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I definitely would be interested in opening it up to you.  if it weren't for the fact that I lost the flash drive that contained the code.

which means I have to recreate it from scratch,  Something I have not gotten around to doing.

I'm 50-50.  I've got another project that I'd really like to get to a certain point before Nov is over, and this would eliminate that.

On the other hand, after I finished I realized adding a real environment and multiplayer would take an ar12 game of hide and seek to a whole new level, and I kind of want to see that.

after playing it again.  I find it some how both relaxing and really intense.  Which is kind of weird and welcome.   Like I said I love the visuals (very good looking game) , but I thinks maybe the continuous falling might have some unwanted subtext.   maybe climbing would have been better, but  that's a minor gripe about an otherwise great entry.

you hit the nail perfectly on the head.  yeah a LOT was cut for time.   I meant to spend about 3 hours on the main character- getting them moddled, rigged, and so on -  but it was my first time making such an elaborate character and I ran into issues getting him to animate.  As a result it ended up taking 12 hours.  the vast majority of the time I had.

As for the lore I was hoping to make a story where your playing as a survey ship which made a jump to a previously unexplored section of space.  but someone screwed up the calculations and  your ship ran right into an asteroid field that tore it to pieces and killed the rest of the crew.  

The goal would have been to search the wreckage for what was left of the bridge so you could send a message back to base making them AWARE of the danger, and not to send a recuse crew because they will only be going to their deaths. 

but because I ran out of time to make the audio, the second half of the ship, and the (most likely terrible) cutscene setting up the  intro.   That was not going to work.  So i just ended up seeing how much I could make in the 3 hours I had left, and making a basic story around that.

The base mechainic is nice.   using trying to sneak but also trying not to make yourself aware is a good idea.   

Interesting.  it's very good looking.  although I'm not sure quite what to make of it yet. 

Thank you for the feed back.  

and I agree some kind of progression meter would be a great addition.  I had actually thought of that, but I was really stretching the amount of time I had to work on this, I do work a normal job and it was getting late, and it was just one of many aspects that got left on the cutting room floor.   My main focus was to just get the basic mechanic working, and to see if a basic platform level done over and over again much faster is actually any fun to play.    Good news, it sounds like it might be.

for the keyboard controls, I wanted to put space in as a stunt button that you could used to get extra points, but again ran out of time.  I really wanted to add that one :-(  

as for the motion sickness, yeah I know.  sorry not much I can do about that in the short term.  the movement system is tied to sin and cosine, hence the name.  So until I can make the movement system parametric curve based, different sizes of "the spin cycle form hell" is all I can do.  plus it fit the theme of the jam better.

I completely agree with you here too.   The second level came out way better than the first.  The odd thing is I threw that level together in like 2 hours because I realized the lap speed increase would need to be way small to give the first level any real length, making it boring.  So i quickly put together level 2 as a way to extend the game play, just using some standard assets I had left over from another project, and unity's terrain maker.  so I spent like a quarter of the time on it and it looks 10 times better.... go figure.    I will add a couple pictures when I get the chance.  

Thanks again for playing and the feed back!

you completed this in a single game jam session?  dam, that's impressive.  very nice.

First off, I want to congratulate you on finishing a game for this jam.  I have played it and I have to say I give you credit for even trying to do motion controls.  That took bravery, and you should get credit for taking such a risk.

That said, it didn't pay off in this case.   With polish and refinement this game could be good, but in its current state it is really hard to play.  I think the window for what is up has too little of a tolerance, causing the game to be way too difficult.  

I also have to ask, why are there ads?  This is a game jam, you are not going to make money off this game, and the time you spent for monetizing that will never pay off?  you could have spent that time refining the game.   if you do want to monetize you can always add it after the jam. 

But again, just for trying something so ambitious you deserve props.   It is the only game with motion controls after all, so you should wear that badge with honor.

Thank you for the feedback.   In an update, which I will release once I can, I have fixed the controls.  The S duck issue was basically an auto correct error that turned a constant check into a single check.  also I increased the snappiness of the left right controls.

and thanks again for playing it.  I'm glad you had fun.

It's great, it would be an easy and welcome port to mobile.  That said,  check points would be a VERY welcome addition.  now I keep dying, and I don't know how long the game is, but I haven't run into them.  So, if you have added them I apologize. 

I like what I played, it's well done espically for something done on a lumdum dare.   there is some feed back I would like to give you though.

1.) don't do long courses, at least at the start -  while a long course seems like a great idea, and resisting the urge to just add "one more turn" can be hard, they can be extremely hard to master.  which is why if you look at other racing games, like forza, they always start the player off on small tracks.  Then the tracks get longer as the game progresses.  

2.) you might want to redesign your track a bit.  For the most part its great, its exciting, I love the look but there are 1 or two corners I would call unfair.  I have attached documentation for autox track design, I would recommend reading it.  Some of it will not be relevant to you, but that basics of what makes a good race track are in there and will help in refinement.  

link for track design

3.) the cars - this is really a minor point but you might want to up the brakes and the cars turning capability.  for a track with turns like this, its more for a lotus than a mustang and you seem to split the difference right now. 

but again, great job, love the look and the game play.