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Just something to help you keep track of the dashers.  Doesn't harm the player in any way.

I thought it was browser only because that's the only option that the link would let me use.

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very nice game.  nice presentation, story (if a little short), and the best implementation of the 10 year theme in the jam by miles.

I had to dock you for literally not being able to run on ouya, but otherwise very nice.

Edit- error realized, score adjusted.

a very interesting.

the game ran great and I liked the over all theme.  the music was good and I liked the art style.

the issues I have came down to the game play.  I don't know if it's just my misunderstanding of the rules or a bug, but I found my self in "loops" quite often where I couldn't win the card game even if my opponents health dropped to zero.   also some more story info, and some basic instructions would be welcome.  

overall this is couple rounds of play testing away from being a great game.  great job

not very deep, but very well polished. 

the scenes look great, love the style, and runs like a clock on ouya, which is quite hard to do.  

downsides are the lack of depth, you can see everything the game has to offer in 5 minutes, but it is a game jam game so I can't fault you for that too much.  I know there was more planned, maybe use this as a basis for the next jam.

the other is the issue of difficulty curve.  the number of ghosts ramps up quite quickly and they can kill you quite easily.  some health pickups and some UI information would also be welcome.  

overall very nice.  

wow, the difference in how the game runs between this time and last time is astounding.   it's night and day.

A great game made better, would definitely recommend.  

A good start, but still a very incomplete game.

the water looks good, and the controls are an interesting idea, but the game really needs a lot more work.  Some UI would be welcome, and the first level proved to be quite hard to even accomplish a lap in thanks to the controls.  

in short there is potential here, but it needs polish.  

Thank you!

I'm still working on it, admittedly music is not my strong point (I'll have to outsource that), but dialogs I can certainly do.  

Thank you for taking the time to play, rate, and leave a comment.  

I'm glad you liked it, even being in the unfinished state that the game is current in.  I'm going to keep working on it with the lose goal of at least getting to the end of the opening stage (where you bring Patricia back and set sale for the Championship) by the end of the month.

However because I "effectively suffer from Elon Time" might want to just assume that will be end of March.  lol

I don't really do dreams, so I can't really test this, but from what I was able to use it worked fine.

Nice Job.

Love the atmosphere and art style.  Story is pretty good too.

On the down sides it was a little laggy, but given it's 3D in ouya that's to be expected to some degree.

thank you for playing, and I appreciate the feedback.

Playing your game as a true pleasure, thank you for making it.  

Thank you for playing, and for giving feedback.

I am noticing a theme with everyone's comments.  So if I ever come back to this one, Mr. white is definitely getting a vision cone. 

wow, and I thought I was a long commenter.  lol  all useful stuff, it's just a lot. 

very nice job.  I love the Metroid theme layout, the visuals, the different abilities of each character, and just the over all feel.

The only points of improvement I have are that your difficultly curve is pretty much a vertical wall requiring pin point accuracy on level 1, so just build in some tolerance for mistakes and you should be good.  This is more of a suggestion, but I would also advise tweaking the hang time and speed of the other cubes to really give them a distinct personality.  

Otherwise well done, would recommend!

thank you, I did.

Quite an interesting concept you have there.

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thank you for playing and the feedback

To your point of "going 2d" I actually wouldn't do that simply because one of the things I was trying to learn during the game was basic animating and rigging of characters.  unfortunately that did take up way more time than I had anticipated, sucking time from everywhere else.  

I may do a retry on this at some point, I think there is something to stealth RTS, it's just a matter of getting it to work.

Very unique idea, and an interesting take on video game death.

so very interesting mechanic, and good design, and I love the design of the robot.  very cool.

As for points of improvement.  the actual platforming controls are a little floaty and could use some adjustment,  I would also like to see an extra life for just failing a jump instead of starting from the beginning of the puzzle.

Overall very nicely done.

Thank you for playing.  I know I got time crushed by this jam.  kind of my fault, but I am glad people are liking the concept and get what I was going for.  

