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would be nice if there was a fill area as empty feature that uncovers the area around the click which are 0. would save some time clicking on boxed next to one which is 0

thanks im glad you enjoyed it

when exactly does the input get stuck?  and when you say you get stuck in a wall are you actually in inside a wall or just against it. 

screenshots could prove useful

hey the jams over now so i got to update the game to a more pollished state, i took your critique and made the levels a bit brighter.  and it really does help the player with the level navigation.

hey ive uploaded the new version, its a bit more pollished all around. just wondering if the fix for the level brightness is good enough to make it more enjoyable

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cool i will fix that once the jam is finished

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thanks for playing. im glad you enjoyed it.  

someone else pointed out that that the walls of the levels were too dark. would this be what you are refuring to by contrast... or do you mean something else, if so could you explain it a bit more. that way i can understand

thanks, i thought about adding more levels but cut it for the very reason of it becoming to repeditive. i think there might be 1 too many levels, or just way to many enemies in the last one, i think there is around 50 of them or something. but yea i completely agree.

 As for the maze being dark was trying to cut a corner and not have to draw the ground. and i thought the walls being too light would make the ground being pitch black stand out a bit too much but if i was to go back i would change that. seems to be the biggest problem that people have with it.

it Is just really hard. I died like 30 or so times on the final level.( There's about 8 in total )

I focused mainly on the gameplay and making it feel polished and didn't really have any extra time to add in a story. To be honest it's kinda hard justifying taking out so many people, perhaps like a revenge storyline where their gang do something bad to you and you go around killing every last one of them, like John wick.

That might actually be pretty cool. I could do like a boss fight where you take out the gang leader or the people who orders the grunts around. 

Might be interesting. 

I also had a points system I was going to implement. So you could see how well you are doing compared to previous play throughs. But that got cut due to time restraints 

I made it generate levels based on a texture, I'll do a dev log or something on it, so you could try your hand at making some yourself if you want. The only downside is I didn't come up with a way to add them into the game without having unity open and then updating the current build.

 that being said it's still quite easy to make more levels.  

To be fair that last level is hard enough for me as it is and I think it might get a little boring as the gameplay loop is the exact same the whole time, as in I don't introduce any new gameplay features as the game progresses.

I have thought about adding some more visual interest/variety into the Tileset. Just so it feels better or more believable then a just a random brick maze. And it would help with remembering each individual level. 

A story would also help bring some motivation to the player as most people want to see an entire story. but to be fair I thought it might slow down the pace more than it it needed to, so I didn't put much thought into it

cool, look forward to it

amazing you were able to do this much with little to no experiance. gamejams are great for learning arnt they? dont forget to keep practicing and improving for the next one you do 

im interested in the process of making the art for this. it looks really unique. what sort of tools and techniques did  you use

just a couple issues when you finish it would be nice to see your score out of however many crystals there actually is that way it incentivises a second playthough a bit more. 

also when you are finished it kicks you back to the start screen but you mouse is still hidden like when you are controlling the charactor in the actual game. which makes a second runthrough a bit annoying as you have to reload the game

having enclosed spaces with a 3rd person camera isnt the best idea, but i do like having the ability to control it rather than an algorithm of some sort

other then that i thought it was pretty good. has a lot of charm.

cool artstyle though looks pretty pro for a game-jam game.  how many people made this?  


any interest in finishing it now the jam is over

love the music. though gameplay is a bit bland, 30 or so hours isnt really enough for to develop a game though.

i thought i would try leave 1 alive to see if he would do anything,  he did nothing. not even sure if its possible to lose. and as people do occasionally spawn inside you it might be possible to win by chance with out touching the controls. 

i would suggest some improvements. but with the limited time theres not much i could think of without altering the base gameplay, apart from making it a larger area to make it harder get the people and perhaps some of the visual presentation, like effects and animations. 

the idea of having  3 things with 2lights and movement based only on both those 2 things per charactor/thing player can move, is unique. i dont thing that any human outside of maybe one of those drone or hellicopter pilots that can read 2 books at the same time would actually have the will power to focus on all the lights and  remember what situation leads to what action they need to take.

because of this i ended up just looking at each of them one at a time which really hurts the gameplay as it is basicly, wait for thing to happen, press button. 

i asume its randomised which means there are situations where you are waiting for longer than you would want to and it just makes the game a bit boring. 

if you lowered the combination amount, keeping the rules of the game in mind then it would be alot faster to play. as well as the buttons you need to press for example there isnt any real reason to say "wasd to move left" , if only "w" actually does anything, its a bit confusing to be honest.

also if you had a penalty for focusing on one at a time (for example. if you are not pushing a button at least once each 5 seconds, then each thing moves down one tile, limiting it to only push back to the start, making sure that atleast 1 of those sets of lights are in the corect state to allow movement that round ), this would add a sence of urgency to the gameplay as you are forced to juggle all of the lights to keep moving upward.

not a fan of the black grid. it looks like something thats supost to help the dev referance and keep track of the tiles position and you say its not finished so i can accept it. though if you are to take this concept thurther i would remove it if possible, at least for the final product.

is that it....  

i love the charactor animation. its rare to have an animated 3d charactor in a game jam with this short a timeframe;

but, I do think i would prefer a game thats a bit longer than literally go to this one place. 

this seems to have been intended to have a wider scope that got cut due to time. which is always sad. and seemingly always happens. i dont think ive ever done a game jam game where i actually got to put in everything i wanted to.

