking the time to read over the FAQ and general rules used in the EC jams, as we’ll be adopting basically all of these rules for this event. It has some great information about how to start your first game, what happens when you’re experiencing issues during the upload process as well as some general questions that come up a lot. As this is a community event run by fans, there won’t be a Games-you -might-not-have-tried video for this - unless you create one, of course ;D                                     

 It might be worth mentioning as well that because of this you shouldn’t contact EC staff about late submission links. If you for some reason are not on the Discord, yet still want to contact us, please write an Email to

Here's the basic summary of what's on that page:

  • use your best judgement when it comes to re-using assets from the past--make a game inspired by the theme, don't make a game before the jam starts and then re-interpret it to fit the theme
  • know your copyright 101 info. Game jams are a great learning experience, but you're still publishing a real game on a real storefront that people could pay you money for, so don't just "borrow" copyrighted assets like you would for a school presentation
  • we really want everyone to be able to submit their game and we'll work with you as much as we can, but please know that late submission links are granted based on your particular situation/technical difficulties and are not automatically handed out
  • it's totally okay to submit games that *aren't* inherently family-friendly/all-ages material (when you upload your game, you'll have a chance to put down any content warnings for players to know about), but don't advocate for discrimination, or other types of hateful conduct or beliefs, in your games

Challenges are absolutely optional restrictions you can use to have some more things to think around, if you want to make your gamemaking progress a little more exciting! These suggestions were picked from the Discord based on popularity.

Extra Costumes: Draw additional unlockable outfits / designs for your characters (Challenge proposed by the Marshchievous Marshy)

Extra undead: Use a genre, design philosophy, mechanic, or something along those lines, that is no longer popular (Challenge proposed by a SmallGhostAccount; Alexa)

Extra choice: Give the player a choice between a trick or a treat (Challenge proposed by the keeper of spooks; Ashlynn)

Extra Honk; HONK! (Challenge up to interpretation, and submitted by the nightmarish Goose!)

Got game dev questions? Want to assemble a virtual team? Just want some social outlets during your jam experience? 

You should absolutely join our Discord. It's the most efficient way to contact the game jam coordinators and jammers with questions about your submission, ask for feedback on prototypes and screenshots and is just an overall loving and supporting place to hang out at, so don't wait until the last day to drop in!

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A Super Fast Stealth Game. where death comes quick to those that arn't quicker
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A game made for the Extra Credits Spoopy Fan jam #1
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A game submission for extra credit's fan jam, themed AWARE.
Find the beacon in the crashed ship to be made aware
An interactive Poem
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Don't let any human install there
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Reach the top in an orderly fashion please
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