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interesting little puzzle game, with pretty cool visuals.
a couple of concerns though, the main one being, that sometimes my guy will decide to jump off the map (second level), I'm not sure why. 

placing down paper feels a bit unresponsive/sticky, leading to miss-clicks.

a level tracker status bar thing could be good to help you keep track of how far you have left, so you can predict roughly how many bits of paper you'll need. as I found myself running out the first time as I didn't notice the paper icons top left. 

well done for making all this in 2 days. 

was one of the playtesters for this.

Still some bugs to polish out but it's still fun.

decided to speed-run the game. 

really love the look of this game some good work as always. got 1562 (wasted 100pts on a dog that did nothing.... and then got destroyed)

how do you jump?

some key bindings in the description are always a good thing

was this made with scratch? that UI looks familiar

Thanks. I'm a bit busy atm with another project that's not game related, but I do hope to be able to return and flesh out most of my prototypes

the ideas basicly a 2d fighting game like the earlier street fighter and mortal combat. But anime inspired. With the ability to teleport to positions around the enemies to close the distance without having to shuffle around trying to stay in range of the enemies.

At this point in time all I've really done is some concept art to try get a style down and some characters to chose from. As well as a stylised skybox

I have yet to open unity and will be jumping off soon so if you want to get started feel free to create a project and I'll jump in later

Ive decided on a game already but could use some help

I'm jacobsmith3204#1841 on discord if you want to team up still

if statement "down" returns  true only the frame where the player starts the press "up" gets it the moment its released and without either (just getbutton("a") or whatever) will return every frame that button is being held dow

 transform.eulerAngles += new Vector3 (0f, 0f, 10f);

or perhaps  transform.eulerAngles = new Vector3 (0f, 0f,  transform.eulerAngles.z +10f);

if that doesnt work

hey was wondering if you had found a team yet?

transform.eulerangles will get you the vector3 you see in the editor

yea sorry about that i sort of over scoped... this is about half the stuff i wanted,  the proper levels got designed and made maybe 24 hours before the deadline so the last stretch was just getting them implemented and setup with the ai and stuff, as well as bug fixes and stuff.

the jittering was the low resolution combined with a smoother camera setup tracking the player. I'm yet to perfect a more stable approach but it makes the camera not feel like its attached to the player, so i kept it in. 

there was also a problem with the navmesh interfering with the raycasting causing the ai to not notice you.

yea the worlds alligned to that direction so i made it so the player moves alligned to that direction. if one was to play with a controller i could see how that might be annoying but for the most part i thought it was fine. i guess thats one of the things you need playtesters for. 
ai isnt quite how i would like, sometimes there are issues with the raycasting hitting something before the player (i believe that issue is tied to the navMesh, so theres not much i can do about that without spending quite a bit of time on it) as well as i wanted to time the routes so that there is always a guard looking where the player had to move(turning it more into a puzzle game) , but that was something that had to be dropped due to time restraints. ranged weapons would have made it more difficult to just run through, and i wanted to add a key and lock system making it so you had to destract guards in order steal the key and get passed. 

the e next to the guard thing allows you to steal their purse to gain extra coins (click and drag it a certain distance away from its starting point (i never stated that anywhere, so sorry for that), and i didnt add a fail safe for when they walk away or a button to cancel it or anything.

this games probably not even half finished(even if the art looks great), sort of rushed to publish it by the deadline, but thanks for playing and leaving your thoughts.

thanks. yea sorry, i think i scoped it slightly to big. alot of the ai features are almost hidden since there is no animations or anything implemented to help the player understand which way they are facing or what state they are in.

plants seem to grow a bit slow... i ran out of bulets and was running around in circles for a solid minute. and that was on easy. 

love it. one thing i didnt find intuitive was the jump from the platforms to the ledge, maybe if there was an blue edge like all the other platforms i wouldnt have got caught there, also it could be because of the contrast between the black ground and gray sky not being high enough

nice, very clean version of simon.

theres a "sticky" post if you couldnt upload in time

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ok here is the link to my game

so i missed it. doing some bug fixes and stuff, the scene switching's giving me aabb errors... just checked up on the page and it had 30s left .... so yeah... ill try get a build done and submit it.

so i was wondering presentation wise if i could show a 96*96 screen on a screen within the game? 

sort of wondering if i could get away with having "arcade cabnets" and rendering the actual games onto their screens. since the actual games are still within the resolution i was wondering if that would be acceptable.

this is cool, just wondering what the actual differance between speed and agility is...

so.. not going to lie still havent figured out how to properly play yet, a non intrisive ui would work with this sort of game between rounds, aswell as animations/smooth transitions so you can see the cause and effect of any given move. its an endless runner/ bullet hell/ rhythm game its an endless runner/ bullet hell/ rhythm game 

6m15s great game. fun its an endless runner its an endless runner heres a fun endless runner

reminds me of a game i made on scratch

ui with the cost per card and points left.(aswell as the abillities damage/ health of the cards).. also the ability to remove cards back to the hand would be nice

heres a good one

i had an idea of the ememy cars having  items that they could drop, the items would be linked to the songs like a mario cart powerup sort of thing. though your idea is also pretty cool.
sorry about the camera. i think the other programmer was overriding the changes to the scene to try keep his stuff. ill pollish it a bit more today. and get a better version out soon.

we did a system that if a car hits something  at a certain velocity it gets destroyed, that way only when they crash hard they get destroyed. we were running low on time so there might be something causeing a collision to happen occasionally.  

dodging cars is about the extent of the game, limited to 48hrs we didnt have the bigest of scopes.

thanks, i spent maybe a full day doing all the art and camera effects.
the idea of the gameplay was to do actions on the beat, and obvously with a 48hr game-jam, we didnt have enough  time to itterate on the players different abillities (they switch once per song, theres 3 if you were wondering). one of them was a dash based on the direction you are trying to move which is my best guess at what you mean by slughish/unresponsive controls.  (player abilities were done last minute maybe an hour or two before the deadline)

cars can also damage you slightly, but its not that noticable. 

love the art


what sort of build are you doing, and do you have any custom editor stuff?