sound efects would have really added a lot of atmosphere to the game. though i understand there is no "sound" in space. which i think overlooking the efect sound does play to a game. since it is a 3rd person game and you still are the charactor, i think you could get away with sounds for everything that you come into contact with as sound is just vibration through a medium and your body would still count as that.    

if you had lore or extra story to share i would be interested in reading it.

interesting game, as in I'm not entirely sure what the point of gathering resources for a village you just warped to. perhaps you could give the players character had more of a motivation to help, from the cutscene I just got from it, I'm bored let's do something. 

or at least make the theme more obvious in the story, give it some stakes. 

for example, he could be a scientist working on a teleportation device that misfires and sends him back in time. then he has to use his knowledge of I dunno quantum physics or something. to build a machine to get him back to his own time. since he is so out of place when he arrives he's worshipped as a god and has to keep them happy or else they will eat him. biding his time and secretly building a portal back to his world. 

you could end this however you wanted to. maybe some thief gets to it before he does and gets sent to the future. unaware of this the player returns to the future where it is all messed up and he has to send the thief back to his own time.

 that's pretty cliche but with the time you could think of something better.


gameplay-wise it's about what one would expect from a short game jam though I am impressed by the number of features are actually in the game. 


art for game jams is hard due to time limits. but the extra effort does go along way to help with the visuals. 

in the cave might I suggest using a custom tile editor thing or rule tiles like in this unity tutorial 

 and use it to give some less blocky shapes in the mine. 

just a disclaimer i didn't finishes it, due to the motivation issue mentioned above. but I did explore a bit and I think I've seen most of what the game has to offer. 


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i like the ghost effect when you are low on health,  though gameplay wise it is a bit dull,

you can basicly groop them all together in a big open room by running around then and recharging then when you have all of them go off exploring with out a care in the world which detracts from the creepy atmosphere. 

a solution might be to move only ones with in a certain range  or changing the ghosts speed depending on there distance to the player,  closer being faster and at a certain range they dont move at all. 

also you could add a flicker to the flashlight as it gets dim, as if it is about to go flat. and the flashing will be a better reminder that you need to recharge. and add some stress to the gameplay

also more levels wouldnt hurt

cool I'm going to use the extra time to finish my game hopefully I get it finished in time

i swear this was supost to end in an hour, 

but ill take the extra 5 days. i kinda need it tbh.

its taken a bit longer than i would have liked but with the delay i should be able to ship an actual game instead of a buch of mechianics with a jumbled story.

well done with this. how big was your team? 

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planing and having a schedule of things still needed to be done. 

Usually after a full days work at my actual job, I come home full of ideas and inspiration and spend as much time as possible working on my games. 

I also write down my thoughts before I go to bed which helps me refresh my memory then next day, as it helps get you back into that inspiration and ideal flow state you were in at the start of the project. It's good to see where you are and if your meeting your self set deadlines, it also helps to have a list of what things are necessary to the game. That way you can check them off and it gives you a sense of progression

 nothing kills motivation quite like feeling that you couldn't get it finished by the submission time.

wasnt sure i had something installed that could do .rar files, i did. sorry it took so long

i could probably have done a voice over. but im one of those people that dont like the sound of their voice. but hey. boring is better than annoying.

so holding down space doesn't increase your speed? 


The game is built on a grid with the tiles.. collisions for non square objects are a bit clunky as it's hard to control the generated hitbox's shape. If you know how to fix that or do something to make them more under my control that would be greatly appreciated.

As with the tutorial. What part of the story have you gotten up to? Have you been given the key yet?

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either that or I need to work on the presentation when sharing it... cause at the moment I'm only sharing links and I didn't have time during the jam to make that much good artwork outside the tiles for the game

But a web glad version is is a Good idea.. once the jam is finished I could polish the game together adding in the couple features I had to leave out, then making that a web build.

According to the analytics page a this point in time I have 12 views 14 ratings  and 18 downloads ... not sure how you can rate something you haven't viewed, but sure whatever. 

being my first jam I didn't have any followers before the 1 I have now, so just me publishing the game doesn't get it to that many people, I try to keep a similar level of quality in my work. 

I've got a big release that should be out by Christmas, different mechanics and a branching storyline. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you all, so keep an eye out for it

thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed. I've got a main project coming out sometime around Christmas that you might also enjoy. it has different mechanics with a branching storyline, keep an eye out for that when it comes out, I try make everything I do to a high quality.

heres a fun one.

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heres a fun one. its also my first jam. so i hope you enjoy

heres a fun one. 

ive been looking for someone to actually watch play my game. would love if you played and reacted to it and then replied with the link so i can watch it

heres a fun one.

heres a fun one.

heres a fun little game, you probably will enjoy

hey i'd love if you checked out my game, its a fun story driven platformer, any critique is welcome

hey, im interested in the code behind these types of games,is there like "rooms" like a string array with  possible situation/ comands inside or something completely different.  

had a couple ideas to improve on what you've already done, perhaps you could log the last successful command and keep it at the top. that way forgetful people like me are able to remember what they were trying to do without having to scroll back up. 

also with text adventures like this you should try, when explaining the options to use the word that they should use in there command, for example i had trouble trying to walk though a door, because i couldnt thing of a 2 word command to do so. 

and of course you want to keep the commands internally consistant, not saying you dont its just something you have to keep you eye out for while making games like this. 

downloading yours as i type this

heres a fun one i made , first jam so feel free to offer critique