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Very interesting game. All the elements really come together to make a cohesive experience. 

Adorable, and I loved the final message :)

The controls and ui need some work, but the core mechanic is a lot of fun. You're definitely on to something here!

Cute little game. Easy to understand, and the add-a-ball concept is quite elegant.

Thanks for playing :)

I had a lot of fun exploring the levels, and figuring out what the different powers do. The level design ties into the monster powers nicely. The mechanics, art, and sound all felt very cohesive and created a nice ambiance. Great job!

Super duper difficult. The quick restart combined with the nostalgic, upbeat music and made for fun meta-game of retrying again and again to get just one more foot.

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Super engaging puzzles, and the visuals are lovely. I played through twice, and will probably try again for those last couple flags I couldn't find :)

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I love how the creature is different every time you play! The food descriptions are funny, and I like how they hint at whether or not the food is useful. The dancing mini game is lots of fun, but I think it gets a little too difficult at the end -- it's a bit disheartening to lose all all the points you've already earned.