I don't know if I'll come back to this one.  The unity engine I was using for it just was not cooperating, making even simple tasks a slog.  But I might revisit the concept in another jam, or as an ouya exclusive.

Very nice work.  Excellent atmosphere, felt an uneasy the moment I was dropped into the game.  Very nice meeting of the theme.

Nit picks, while the atmosphere did make me scared of cubes, after I defeated the first one and realized they won't fight back it took a lot of the fear away.  It was also to dark at various times to the point where I couldn't see where I was going.  so a flashlight probably would have been a welcome addition.

A minor addition I would recommend is to look at guiding the player with the environment a bit more carefully,  I had no idea where the blocks were, and something to guide me to them would have been welcome.

Otherwise, a very good game. well done.

Very well done.  the game play was extremely engaging, the plot was subtle but powerful.  the mechanic at the end (without spoiling it) was great.  The audio, especially the voice acting, was fantastic.

The closest things I have to negative comments are it's relative shortness (more than acceptable), I did have some places where I did get stuck, and maybe a "warning mature content" warning is appropriate.

but otherwise, fantastic work well done!

I take it you're a pretty young developer, the tell tale sign is the lack of any ability to quit the the game.

As for the actual contents, what you managed is pretty impressive.  you have an inventory system, things that interact with one another, and multiple levels.    Plus the game play loop is solid and works pretty reliably.  So that's all very good.

There were some noticeable bugs, prompts that don't go away or say "hmm I need another item before I can use this",  some iffy hit boxes, and other bits.

I must say I also have issue with how this fits with the core theme of the game.  You as a player, are acting alone burning people houses down, flooding their bathrooms, and pooping in their beds.  It's a stretch. 

Pretty good.  the graphics are great and the monster gave me a pretty good scare.  The theme fits well, and the sound design is on point.  

The only criticisms I have are that it's WAY too dark, like I can't tell what's going on half the time, and a main menu would be a nice addition.  

over all, very nicely done.  

what fuzz force said, I think you copied and submitted the wrong file.  you didn't include the launcher.  I think you need to go one folder up in your directory.

a little bare bones, and could use some quality refinement.  But a decent zombie hoard game overall.  I particularly like the detail of the day night cycle.  

I can't seem to get this to run.  can you upload a zip file?

I take it you're a young developer, you did a pretty good job overall.

Very nice Theme fitting, and the story was very endearing. some nice music would have really made it. 

The platform mechanical were simple, but they worked well.  I did have an issue where my shield wasn't working, I think that's probably due to differences in screen setting.   So fixing this would be as simple as upping the shield size.

other points, you always want to give the player a way to quit the game. whether it's simply back to the main menu, linking it to the escape key, or just a big old button that says "quit" on it.  It's just a small quality of life thing for your players.  I'm not dinging you for that, pretty much everyone forgets it.

given how critical text was to your game, I would also advise some custom font's next time.  stopping off at is the easiest way to get a font that fits your theme.

when you say "detects you incorrectly" can you give an example?  like is Mr. White seeing you through walls? 

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sorry, about that.  I know a lot of it was unfinished, including instructions and a clear end goal.  

Is there anything I can hell clairify? 

I was hopping I was going to get to make more animations, but I still need to make 2 more characters + core game loop, so that's most likely not happening.

already did, and I rated it too.

yeah no idea why Itch decided to post that comment twice, maybe it just really liked it?  lol

I liked the use of the theme, and the game play is pretty solid.  

I always like to give feedback on things that could be improved so here are mine for your game.  navigation was a bit tricky when entering tight corridors on a wide wall, the player had a tendency to get stuck if not lined up exactly correctly.  I think you are using a square hit box for the player's movement collision, so the simplest way to fix this would be to make the hitbox a circle instead, assuming you don't want to make it smaller.

the other small issue I found was that the player instantly snapped to looking "downward" whenever I wasn't moving them.  this made fights just a tad harder because the player could only ever shoot downward when standing still.  To fix that I'd check your movement logic and just make sure it's "doing nothing" if no arrow keys are pressed.

other than that great game, nice job, I had a fun time playing it.

thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it!