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this is cool, just wondering what the actual differance between speed and agility is...

so.. not going to lie still havent figured out how to properly play yet, a non intrisive ui would work with this sort of game between rounds, aswell as animations/smooth transitions so you can see the cause and effect of any given move. its an endless runner/ bullet hell/ rhythm game its an endless runner/ bullet hell/ rhythm game 

6m15s great game. fun its an endless runner its an endless runner heres a fun endless runner

reminds me of a game i made on scratch

ui with the cost per card and points left.(aswell as the abillities damage/ health of the cards).. also the ability to remove cards back to the hand would be nice

heres a good one

i had an idea of the ememy cars having  items that they could drop, the items would be linked to the songs like a mario cart powerup sort of thing. though your idea is also pretty cool.
sorry about the camera. i think the other programmer was overriding the changes to the scene to try keep his stuff. ill pollish it a bit more today. and get a better version out soon.

we did a system that if a car hits something  at a certain velocity it gets destroyed, that way only when they crash hard they get destroyed. we were running low on time so there might be something causeing a collision to happen occasionally.  

dodging cars is about the extent of the game, limited to 48hrs we didnt have the bigest of scopes.

thanks, i spent maybe a full day doing all the art and camera effects.
the idea of the gameplay was to do actions on the beat, and obvously with a 48hr game-jam, we didnt have enough  time to itterate on the players different abillities (they switch once per song, theres 3 if you were wondering). one of them was a dash based on the direction you are trying to move which is my best guess at what you mean by slughish/unresponsive controls.  (player abilities were done last minute maybe an hour or two before the deadline)

cars can also damage you slightly, but its not that noticable. 

love the art


what sort of build are you doing, and do you have any custom editor stuff?

im working with a friend thats curently in art school, might be cool if we could get some good music in as well 

thanks, the prompt was well defigned but still open to different interpretations of gameplay and could have been used for many diferent styles of games (which is sort of why ive seen 2 others)

thanks for playing what little of a game there is.

ps. hope its fine using your art as the cover, for now at least.

that was fun! well made, ui design is great. 

its getting stuck at the loading screen


im rendering the world at a lower resolution outputing it to a render texture, snapping the camera and sprites so that they move by a pixel increments in world space.(if you didnt snap them they would look more like low res 3d objects rather than 2d sprites with the abillity to cast shadows and recieve lights)

its slightly more complicated then that

thanks, i was playing around with 3d pixelart. i think its a sucess.

i had an idea like this a while back. thought it would be too invasive though. 

the death system is pretty cool, though when i looted the dead body for the key the first time, i thought that, the looting your past bodys would play into that. at the present moment it seems as if you just teliport back to the start of the level leaving a body behind as a cosmetic thing rather than part of the game. 

had a look today to schedule out what would have been the last 3 full days of work on this game, and to my suprize the deadline has been pushed back an extra 15 days. is there any reason for this or are you just being generous?

havent posted in a while. so here is a video of the new levels and stuff ive added

I spent a bit of time on some new "areas" for my game.
the club is the main level for the game, the others act as hubs and side quest sort of things as well to help flesh out whatever story ends up getting released

day 5, card game creator backend is in the game, here it is with me playing  a "snap" version of speed. you have to place the cards in your hand on pairs of cards with a matching number.

tomorrow i will be adding win states and all that sort of pollish to the game, and if i have time i will do a simple ai to play the other hand.

i was not familiar with bonanza bros, so i searched for it on youtube. seems pretty fun actually, art style would take a bit for me to get use to. 
though im curious how the vampires and stuff come into play, special abilities and that sort of thing.

stealth is a good idea, but eavesdropping would be pretty hard to implement corectly without voice acting, as having something text based would be easily readable.... unless,  i could do a sort of word coruption system, so after entering earshot range. the charactors get corupted and replaced with a random charactor as they charactor speaks and the rate at which they randomly get corupted drops as you get closer to t them, though that might mean a more scripted event system where they talk about certain things at certain times, and im not too fond of that as its content that can be missed, with a gamejam its pretty important for people to see as much content as possible because of the limited development time. 

secret rooms are good but only if there is something important in it, so ill try my best but with the time limit it might be a bit on the light side.

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to be honest gameplay is going to kinda suck.

The catchphrase on the game "deal me in child of the night" makes me think I need to quickly mock up a card game. 

So you would walk around talking to people learning information. Then you would have a couple card games with the vampire mob bosses. (Gaining their trust sort of thing), before assassinating them. Sort of like hitman. Though since vampires are basically immortal being undead creatures that might be a bit limiting in terms of ways to kill them, 

I do have a decent plot thought out and would like to try flesh out story side of things but I feel like it's still lacking in a certain area though I'm not sure what it might be.

Any thoughts or comments would be great

Would be interested in hearing more of what you have done for you project as well.

High Stakes development, day 3, Camera and player pixel snapping

im trying to achieve a more or less pixel perfect look in 3d. im running a camera to a 320 by 180 render texture + depthPass then upscaling it and adding post effects over it. since its rendered in a lower resolution the positions at where it samples are not the same after small translations of sprites or the camera. to fix this i wrote some code that would snap the positions of the sprites relitive to the pixel space of the camera. the camera was a bit more tricky that i initially expected, as you want a y position change when tracking the player in the z direction (leaving the actual z position of the camera locked in space).

for player movement i desided on a point and click system,
as im working in 3D space i can use the existing navmesh solution raycasting from the mouse position on the screen to the world then moving to the nearest point on the navmesh.
i also intend to use the raycast to check if you click on things that are interactable and use that to navigate entering and exiting conversations as well as starting the card games and stuff like that.

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High Stakes Tyler Q Anderson and Jamie C Lee|UX & Graphic Designer|USA Las Vegas has been thrust into eternal night! The city has been overrun by a clan of vampire lords and their minions of darkness.  Will you gamble your life by fighting your way through the city's casinos to take down each lord and their brood?  Better make sure you're playing with a full deck!

i usually try to nail down the look of my game first. going for a 3d pixelart game. orthographic view, the camera snaps to the sprite pixel scale, rendered small and upscaled with post shaders for bloom and some light noise making everything looking great. 

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hey yea if you still want to we could use some music and sound

your really talented

just wondering... how long might it take you do draw an extra credits style charactor?

ive sent a request on discord if you want to continue our conversation over there

once you have your ideas or if you are working in a team it might be useful putting them into an app like which allows you to add subtasks to your ideas without causing too much clutter and you have the option to only see things that are yet to be completed